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Monday, 13 June 2011

June 12th updates!

Powerful explosion and gunfire with light and heavy weapons now in Taiz
Violent clashes using light and medium weapons in Hawban in Taiz right now between Republican Guards and militants supporting the revolution.
Gunfire using heavy and light weapons around Al-Thawra Hospital and Freedom Square in Taiz.
Violent clashes currently taking place between gunmen and security forces in Al-Thawra neighborhood using heavy, medium and light weapons with the sounds of explosions rocking the city of Taiz.
Bombing is stationed in Zaid Al-Mosheki region (Al-Rawda) and news of bombing Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi's house, one of the tribe leaders.
Scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Sunday, a mission of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations to Yemen to asses the human rights situation after the increaseing acts of violence and repression used by Saleh's forces against the peaceful demonstrators since 4 months ago.
Two powerful explosions shake Taiz followed by heavy gunfire using heavy and light weapons around Freedom Square.
Continuous heavy gunfire in Taiz until the moment.
Another powerful explosions followed by very heavy gunfire in Taiz right now.
Clashes are now taking place near Zaid Al-Musheki and Al-Rawda district using heavy and medium weapons. News that there is heavy shelling on Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhlafi's house.
Sporadic shooting using light and medium weapons and relatively calm with heavy weapons (tanks) at 5:48 am in Taiz.
The heaviest explosion since the beginning of the clashes in Taiz right now at 5:51 am
Random shelling by tanks and troops stationed near Al-Thawra Hospital; one of the shells falls on a building in CAC bank distirct near Freedom Square.
Artillery shelling is used right now with the continuation of violent clashes more than before.
Womens' screams and childrens cries are rising from the homes that have been exposed to artillery shelling in Taiz.
Media Council reporter confirms that the tanks shelling the houses are stationed inside the yard of Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz.
News indicating the fall of 4 shells at one of the houses near CAC Bank in Freedom Square in Taiz.
Sporadic clashes until the moment 6:28am, after it lasted for two hours using medium and artillery shelling in Taiz. 
MasdarOnline: Renewed clashes this morning between Saleh's forces and tribal gunmen in Al-Qaeda area that is near Taiz.
Warplanes are bombing governate building and mail building in Zanjibar, heavy clashes are happening currently with various types of weapons.
UN mission of High commissioner for Human Rights postponed visit to Yemen due to security reasons.
Heavy bombardment from Al-Sama'a camp that belongs to Republican Guards last night on Shakir, Yaheef, Hizam Sha'at and many other villages of Arhab. Destruction to the houses and villages, causing panic and fear among the citizens and mass exodus from the villages that are being bombed. 
Bombing and destroying artesian wells that are used for drinking water in Arhab by Al-Sama'a camp that belongs to Republican Guards last night.
Ibb: Security Forces and Republican Guards disclaim an agreement sponsored by the governor of Ibb, and re-attack the house of Shiekh Mohammed Ali Amer in Qaeda and causes damage.
Abdullah Ghurab, BBC reporter:
- Eyewitnesses, bombing Arham is some kind of a threat to the tribes there, and there are pictures that prove losses in cars, wells and farms.
- There are moves from the First Armored Division and Republican Guards currently which indicates the preparations of both parties to a new phase. 
Al-Mutawakil: The opposition began to form a presidential council and next week will witness a crucial development 
Fuel crisis is becoming worse in Sana'a. All Gas stations are closed and petrol is sold by people who have petrol in barrels. A gallon of 20 liters which costs 1500YR in gas stations is sold for 5000-6500 YR outside!
MasdarOnline: JMP leader, Al-Mutawakil: We will not wait too long, and we are preparing to form a presidential interm council. We will give the VP an opportunity to be part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.
AFP: Yemeni security services subjected 50 people to investigate agasint the attempt of Saleh's assassination.
AFP: Arresting 5 people under investigation against the attempt of Saleh's assassination.
Masdar Online | Shabwah | Tribesmen besieged the branch office of Yemen Oil Company demanding dismissal of the branch manager and to protesting over the lack of oil derivatives in the province
Taiz : sporadic shooting in different places in Taiz and news of an exchange of fire near Freedom square
Taiz: Military reinforcements by the Republican Guard heading now to Alhimah ,and Sharhab -Ramadah junction
GCC foreign ministers meet in Jeddah next Tuesday to discuss the status of the region, especially the situation in Yemen
An intense and random artillery bombardment now in Zinjbar by the Republican Guards Brigade Mika 25 stationed on the outskirts of the city.
A proliferation of bodies in the streets of Abyan and citizens appeal to organizations to intervene to take the bodies fearing of disease outbreaks in the city
Reports of clashes between tribal militants and regime forced in 60th street that connects between Al-Hawban and Taiz junction.
hearing the sounds of explosions and gunfire in 60th street north the city of Taiz. It is worth mentioning that in that region stationed a group of tanks and soldiers of the Republican Guard 
Chief Staff of the Central Security Forces Brigadier General Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh on BBC Arabic in an interview..!!
General Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh::If this was a real revolution it wouldn't had of lasted 4 months,it is a mockery.
General Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh::The so called revolution started with a group of youths who had demands but the Jmp who always fails in elections rode the wave and took advantage of the Arabian revoultions to overthrow the regime along with the military officials who have broken there oaths,plus the small parasitic tribal leaders.
Gunfire and mortar shelling by Republican Guards using heavy and light weapons sporadically on the villages and rear areas of junction of Sharab from the Eastern Side. 
Explosions are continuous in Sharab junction, shaking th region of Taiz heavily.

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