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Monday, 11 July 2011

Rejecting Guardianship Friday, July 8th!

Two powerful explosions in Al-Rawda district in Taiz right now. #yemen #yf
Sounds of explosions and heavy gunfire near 22nd May Stadium in Aden. #yemen #yf
A 4 year old girl got hurt in her right arm as a result of the mortar shell that fell in Al-Rawda District in Taiz. #yemen #yf
A third explosion and very heavy shelling on Al-Rawda District in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Suhail: Artillery shells fell on Mohammed Mahdi's house and an injury of a 4 year old child and someone else by the bombardment of Republican Guards on Al-Rawda district in Taiz right now. #yemen #yf
Suhail: Continued shelling by Republican Guards forces on Al-Rawda district in Taiz; shells are falling on a number of citizens houses. #yemen #yf
Suhail: Khaled Al-Abadi, 25 years old, died by Saleh's supporters random bullets in Haddah, Sana'a tonight.
Very heavy explosions rocking Taiz city right now, believed to be on the 60th Street. #yemen #yf
Republican Guards camp in Al-Jund is artillery shelling 60th Street in Taiz right now. #yemen #yf
Houses that were damaged by the Republican Guards shelling on Al-Rawdah district in Taiz belong to:
- Ameen Al-Askari
- Ahmad Talal
- Mohammed Mahdi
- Mohammed Qaid
- Mohammed Qassim Al-Faqeeh
- Abdulraoof Al-Shameri 
Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Ibb

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Sana'a

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Taiz

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Dhamar

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Al-Baydah

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Hodeidah

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Hajjah

Rejecting Guardianship Friday in Sa'ada

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