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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 27th updates + Ibb Attack - Graphic videos of Arhab*

Secretary General of the United Nations envoy, Jamal Bin Omar, stayed in Yemen after he was supposed to leave last night. His departure was postponded because of a Gulf request. This news comes in hand when Abdullateef Al-Zayani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council made a phone call yesterday with JMP leaders and briefed them on the developments of signing the Gulf Initiative. 

Jihad Anees Mohammed, 28 years old, was shot when Central Security forces were randomly shooting people last Wednesday in a residential area in Tawahi, Aden. Jihad was shot in his head, had one surgery and is scheduled to have another this upcoming Saturday. His family holds Central Security forces responsibile for what happened to him. 

Journalist and Chief Editor of Aden News, Abdulrahman Al-Muhamadi said that 4 masked gunmen abducted him on Monday evening in coast of Abyan in Aden. They blindfolded him and took him to an unkown location. They investigated with him as well as beat him and then drove him back blindfolded again. Muhamadi explained that he did not know the kidnappers but most of the investigations had to do with what is being published by his newspaper about the events in Abyan and the cons of political parties.

Kuwait Bans Yemenis from Entering its Territory!
Kuwaiti news reports said on Wednesday that the General Directorate for Migration halted all transactions relating to Yemeni nationalities until further notice. Whether you are visting family, tourism, private or commercial visits or any residency work in the Affairs Ministry and in coordination with Interior Ministry has all discontinued

Hadramout: Mass march in Sayoon heading towards Ministry of Oil office demanding the provision of oil derivatives and condemning the new rate. 

Protest in front of the governorate building in Ibb rejecting the manipulation in the prices of oil derivatives in advantage to the remnants of Saleh's regime

March from Al-Sadaa directorate to Freedom Gulf Square in Ibb to break the siege of oil derivatives.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Taiz are protesting in front of the Oil Company and chanting against the collective punishment imposed by Saleh's regime on the people, condemning regime attacks on civilians and supporting the Transitional Council.

Female march in Taiz supporting the Transitional Council

Protest against the raise of the oil derivatives prices in Ibb

MasdarOnline: Injures in Ibb when armed thugs fired live bullets at the protesters during a march today.

Youth besiege dozens of armed thugs in Burj Ibb Hotel after these thugs fired live bullets on the youth on their way back from the march.

Injures in Ibb so far:
2 by live bullets in hospitals
6 wounded various injures (burns, shrapnels)

Names of the injured in field hospital of Freedom Square:
- Sultan Yahya Ali Noman (Shari, Jebla)
- Yahya Ahmad Abdullah Al-Hadad (Al-Seyani)
- Bilal Yahya Ali Al-Badani (Ba'adan)
- Foad Abdullah Mohammed (Modekhra)
- Najee Ali Saeed Al-Batool (Ba'adan)
- Abdulwahab Sharkhan (Ibb)

Faisl Al-Awadi, one of the armed thugs' car was burnt after he fired live bullets on a march today in Ibb along with a group of other thugs. 

A video showing an armed thug directly shooting protesters in Ibb today

The gunman who was filmed firing bullets on protesters in Ibb today is Sheikh Faisal Al-Mawsemi from Algafr. He is now injured with three other thugs after they were detained by the youth in Ibb. 

Destruction caused to Burj Ibb hotel after clashes took place between regime thugs and revolution protectors

One of the injured protesters in Ibb

Regime thugs fire live bullets on a peaceful march in Rada'a organized by the youth.
March in Qataba, Dhala today

Female protest in front of the US embassy in Sana'a was attacked by Central Security forces injuring many of them one of the females had to be transferred to the field hospital of Change Square of Sana'a.

Sana'a | Youth of Revolution condemn the crime of the attack on women who were protesting in front of U.S. embassy by the embassy guards. The attack resulted to injuring dozens of the women

U.S Embassy Statement :

Incident in front of U.S. Embassy July 27, 2011
The U.S. Embassy takes note of an incident that occurred in front of the U.S. Embassy building today, July 27, and regrets the violence that reportedly occurred as a result of the actions of Yemeni security forces. The United States reiterates its stance that peaceful protesters have the right to demonstrate and should be allowed to gather without fear of violent reprisal.

The arrest of Sheikh Nasr Al-Shaheri, one of Yemen's central region's shiekhs, and four of his companions by forces of the Republican Guard in 50th street in Sanaa, and tribesmen go to siege the camp of the Republican Guards in Yarim. 

Sahwa Net| gunmen loyal to President Saleh seize a car belonging to the UAE embassy in Algeria Street in front of the police station after threatening the driver with weapons

 Youth in change square chanting slogans demanding to over throw the remains of the regime.

Protest in Aden in front of TV building

Aden: Females of Aden protested and marched in front of the oil company and the governorate building, chanting slogans of the revolution and condemning the fuel price hike. 

200 soldiers of the Republican Guard and Rescue announce their joining to revolution from change square platform in Sanaa.

MasdarOnline | tribal meeting to «clean»Abyan from al Qaeda militants and killing one civilians in a raid on Zinjbar

Mareb Online : Mass march in Mareb condemned the collective punishment of the Yemeni people and the humanitarian crimes against the people of Arhab and Nihm. The protesters also condemned the hike of fuel price

Press conference to declare the council of the GCP liberals who joined the revolution.

Britain urges President Saleh to implement the Gulf initiative «without delay»

Tribal sources:Al-Qaeda is holding three French hostages in Yemen demanding 12 million $ ransom for their release

Al-Qerbi : President will give up power only through ballot box and Yemen will slide into civil war if he was forced to step down

Tribes of the central region cut off road of Sana'a-Taiz to protest for kidnapping Sheikh Nasr Al-Shaheri - Sheikh of Sheikhs of the central regions

Revolution youth of Taiz call to a massive march tomorrow, Thursday July 28th, to protest against the collective punishment imposed on the Yemeni people represented by raising prices of petroleum products and to demand to over throw remains of the regime. The march will start from the vicinity of Hotel Sinan at nine o'clock in the morning.

Heavy shelling on the different areas of Arhab and the sound of strong explosions heard in the northern areas of Sana'a.

Intense artillery bombardment by the Republican Guards forces stationed in Mount Alsama on the villages and areas of Arhab.

GRAPHIC VIDEOS of Republican Guards forces crimes again civilians in Arhab.

Brussels, 27 July 2011 
A 298/11 

Statement by the High Representative Catherine Ashton after her meeting with Abu-Bakr Al Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Yemen 

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security 

Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, issued the following statement last night: 

"I call on the government to work with all parties in Yemen, in order immediately to take forward Yemen’s political transition. Individual and party differences must be set aside in favour of the broader interests of the Yemeni nation. The initiative put forward by the Gulf Cooperation Council remains the key point of reference for Yemen’s transition. 

I asked the Foreign Minister to transmit this message to the President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is currently recuperating from a deplorable attack on his palace compound. 

In my conversation I have also made clear that the Yemeni people can no longer be subjected to the current political, economic and humanitarian crisis afflicting Yemen, which also has serious regional and international implications. 

I urge all sides in Yemen to reject violence and show restraint. By activating a credible plan for transition, the government could unlock the potential for significant international assistance to Yemen." 

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