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Monday, 4 July 2011

13 year old killed in Arhab- Full report of Arhab + Graphic photos&video

Arhab is one of the known villages located south of Sana’a and was the first tribe that supported the youth revolution. Al-Sama’a Mountain and Fareja camps are located in Arhab and they are in position to protect Sana’a, they represent the two largest Republican Guards camps led by Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh, Commander of Republican Guards and President Ali Saleh’s son. According to military sources, Brigade 61 and 62 are the largest Republican Guards Brigades by number of soldiers, as well as owning the largest and newest weapons, they are both located in the camps mentioned in Arhab.
One of Arhab tribe leaders said “In April we received information on some military movements from the guards in Al-Sama’a and Fareja camps towards the capital. Friday of Dignity Massacre, what was before it and what is happening after it from killing the peaceful youth protesters made us feel that the President and his sons are ready to kill people for the sake of the chair –power-. This is why we gathered the people in Arhab and our sons that are protesting in Change Square of Sana’a and called them to protest in front of the camps to prevent them from any try by the troops to enter Sana’a to kill the people there.”

 On April 27th civilian Hazim Al-Marani was killed by Republican Guards bullets, however, tribes decided to control themselves and think of it as an accident to prevent war from happening and decided to stick to what they called an agreement.

On May 22nd Republican Guards fired live bullets on Ali Abdulhameed Shabren- one of Arhab notables- while he was returning from a market and wanted to kill him, injuring one of his associates. Arhab tribes felt that they were getting targeted so they held a meeting the next day. Once the meeting was over, a group of the people who left the house were targeted by artillery shelling from the camp when they were driving by. Nine of them were killed; a witness says that the car that was driving them was completely burnt and then they were being shelled at for three consecutive hours. 

Other villages of Arhab were getting shelled at that same night, killing one, injuring dozens, fully destroying five houses and partially destroying tens others.

The nights after May 22nd, Arhab was still getting a share of indiscriminate shelling which led dozens of families to flee the region, especially Yahees village that has around 300 houses and is the main target.

On May 29th and May 30th Republican Guards in Al-Sama’a Mountain heavily shelled villages in Arhab for over seven hours which led to the death and injury of many people and destruction of many houses. One of the artillery shells fell on a house in Yaheef village which led to the death of one civilian.

On June 9th 2011, The Brigade that is stationed in Al-Sama’a Mountain and Farejah area both randomly shelled the villages of Arhab. Civilian Abdullah Abdullah Ali Al-Marani was killed and many others were injured along with a number of destroyed houses.

Tribes made a new agreement with Republican Guards to cease-fire, it lasted until June 25th when the Republican Guards broke the agreement and started shelling Haqban and Yahees villages using heavy and medium weapons. The shelling continued for three days straight and used more than 250 artillery and missile shelling on different regions in Arhab. The result of that shelling resulted in the destruction of 150 houses, 15 artesian wells, 20 tribal members killed and 64 injured civilians 32 of those are in critical conditions. Abdulhameed Al-Sha’abi was one of the civilians killed in the shelling that took place.

Up until June 27th around 2000 families fled some of the villages that are under heavy bombardment towards some caves that are away from the bombing and some decided to stay in safer places at their relatives houses in different areas.

On June 28th sources indicated that Yemeni aircrafts joined in the shelling a number of villages in Arhab along with Republican Guards that are using artillery shelling on those villages leading to dead and injured civilians.

A child less than a year old was killed and her mother was seriously injured in the heavy shelling that took place on July 1st evening by Republican Guards on Arhab. As well as the house of Ali Al-Daba that is located in Solam village was subjected to heavy shelling which led to the death of 13 years old Abeer and the injury of her mother Aneesa Ahmad Hizam suffering serious injuries.

Both 61 and 62 Brigades in Al-Sama’a Mountain and Fareeja camp kept shelling Sho’ob and Solam villages in the afternoon of that day along with warplanes.

Early July, Arhab tribe asked Vice President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi, the acting President to stop the Republican Guards attacks that led to the death of more than 20 people, injuring 64, 32 of which are in critical conditions, along with 16 abducted tribal members.  The kidnapped injured civilians were denied to enter Sana’a to receive medical treatment; some were left bleeding and some were abducted to unknown places along with the ones hospitalizing them which, in addition to three miscarriages.

Bombardement is still taking place until this day in Arhab. 

GRAPHIC: 13 year old Abeer Kamal Mahdi Al-Makrob from Solman, Arhab. She was killed by mortar shelling fragments that were launched from Al-Sama’a camp on Arhab villages. The video shows the effect of the shelling on her body.
Families have fled their houses to go live in caves because of the heavy bombardment on their houses. They said in the video this is because of Ali Saleh, he wants to live in his house and throw everyone out of Yemen.
Sources: MasdarOnline + Local Sources
Written: YRM Reporter, YA

Photos of destruction

Graphic Photos:

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