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Thursday, 16 June 2011

June 14th updates!

AJA : Supreme Coordination of the Revolution threatens to declare a transitional council within hours.  

AJE : Vital shipping lanes off Yemen's coast will remain secure despite turmoil in the country and naval forces can be rapidly deployed if necessary, the heads of the US and British navies said. 

Dhamar : Mass march in Dhamar today demanding formation of a transitional council.
 US Secretary of Defense: The situation in Yemen is substantially improving after the departure of Saleh.

Russian News Agency: Russia evacuated 175 Russians including 59 children from Yemen because of the events witnessed by the country.
Preparations in Sana'a for a mass march at 4 pm from University of Science and Technology, girls branch to Hadi's house to express the rejection of any initiative and to assure the demands of the revolution.
AJE: A senior Yemeni official in the Saudi capital says President Ali Abdullah Saleh has developed a problem with his throat but that his overall condition is stable. Saleh is being treated in Riyadh along with several to government officials wounded in a rocket attack on the mosque where they were praying in the presidential compound on June 3.
In a telephone conversation with The Associated Press on Tuesday, the official said he could not identify the nature of the throat problem, and would not be named because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Marib Press | Masked gunmen break into the office of "Aden Daily News" Newspaper.

Taiz march
Commander of Brigade 19: We will protect Bayhan from any robbery or looting and we will not allow a repetition of the scenario that happened in Zanjibar.
ADEN (Reuters) - A bomb killed a military officer loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, an official said Tuesday, as Yemen's rich Gulf neighbors sought to avert civil war on their doorstep over the wounded leader's fate.
Marib Press | Sana'a : Hundreds of thousands march in Sana'a demanding the formation of a transitional council and rejecting the GCC initiative.
‎100 company stopped working in Sanaa due to the political unrest
Marib Press : Foreign Ministers of the GCC will discuses tonight in Jeddah the situations in the region especially the situation in Yemen
Hodeidah : mass march in Hodeidah today calling for the formation of a transitional council and refusing any interventions
 Al-Jazeera: United Arab Emirates: Gulf States will continue its efforts to resolve the crisis in Yemen 

Sadeq Al-Ahmer to Aljazeera: Saleh Used U.S. aids in the suppression of the Yemeni people protests 

Hodeidah : attack by regime thugs on a march in Al-Hodiedah that calls for the formation of a transitional council in Sanaa street, and reports about 5 injuries . 

Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmer | for Yemen ,we are Ready to leave if Saleh was serious in his saying, and it is an effort that is lighter then holding a tree leaf
 March in Socotra demanding the formation of the transitional and the departure of the rest of Saleh's regime 
 In a breaking news in the Yemeni Channel : President Saleh receives a call From king Abduallah Bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi reassuring about his health and wishing him a speed recovery.
 Al Jazeera's correspondent | it is likely that a statement will be issued referring to the continued efforts by GCC states to resolve the crisis in Yemen. 
 Yasser Al-Yamani to Al-Arabiya :All the youth in the squares are from Islah and Houthis, and they are being misled
 Geneva: Swiss organizations calling for the federal government and the Attorney-General of the Confederation to freeze Saleh funds and 20 of his aides who were on charges of violence and killings of demonstrators
Hasan Zaid to Al-Arabiya | The JMP were not aware of the prior deadline announced by the revolution youth, and JMP is not with the deadlines for the political forces to form a transitional council .
  Taiz : heavy gun fire was heard near Freedom square and reports that the Republican Guards had evacuated the area next the square getting the citizens out of their shops
 MasdarOnline :Armed group adopts the attack, which targeted a number of officers and soldiers,and 35 armored brigade in Dhala 

General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry calls the regional and international community to put pressure on the regime to transfer power and fill the political,economic ,and security vacuum 

A source close to Major-General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar told «Al-Shareq Al-Awsat» news paper: an imminent agreement for the transfer of power
Taiz | Renewed clashe in Al-Shamasi area next to Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz between the Republican Guard and militants
Today's March. Sana'a June 14.

 MasdarOnline: An insurgent group calling itself "Hatem movement" claimed responsibility for the armed attack which targeted a number of officers, soldiers, and 35 armored brigade stationed in Dhala province South Yemen on Tuesday afternoon, two people were wounded in the attack.  

  MasdarOnline : the private sector calls for international community to exert strong pressure to transfer power and warns of the economy collapse
MasdarOnline: A military source: Major-General Ali Mohsen appointed Brigadier Abduallah Dhabaan commander of the armored brigade 33 Taiz (Camp Khaled) succeeding Gubran Al-Hashdi
Al-Zayani GCC secretary General to Al-Arabiya : we are ready to revive the Gulf initiative if requested by the Yemeni parties
 Revolution youth in Taiz call on a million march tomorrow; Gathering will start 9 am in Al-Naser square
sounds of artillery in Taiz it could be in 60th Street east of the city 

The youth in the Change Square of Sana'a protested against The Organizing Committee (led by JMP) because of their ways in dealing with the revolution, they chanted "Freedom, Freedom, we want a revolutionary committee". They were assaulted by members of the committee, beaten and detained. They tried to stop the person filming the incident and wanted to take his camera. 

 MasdarOnline: Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the State Department says: cooperation between Washington and Sanaa in the fight against terrorism, continuing through the Yemeni Vice President. 
Yaman News Agency: Explosions rock 60th street which is extanding from Al-Hawban to Sharaab Junction

Suhail : Norwegian judiciary accept consideration of a list of accusation of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Taiz Holocaust includeing Qiran and a number of regime symbols.
Clashes currently happening in Taiz in lower Tahrir using light and heavy weapons.

‎2:20 am in Taiz, continuation of gunfire around Freedom Square and Thawra Hospital.

Confrontations currently in Taiz use medium and light machine guns and some tank shots.

Continuous heavy gunfire around Freedom Square and Thawra Hospital in Taiz.

Private Sources to NasPress: Acting President Hadi accepts the invitation to meet with Supreme Council of the Revolution after assigning a deadline to declare his position on the revolution and to form a transitional council.

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