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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June 8th- Attack in 60th St + Saleh Celebrations

Mass march in Taiz demanding the formation of a Transitional Council
AFP: Saudi Official: Yemeni President's health is stable.
Gunfire on the protesters now in 60th Street and CCYRC is holding the Organizing Committee and the First Armored division responsible.
First Armored Division assaulted the protesters in the 60th Street and attacked them with batons to disperse the sit-in near Hadi's house.
CCRYC: Youth in Sana'a and around Yemen: We will deliver an official statement within hours accusing the Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution after they had accused the youth that are protesting in the 60th Street this morning of being thugs and work for national security. The First Armored Division also directed an attack on the protesters today. We call upon all the liberal people to go to the 60th Street to sit-in there, we want to resolve this matter and to establish a Transitional Council for the revolution that has lasted more than 4 months. Where on the other hand the parties curb on the Change Square to prevent escalation, we call upon the parties to explain, the people have been deluded for 33 years, we do not want to be deceived anymore, the people have made it clear, what are your plans?
Al-Ahmar supporters started to deliver the government sites that they were located at to the Security Committee that was set up by the acting President Hadi.
A failed attempt to assassinate the Security Director of Aden by unknown gunmen this morning, however, killing one of his bodyguards.
Arabia: Saudi Arabia offers 3 million barrels of oil as a gift to the Yemeni economy, market value of $300 million.
MasdarOnline: Member in the Supreme Council of JMP, Dr. Mohammed AbdulMalik Al-Mutwakul: If GCP and the international community did not recognize the transmission of authority to VP, we will announce a Transitional Council.
Attempting to convince the youth to leave the 60th Street and go back to the Change Square: Askar Zoel is the spokesman of Ali Muhsen
March in Qataba, Dalii demanding the formation of a Transitional Council
BBC Arabic: First Armored Division said that the reason to disperse the sit-in in front of Hadi's house is because there was a group of "national security" that came between the youth and tried to attack Hadi's house. 
AP:President Saleh has internal bleeding inside his skull.
The shooting was in the air to disperse the protesters; the youth are now in the neighborhoods near to 60th Street preparing to return to the sit-in.
March in Taiz demanding a formation of a Transitional Council 
MarebPress: Students of Military College are the ones gaurding the government facilities that have been delivered by Al-Ahmar supporters to the Security Committee.
AJA: Violent clashes in Al-Qaeida area near Taiz.
MarebPress: BBC: Administrator of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar's office denies the news of Al-Ahmar and Major General Ali Muhsen travelling to Riyadh.
BBC: Consultations between Sanaa and Riyadh with European and American pressure on Saleh to sign the initiative and the transfer of power as soon as possible
Saudi journalist Suliman Alhatlan : Abdu Borji, the private secretary of the Yemeni President, suffering a broken jaw and facial burns
Mareb Press : violent clashes in al-Qaeda - Name of a directorate in the city of Taiz- after the bombing of a truck loaded with ammunition, and confrontations are still going on
Photo for the smoke of the bombing in Al-Qaeda area of Taiz
First Armored Divison disperse sit-in in front of VP's residence and beat protesters
Situation is now calm in Al-Qaeda area in Taiz according to witnesses
AJA : US Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen says he does not know what fate holds for Ali Abdullah Saleh, but hopes that whoever runs the country will embrace the ceasefire and avoids leading the country into civil war. 
Marib Press | Republican Guards close northern entrances of the capital Sana'a since last night.
Abyan | A video shows the armors and crews the army left behind after fierce clashes
People's opinion about dispersing the youth protest near Hadi's house by First armored division 
NYR reporter::Heavy gunfire is being heard in Taiz street-Sanaa,close to Al-khateeb resturant.
Marebpress: Republican guards ordered closing all the entrances of the capital Sanaa starting from 5pm today
Heavy artillery shots heard now in Sana'a Bait baws area
June 8th 2011

Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change condemns the attack carried out by the First Armored Division against the protestors of Victory Square in 60th Street, in which they used live ammunition and weapons; small and medium, we also call on the coordination of all revolutionary forces to support the youth immediately in 60th Street, which is an extension of Change Square We also call for an urgent investigation about what happened, we have been told that the reasons for the attack was that a definitive source for the First Armored Division confirmed that the Organizational Committee and the elements that will be named later on had informed the leadership of the division that the young youth who came out in the sit-in in 60th Street are infiltrators and saboteurs and carrying weapons as they aslo have told them that they have been monitoring the movements of some people and have given their names for the division saying that the monitored people are believed to be national security agents where ironically the actually names that participated are for reporters , and senior doctors, including media anchor/Ahmad Al-Musibli. Therefore, the Coordinating Council for the Youth Revolution of Change demands an answer from the Organizational Committee to disclose the reasons for why troops from the division were sent to to the demonstrations which were aimed to uprise the revolution and to as well notify the division.

We call upon all the revolutionaries to not recognize this party associated group which has been spreading lies about youth and has long sought to resolve the revolution and call for the formation of a Transitional Council as soon as possible and we call on the revolutionary youth to continue the revolution and not to wait for the GCC initiative in there tents seemingly a negative step in the direction of the path of the revolution.

Long live the martyrs and the revolution
Masdar Online: Sheikh of Alja'ashin,Mohammed Ahmed Mansour, sends armed groups of his followers to support the Republican Guards base near the city of Ibb province, where there are clashes between these forces and tribal militants supporting the revolution
Very heavy gunfire in Haddah area near Hameed Al-Ahmar's house in Sana'a.
NYR reporter::extremely very very very heavy gunfiring coming from 45 round close to alkhateeb resturant
Cannon blasts plus extremly heavy heavy heavy gunfiring from nukum mountain..!!..its like a roman candle lighting sanaa NOW
MarebPress: Republican Guards leaders declare a universal security closure of all entrances of Sana'a starting from 5pm on Wednesday.
MasdarOnline: Heavy shooting and fireworks in the sky of Sana'a and Dhamar, sources say its celebrations for Saleh's safety.
Heavy gunfire in Sanaa, Dhamar, Ibb and Taiz as a celebration to Saleh's opperation succeeding- National Media!
Arrival of three wounded people to the field hospital in Change Square who were shot by the live ammunition by Saleh's thugs around Sana'a and close to Change Square.
Women are celebrating Saleh's health with zaghrota -celebration sounds made with their mouths.
‎7 wounded in Change Square of Sana'a by the random shooting of Saleh's thugs.
Heavy gunfire in Crater, Aden right now.
Injury toll of protesters in Change Square rises to 12 cases of live ammunition by Saleh's thugs.
An 18 year old girl in Taiz got wounded by the live bullets by Saleh's thugs, her name is Afrah Ahmad Ali.
Suhail: Saudi Medical Source: Yemeni President suffers from fractures in the his neck, kidney failure, paralysis in the optic nerve, a broken skull and burns in the face, chest and head- he is in critical condition.
AJA: Heavy gunfire near Presidential Palace in Aden
Hadramout: Heavy gunfire in Mukalah, near Moath mosque
Live bullets in Ibb injure a man named Yahya Thawi in his shoulder, brother of Shiekh Salah Thawi, one of the GCP leaders in Ibb. He is now in Al-Nasr Hospital in the operating room.
People driving government plate cars are firing live bullets in Moala, Aden right now.
Hodeidah: All the roads leading to the Square are blocked by thugs gathering- suspicious in more than one place.
‎20 wounded people by live bullets arrive to Change Square field hospital. 
Hodeidah: First wounded person, child Issam Mustafa, in clinical death situation after random bullet by Saleh's thugs hit his head. 
One of the wounded by the random live bullets fired by Saleh's thugs in Sana'a
Ammunition that fell in Change Square of Sana'a today after Saleh's thugs shot live bullets in the sky to celebrate the success of Saleh's operation.
Shooting in the air that took place in Sanaa today as a celebration to Saleh's successful operation
Change Square of Sana'a: Gunfire and injured protesters arriving to field hospital of Sana'a.
Youth in Taiz are organizing a march tomorrow, Thursday starting at 9am from Victory Square to demand the trial of the corrupted regime symbols, demanding a formation of a Transitional Council and to confirm the continuation of the revolution.
A statement regarding the attacks by the First Armored Division on the peaceful protesters in 60th Street

The Media Council of the Youth Revolution in the Change Square of Sana'a condemns the brutal attack inflicted on the youth revolutionaries during their sit-in in 60th Street near the acting President AbduRabo Mansour Hadi's house to demand the formation of an urgent Presidential Transitional Council to manage the country in the transitional phase by the First Armored Division. The soldiers assaulted the youth and hit them with batons and rifles as well as fired live bullets to the air to intimidate and terrorize the youth. They also threatened them with death if they continue in the sit-in and arrested some of the youth that we don't know their fate until now. They did not even respect the females where they were assaulted as well and intimidated.

As a result of this barbaric irresponsible act which corresponds with Saleh's regime, puts us in front of a mysterious picture of the disposition of actions in the next phase. It is a violation of the freedom and rights of peaceful expression in a revolution that did not end yet. Therefore, we call for an immediate investigation under the supervision of the youth who were assaulted to find out the reasons and circumstances that led to these attacks. Although the mechanism and organization of this planned march that was announced in advance with its goals was already mentioned to the First Armored Division before it happened and they never showed any objection.

We renew our complete rejection of any unequivocal support to the revolution or the youth by any party that is restricting the freedom of the revolutionaries and restraining them from continuing their peaceful struggle until meeting all their demands. As we also reject any attempts to militarize the revolution or to circumvent it in any way possible.

Asserting that these irresponsible acts will not deter us from continuing our revolution until achieving all the demands and goals of the revolution and to build the modern civil state.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs, victory to the revolution, and love live free Yemen

Issued by the Media Council of the Change Square- Sana'a
Wednesday, June 8th 2011


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