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Friday, 3 June 2011

May 31: Statement to the International Community

Urgent Statement no.45-B
Thusday, May 31, 2011
#Yemen - #CCYRC

To the international community

المجلس التنسيقي لشباب ثورة التغيير: (تنّوع)
The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change

While the international community stand by what is going on in the cities of Yemen from the bombardment of missiles, tanks and heavy artillery on residential areas in the capital Sanaa and the city of Zanzibar to merciless armed confrontations with the regime forces against the peaceful revolutionary. Yemeni forces loyal to President Saleh and his family ignited a civil war on the streets of cities that are claiming the lives of innocent now unarmed civilians.

Tanks are stationed in the streets of residential houses in the capital Sana'a today, shelling residential areas near military camps randomly.

While security forces are killing protesters at point blank in Taiz city protest camp, yesterday witnessed a horrific crime of bulldozers running over protesters in the camp and security thugs burning tents while protesters were sleeping.

It's a real shame, while Yemen has been crying load to the world, we see no actions whatsoever from the international community, Yemen partners, UN Security Council or the League of Arab States, and sadly the neighboring GCC countries.

The abandonment of the Yemeni people by the international community is disgrace to global world peace.

As loyal citizens of Yemen we will carry on our peaceful revolution and continue our struggle, despite the ongoing genocides, aerial bombardments, and all types of massacres.

Yemeni are demanding freedom and equal citizenship, the world shall realize.

Those who wish to take a serious step toward a decision in support of freedom and human rights in Yemen, The coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change are fully prepared to provide you with documents incriminating Saleh and his regime.

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