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Monday, 13 June 2011

June 11th updates

Abyan: Warplanes are bombing Al-Kood and Makhzan area and heavy clashes in Zanjabar
MarebPress: Violent clashes between gunmen and army in Zanjibar.
Full civil disobedience in all government facilities and presence of dozens of displaced families from Abyan in Yafai.
MasdarOnline: Saudi Arabia announced that it has received 58 Yemenis that have been injured in the Presidential Palace Mosque, clashes between Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar supporters, First Armored Division soldiers as well as some of the youth from the Change Square of Sana'a to treat them in their hospitals.
‎26 September Newspapge denied what was reported by Al-Quds Al-Arabi on the transfer of Saleh's family to the UAE as a prelude to the transfer of power. It descirbed it as "false allegations and fabrications void unfounded." 
AJA: Reuters: Yemen Defense Minister: Army killed 21 "terrorists" in Abyan.
Arabia: Preventing Minister of Health, Yemeni Ambassador in Riyadh and some Yemeni officials from visiting Saleh in the hospital as a request from the Yemeni government.
Yemeni official to Arabia: Abdulaziz Abdulghani and Ali Mujawar's healths are heading to a worst condition.
MarebPress: Medical Source in Aden: 10 bodies and 16 injured soldiers from Zanjabar Abyan arrive to BaSohaib military hospital.
Massive march started right now in Sana'a from the old university to Change Square platform condemning the US position. Chanting, "We are staying in the Square.. leave oh you opressors" and "Oh US Ambassador.. Leave us, Oh Satan!"
Major General Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar: Saleh's nephews are the ones supervising the terrorist groups that Saleh is intimidating the west with.
Taiz march today demanding the formation of a Transitional Council 
MasdarOnline: Abdurabo Mansour Hadi meets with Washington, Britain, Paris and EU ambassadors.
Siyaj Organization: Child Basma Mohammed died in Al-Thawra Hospital -Sana'a- today due to her severe wounds by the random bullets in celebration of death on Wednesday night.
Dhamar: Oil company in Dhamar announces a work strike starting tomorrow after one of their employees got attacked, and no one took responsibility of it.
Suhail: Confirmed Sources: Dhamar University President directs a purchase of 14 cars with high amounts from the university budget and delivers them to the regime thugs to use in looting facilities and terrorizing citizens in the city.
MasdarOnline: Army's attempt to resolve the battle, fighting is continuous in Zanjibar and the death of 16 soldiers and 26 gunmen and civilians. 
Reuters : Yemen's ambassador to UK says Saleh in "stable condition" and "recovering" 
AJE: According to Prof Clive Jones,Saleh inflated the threat of al-Qaeda to make his rule appear indispensible to the West.
Masdar Online : UN mission visits Yemen to assess the human rights situation after the increasing acts of violence against demonstrators 
AJE: "The opposition has two demands:
1. The establishment of a presidential council composed of 5-7 people who will lead Yemen in a transitional government until elections.
2. The establishment of a national council, composed of 100-150 members who will be charged with promoting dialogue among different factions & creating a new constitution. Its members will be selected from different tribes, parties, and experts 
Random shelling on Arhab villages by Republican Guards 
Al-Hasaba desruction from the random shelling between Al-Ahmar supporters and Saleh's forces. 
 Taiz March

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