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Thursday, 16 June 2011

June 15th Updates - Lahj Attack!

Clashes near Central Bank and gunmen are attacking Help Police Station in Lahj.
Help Police Station has been destroyed by gunmen in Lahj.
More than 5 dead people and a number of injured in clashes that are happening currently in Lahj.
Analysis: What is happening in Lahj right now by attacking Central Bank is the same scenario as what happened in Abyan couple of weeks ago where large sums of money were looted and the headquarters of the state was in control.
Al-Hota, Lahj residents are appealing to be allowed to leave the city for their own safety.
Very violent attacks on the headquarters of Security Administration with some strong explosions in Lahj.
Road-cutters between Aden and Hota in Lahj.
Clashes calmed down during Dawn Prayer and resumed after prayer was over in Lahj.
Gunmen control some governmet buildings in Lahj tonight after heavy clashes:
- General Hospital
- Judicial Systen Complex Building
- Political Security Building
- Taxes Building
- Central Bank Building
Heavy artillery shelling from Al-Aend airbase on Hota, Lahj and residents appeal to stop fightint to be able to get out.
News on military reinforcements from Al-Aend airbase towards the center of Hota, Lahj.
Clashes are renewed very violently now in Hota, Lahj.
A number of dead bodies in the streets of Hota, Lahj belonging to Central Security and Public Security.
Eyewitnesses: I can see with my own eyes, masked gunmen armed with RPG weapons wandering in the streets of Hota, Lahj.
Lahj: Clashes are taking place behind Central Bank between Hota and Hussieni areas.
Lahj: Gunmen are controling the entrances of Hota.
Lahj: 80% of Hota is under control by the gunmen.
Lahj: Most of the gunmen are known to belong to anti-government groups.
Lahj: The gunmen have medium weapons with explosive belts.
Gunmen withdrew from Hota towards Sufian area and asked Hota residents to help them, and they will attack Al-Aenad military base.
Tajded News: Dead and injured in Lahj due to clashes between army and gunmen seeking to control the city.
Aden Al-Ghad: Lahj: Unknown gunmen heavily attacked Security Administration in Hota at dawn by machine guns and bombs.
Heavy gunfire near Martyrs Square in Mansoura Aden right now.
Tawakul Kurman: My brother Tareq has been forcibly hidden for the past four days. He was last seen on Friday in Freedom Square of Taiz, his colleagues say that he has been kidnapped by National Security in Taiz.
Military Source to MasdarOnline: A battaltion of the Republican Guards moved to Faculty of Air Defense, overlooking Hadi's house, under the reason of protecting him, but this move is actually a clear message to Hadi of the fate that will await him if he responds to the demands of transfering power.
MasdarOnline: 32 Peaceful protesters were injured by thugs yesterday during a peaceful march to demand a formation of a transitional council in Hodeidah.
MasdarOnline: Four soldiers killed and 4 others wounded during clashes with gunmen in Hota, Lahj.
Youth are back to Freedom Square of Taiz, placing tents and praying there.
MarebPress: National Secuirty depart the Political Adviser of the Dtuch Ambassador in Sana'a.
Abdul Rahman BaFadl: Yassin Said Noman is the closest candidate to the presidency because he's accepted by all. Islah Party will not seek authority but will share a third in the prosecution council in order to allow all political figures to participate in the parliament.

Hadi visits Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi, one of the injured in the Presidential Palace Mosque blast.

March in Rada'a today
Marebpress: Ammar Saleh, Yemen's president nephew and deputy director of the national security was injured in a car accident in Alsaylah area and is now getting treatment in Al-Ordi Hospital.
 Alarabiya : Saleh's heath is excellent, an informed source tells Alarabiy
 AJE : Yemen intercepted financial transfers made to dissidents through Qatar, the AFP news agency reports.
"The authorities have discovered transactions made through Qatar and the mediator in this is our former ambassador (in Cairo) Abdulwali al-Shumeiri," deputy information minister Abdo al-Janadi said. 

Taiz | Suhail: Republican Guard forces are attacking citizens in 60th street ,wounding numbers of them and arresting others.
 Masdar: Gunmen in Abyan announce 5 million riyal as a reward to anyone who kill or give information about 12 military pilots 

Local sources to Al-MasdarOnline : death of 8 people and injuring five this day afternoon when a gunman fired randomly on a popular market in Mizher district , Remma province 

Abdo Al-Janadi Deputy info minister accuses Qatar of paying money to make a split in the army.
 Shabwa :killing and wounding two people in a shooting today in the qat market in Ataq because of tribal revenge.
 Abd Al-Wali Al-Shamiri the Yemeni ambassador in Egypt mocked the Deputy info minister accusation for him about transferring money from Qatar to fund the defection in the army. 

Taiz: Death of two Gunmen (who support the revolution) when the Republican Guards shot them.
 Ahmed Al-Shalafi AJA reporter: the opposition has approved fully on transferring the power to vice President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi .
 Taiz : power outage on most areas of the city, including the area which Freedom square is located in , and hearing an explosion and gunfire after that
 Martyrdom of Abdullah Abdu Marsh inAl-Asifrah and the abduction of his body by the Republican Guard,putting it in the refrigerator of the military hospital in Taiz. 

Mohammed Qahtan JMP spokesman: we demand the revolution youth, the opportunity for four days only to transfer power from Saleh sons to VP Hadi . 

Taiz: Bombardment with tanks and machine guns on Al-Qadi Vally now and clashes between tribal militants and forces of the regime in the city
 Reuters: Yemeni opposition rejects an offer from GCC countries to resume mediation. 

Taiz:Clashes near Freedom Square between gunmen loyal to the revolution and the Republican Guard.
 Taiz: violent clashes in 40th street near the wholesale market and militants loyal to the revolution control a military check point of the central security there.
 Sultan Alatawani (JMP)leader to Reuters: it was the best for the GCC to be more courageous and determine who declined its initiative and bringing the situation in Yemen to which it is now.

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