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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June 29th: Names of dead&injured in Abyan air strike + Updates

Names of dead and casualties of those targeted in the aircraf shelling of civilians in Abyan today and transfered to Aden:
1. Abdullah Nasser Mohammed Abu Lenah, Nisab, Shabwa- Naqeeb Hospital.
2. Ibn Al-Qubti, Lodr, Abyan- Naqeeb Hospital.
3. Aref Saeed Bin Lasood Bin Jradah Bahateer, Saeed, Shabwa- Naqeeb Hospital.
4. Ibn Al-Rateel, Saeed, Shabwa- Naqeeb Hospital.

About 8 othe deaths could not be recorded and bodies were taken to Al-Razi Hospital in Abyan.

1. Abdullah Ahmad Al-Alahe, Sabir Hospital, minor injury
2. Salah Ali Abubakr Al-Awlaqi, Sabir Hospital, medium injury
3. Ahmad Abdullah Abdurabo Al-Alehi, Al-Wali Hospital, medium injury
4. Saleh Ahmad Al-Humate, Al-Wali Hospital, serious injury
5. Saleh Hussien Ahmad, Al-Wali Hospital, medium injury
6. Ameen Ahmad Salem Al-Thayeebi, Al-Wali Hospital, medium injury (US passport)
7. Abdulhakeem Ahmad Salem Al-Theyeebi, Al-Wali Hospital, very serious injury (US passport)
8. Ali Abdurabo Yahya, Al-Wali Hospital, medium injury
9. Saylan Ali Ahmad Bin Sultan, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, minor injury
10. Ibrahim Khaled Mansour Al-Kazmi, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, minor injury
11.  Mohammed Awad Sunah Al-Haidari, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, minor injury
12. Awad Saleh Ahmad, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, minor injury
13. Abdullah Ahmad Saleh Al-Hashemi, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, medium injury
14. awad Ahmad Mohammed Al-Sha'adi, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, serious injury
15. Adel Salem Ali Nasser, Al-Naqeeb Hospital, very serious injury

Many others dead and injured that did not reach Aden and were taken to Al-Razi Hospital in Abyan, where the number is estimated to be more than 25 injured and about 8 dead. 
AFP: 4 dead and 12 injured in an air strike that targeted a car near Zanjibar in Abyan.
20 dead soldiers including one battalion commander who is stationed near Al-Wahda Stadium named Colonel Najm Al-Deen and tens of injured soldiers, some in critical condition. In addition to tens of dead and injured civilians and gunmen -still unknown number- in clashes that took place in Zanjibar, Abyan today
Abyan: Medical Source: Number of wounded reached 9 and one dead in Al-Razi Hospital
Local Source: A number of civilians dead and wounded in Sheikh Abdullah area in Zanjibar where a number of travelers cars coming from Aden towards Shabwa, Hadramout and Zanjibar gathered at and could not enter Zanjibar because of the heavy clashes, an aircraft bombed the gathering of the travelers resulted in burning 4 cars and many of them died.
MasdarOnline: 6 civilians killed and 12 injured in an aircraft bombing on a passengers bus in Abyan
MasdarOnline: 9 soldiers and 16 militants killed in clashes in Abyan; Al-Qaeda militants take over Al-Wahda Stadium
Military Source: Soldiers death toll rises to at least 32; militants completely take over Al-Wahda Stadium and warplanes are bombing them in Abyan.
In a phone call with Sheikh Ali Abdullah AbdulSalam Al-Awlaqi alias Mullah Zabarah, cheif mediator between gunmen and regime forces, said that two of the injured in the aricraft bombing today in Abyan carry US citizenship: Ameen Ahmad Salem Al-Thayeebi and Abdulhakeem Ahmad Salem Al-Thayeebi, they were both in their car that was completely burnt. Abdulhakeem Ahmad Salem had an open-heart surgery before and his condition is very critical right now. They are both in Al-Walee Hospital in Mansoura, Aden right now.
MarebPress: Al-Wahda Stadium, the most prominent strongholds for Major General 25 Mika, was taken over by the gunmen

Female mass march that condemned the international positions towards the revolution and demanded the departure of the remnants of the regime took place in Ibb today.

Female in Ibb sends a message to ICC to trail Saleh for his crimes against the Yemeni peaceful protesters 
After a meeting with the representatives of faculty and university president: Minister of Higher Education stops the exams in Al-Baydah University and assigns a committee to investigate faculty complaints
Minister of Interior, Mutahar Rashad Al-Masri meets with the mission of the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the United Nations. 
An old woman in Ibb's female march today says "We do not want anyone, no Saudi or Foreign interference, we don't want Ali Saleh or his sons and relatives, we want a transitional council!" 
MarebPress: Dhamar: Thugs affiliated to break into the headquarters of SabaFon and killed one of the guards; the killer got arrested 
Mass march in Taiz today in memory of the holocaust that took place a month ago in Taiz.
Candlelight vigil in Freedom Square of Taiz
Mass march in Dhamar today demanding the departure of the rest of the regime
March in Rada'a today demanding an end to the Saudi intervention in Yemen affairs
Mass march starting from Change Square of Sana'a as a loyalty to the martyrs blood, condemning the international silence to what is happening in Yemen, rejecting Saudi and US interference and demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime.
Aftermath of Al-Ma'ajla area bombing in Abyan
General Manager of the Oil Company and his deputy in Taiz are being attacked by Republican Guards and Saleh's thugs. 
The UN Mission is arriving to the Change Square of Sana'a soon to listen to the complaints of the youth on the violations and crimes committed against them by Saleh's regime. 
Random shelling to civilians houses by Republican Guards in Taiz, video showing one of the damaged houses from inside
Mass march in Hodeidah demanding an immediate transitional council and calls to stop the mass punishment against the people of the city
MasdarOnline: UN Mission of High Commissioner for Human Rights headed by Hani Al-Mujali is visiting right now (Wednesday afternoon) the field hospital of Change Square in Sana'a to assess the human rights situation in the country.
Mass march in most of Sana'a streets, where the march started from Swad Hansh Cemetry (Marytrs Cemetery) and marched towards Ministry of Information building where they stopped and protested there rejecting Saudi and US interference and any other intervention that does not acheive the demands of the revolution. 

Dhala: Hundreds of Qa'ataba residents went out on a mass march demanding the fall of the rest of the regime, demanding providing water, electricity and oil derivatives; referring that electricity has been cut for over a month without any reasons 
MaribPress : More than 120 tanker loaded with oil and diesel out of the capital Sanaa in Al-sabbahh area prevented by the Republican guards without a given reason.
Taiz : hearing loud explosions that rocked the city, apparently it is shelling in 60th street by tanks
AFP: Yemeni Source in Riyadh: Medical condition of President Saleh does not allow him to speak or appear on media
Suhail: Sources: transferring a thousand of Republican Guard troops from Sana'a to Marib Infantry Brigade 13
MarebPress: The poor and starvation policy in Yemen comes in the context of "psychological warfare" to convince people to demand the stay of Saleh's regime
Septmeber Mobile: Prosecution refers the case of Friday March 18th (Dignity Friday) in Sana'a University to court next week
MarebPress: During their meeting with the UN Mission of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Minister of Interior, Al-Masri reveals that 118 soldiers died and 1,402 were injured in Hasaba clashes, in addition to 137 dead civilians and 1,402 injured. On the other hand, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar assured that 104 died from his supporters and hundreds were injured during Hasaba clashes
Fierce heavy clashes using medium and heavy weapons currently in 60th St and at the north entrance of Taiz city.
Republican Guards are artillery shelling 60th St from the northern side of Taiz and a shell hits a house near Security Administration in Miqwat. A woman and 5 children live in that house were it was completely destroyed, in addition to a house nex to it that was partially destroyed . The woman and her children were in a room in the basement and were safely rescued only with intense fear.
Reuters: Minister of Foregin Affairs, Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi: Yemeni President calls for dialogue with the opposition to find a mechanism to implement the GCC initiative.
MarebPress: Powerful explosions are head near Taiz International Airport and Al-Jund area
MarebPress: Explosions in Taiz are caused by Republican Guards forces attackin Al-Minzah area on pretext that residents controlled some military crews
Sanaa :20 martyrs and more than 64 injured in a constant attacks of the Republican Guard in Arhab since the end of April
Heavy shelling on Taiz, near Freedom Square from 60th St and Al-Thawra Hospital
MasdarOnline: Local Sources: Republican Guards are bombing Mikhlaf and Taiziya villages in Taiz by Katyusha rockets
MarebPress: A citizen in Hoedeidah committed suicide because of the lack of oil derivatives 
CNN: Hadi said he saw Saleh immediately after the bomb attack. The 68-year-old ruler's chest had been pierce by a piece of wood and his face, arms and upper body had been burned, Hadi said. But, he added, the president's health was improving daily.
CNN said that the Yemeni Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi said on Wednesday that President Ali Abdullah Saleh suffered serious injuries in the assassination attempt and he does not know when he would return
One month after dozens of peaceful protesters were killed and hundreds were injured, Taezis went on the streets to send a clear message to a mission from the UN visiting Yemen, for many , an effort too little and too late. Still, people demand justice and expect the flagrant violations of Human Rights in this country are stopped, and the perpetrators are brought to justice 
Aritellry shelling in 60th St in Taiz and the neighborhoods near Freedom Square by Republican Gaurds.

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