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Thursday, 28 July 2011

July 28th- Arhab, Taiz and Sana'a!

Major General Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of the First Armored Division met on Wednesday with Deputy of British Ambassador in Sana'a and discussed the latest developments in Yemen. He stressed that the peaceful youth revolution will not reverse and go back, rather will continue until all the demands and goals are met. He also assured the need to quickly transfer power in order to end the crisis that is happening according to the Gulf Initiative
MarebPress: Reports from Abyan indicate that an RPG missile was fired from an aircraft and partially destroyed Dr. Aidaros Nasr Nasser Al-Naqeeb's house at dawn today. Dr. Al-Nakib is a member of the Parliament, known political activist and a member of the Transitional Council that was chosen by the Youth Council on July 16th.

The size of injuries are still unknown; however, it is confirmed that members of his family were inside the house when it was shelled.

*Local sources: In a phone call with his oldest son: Our house in Zanjibar, Abyan was shelled this morning by an air raid and it hit the fence without causing any damages or injuring anyone.

In a press conference with Abdo Al-Janadi:

- They said leave.. we won't leave, and we will do the same thing they are doing, we will take our women and children and followers, they will protest and so will we in millions.
- We should be very grateful for the kings and princes of the Gulf.
- We are bored from waiting for the opposition to take over the government but they are rejecting.
- First Armored Division are a state within a state they appoint security managers and have prisons; I call Ali Muhsen to review himself [position].
- Ali Saleh's decision is not in his hand, he is the head of GCP before he becomes a President.
- In a reply to if the President will fast in Yemen, he says, fasting is a privacy, Ali Saleh fasts I know him and he is a believer, regarding him coming back, he is. 

Continued bombardment by Republican Guard forces stationed in Al-Sama'a Mountain, Bait Dahra and Fareeja camps on villages and areas of Arhab by missiles and artillery

Very powerful bombardment by Republican Guards forces on villages and areas of Arhab right now; destruction of houses due to the heavy shelling.

MarebPress: Arhab families accuse Republican Guards forces of using banned weapons against civilians and said that they are waging war of extermination against them; 28 missiles pounded a village consisting of 30 families in one night. 

Republican Guards forces are heavily and randomly bombing Bait Dahra in Arhab and sounds of explosions are heard in Sana'a from how strong they are

Sounds of warplanes in the skies of Sana'a right now along with very heavy bombardment on Arhab villages by Republican Guards forces. 

Continuous heavy shelling on Arhab villages, heard in different districts of Sana'a along with warplanes still flying in the skies of the capital.

MasdarOnline: Reports of tribesmen taking over Al-Sama'a Mountain [One of Republican Guards forces camps] and warplanes are heavily bombing a number of Arhab areas

Correction: MasdarOnline: Tribesmen were attacking Al-Fareja camp; dozens of dead and wounded of soldiers and tribesmen in a fierce battle that erupted at dawn today. Tribesmen withdrew after warplanes started bombing them.

MarebPress: Arhab tribes breaks in Al-Sama'a Mount and partially controls it; violent clashes taking place inside the camp.

MarebPress: Squardons of military aircrafts are bombing villages of Arhab; widespread of destruction along with reports of dead and injured

Arheb: Violent clashes is now taking place now within the Republican Guard camp Al-Samaa between the tribes and soldiers from the camp and reports about full battalions joining the tribes to fight against the Republican guards 

Arhab is still getting shelled and the preparatory report indicates the death of 15 tribesmen and is likely to rise. 

AJA : Tribal militants break into the eastern part of Alsama camp in Arhab and the Air Force carried out intense missions and bombed villages of Arhab which resulted to the death of many civilians and wounding others. 

More than 500 tribesmen broke into Al-Sama'a Mount and Republican Guards are now shelling Al-Sama'a Mount while tribesmen are located inside of it.

MasdarOnline: Tribal militants took control over some parts of Al-Sama'a Mount in Arhab.

MasdarOnline: Mountain Infantry Brigade in Al-Sama'a Mount in Arhab hands its gear to the tribes and aircrafts continue shelling areas and villages near the camp. 

Sanaa: Warplanes are now bombing the infantry brigade in Al-Samaa mountain in Arhab, after tribes controlled it.

Arhab tribes threaten to topple the rest of the Guard brigades in revenge for the blood of children,women and the elderly

Local source: about 8 deaths and 30 wounded in a continuous aerial and artillery bombardment on Arhab.

MarebPress :Special source: death toll among citizens from Arhab tribes and who were killed in the armed clashes reached to more than 25.

MasdarOnline: Around 9 killed and 40 injured due to Republican Guards and aircraft shelling on villages of Arhab.

Arhab tribes are expressing their thanks and appreciation to the honest officers and guards who refused Saleh's son's orders in bombing villages, areas and farms of Arhab. 

Air strikes are renewed on Nahm tribe, tribes of the area are holding VP and Republican Guards responsible and demanding Human Rights Council of the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilites.

Hood Organization: Bombing residential areas is a war crime, no statute of limitation and a betrayal to the constitution that demands to be punished; tasks of ambulances and transporting injured should be facilitated

MarebPress: Arhab tribes are warning all the pilots involved in bombing villages and killing civilians and assert that they will deal with everyone involved in the killing soon.

Sources to Sumood | Al-Fareeja camp that is adjacent to Al-Sama'a Mount which belongs to Republican Guards and is led by Saleh's son was taken over by tribal militants in Arhab after fierce battles that took place. Reports of a large number of deaths of Republican Guards and civilians.

Arrival of a number of injured tribesmen to Science and Technology University Hospital in Sana'a from Arhab.

All the injured cases that arrived to the hospital are very serious, limbs cut off, head injures and fragments in the abdomen.

Urgent appeal by Science and Technology University Hospital in Sana'a for O negative blood type. Donors needed to help save a life. 

MarebPress: Fierce clashes in Al-Sama'a Mount between tribesmen and Brigade Republican Guards and Brigade Air Defense and news on the progress of tribesmen.

MarebPress: In a dangerous progress, Republican Guards in Al-Jamemiah and Al-Khurafi camps in Sana'a are shelling Brigade Republican Guards,Third Infantry Brigade and Brigade Air Defense in Al-Sama'a Mount and reports of massacres in the Republican Guards forces side.

MarebPress: Arhab tribes are bombing Republican Guards and Brigade Air Defense in Al-Sama'a Mountain by heavy weapons and Nuqoom Mountain participates in the missile attack on tribesmen.

Republican Guards in Arhab, Bani Husiah and Bait Dahra are renewing brutal artillery and Katyusha bombardment on villages of Arhab; many houses destructed.

A march to take place from Freedom Square to Wadi Al-Qadi and back to Freedom Square of Taiz soon.

Taiz: Security forces is firing protesters now in Jamal St

Taiz: Dressed like public security forces, Republican Guards are firing on a march in the center of the city,reports about two injuries so far.

Clashes using light and medium weapons near Masbah roundabout and Zaid Al-Moshki district near Freedom Square of Taiz.

MasdarOnline: Large number of social and political figures in Taiz announce the declaration of a Domestic Council in the city

Republican Guards are shooting Freedom Square of Taiz and sounds of gunfire is in different parts of the city.

Katyusha missiles reach Freedom Square of Taiz and reports of hitting a house along with sporadic clashes in different parts of the city.

Sporadic gunfire is still heard from time to time in Taiz and reports of Republican Guards forces withdrawing from several areas in the city. 

Outcome of Masbah district in Taiz clashes resulted in 2 dead from Saleh's forces and other civilians were injured- pedestrains in the same area.

Medical Sources: 7 security forces dead in various clashes in a number of districts in Taiz.

Explosions shaking Taiz cirty right now along with heavy gunfire

Heavy gunfire using heavy weapons from Central Security camp and a checkpoint near Al-Rawda district on areas of Kalabah in Taiz moments ago

Clashes are currently taking place between tribal militants and Saleh's forces in Kalabah area and around Al-Thawra Hospital and Wadi Al-Qadi in an attempt for militants to restore the areas that they handed over after a truce that only lasted for two days.

MarebPress: Heavy artillery shelling on areas of Kalabah and Freedom Square of Taiz and heavy clashes between militants and Republican Guards forces are still continuous.


SahwaMobile: March for residents in the neighboring areas to Change Square of Sana'a towards the platform to declare their full support and protection to the youth revolution. 

Another march from Al-Saneenah area in Sana'a towards Mathbah roundabout to warn remnants of the regime from committing any folly to break into Change Square of Sana'a and to announce their protection of the Square until the revolution succeeds

SahwaMobile: Large delegations from Amran, Khawlan, Haima and Bani Matar tribes arrive to Change Square of Sana'a to declare protecting the youth in the Square.

Spokesperson of the neighboring areas of Change Square of Sana'a saying that they are fully supporting the revolution and the youth

Residents of neighboring areas to Change Square of Sana'a in very powerful statements from the platform assuring protesters that they will be protected and no harm will be caused to them. 

Shabwa, Ataq | Security forces using live bullets to disperse a southern movement march that is demanding the release of the detained headed by Hassan Baoom. 

Commenting on Al-Qerbi statement, Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar: remains of the regime threats of civil war is an evidence that they lack wisdom, and the regime should eradicated from its roots. 

Sheikh Mohammed Sakeen Aljadanee- the field commander of the tribes in Abyan to clean the province of armed elements said: the militants have to negotiate with the tribes in Abyan and not with the authority.He added: we will allow armed elements to leave with their personal weapons only from Abyan along with guaranteeing that they will not return again or go to another province

Journalists union condemned the confiscation of Almal'ab newspaper in Nqil Yasleh on Tuesday in the arm and calls for the Attorney General to intervene.

People of Mosaimeer refuse the decision of Lahj local council, which decided to deprive them from 70% of the income of the Directorate cement factory.

Ayal Sareeh and Ayal Yazeed tribes in Amran are warning Saleh's sons and their guards for the consequences of committing crimes against Arhab tribes and assure that they will not stay watching after today.

JMP gets international support for the formation of a transitional council and the United Nations envoy puts three options to the ruling party and the opposition to the transfer of power.

An armed groups from Al-Qafar directorate in Ibb closes the main street. There are reports that they determine to break into the sit-in in response to the youth that burnt the thug Faisal Al-Awadi's car yesterday and detaining three others after those thugs fired live bullets on a peaceful march and injured more than five protesters.

Mass marches in Al-Bayda demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime and condemning collective punishment they also chanted the steadfastness of Arhab tribes.

Civil disobedience in Hareeb, Mareb protesting against the lack of oil derivatives. 

140 youth walked for 13 hours straight from Al-Sa'ada directorate to Freedom Gulf Square of Ibb yesterday.

Mass march from Change Square of Hodeidah condemning and rejecting collective punishment against the Yemeni people

Mass march in Sheikh Othman, Aden rejecting collective punishment and demanding immediate resolution

The Organizing Committee of the Revolution warns Saleh's regime from trying to "commit a new massacre" in Change Square of Sana'a

10 injured after regime thugs attacked a peaceful march in Hodeidah demanding resolution and trail of the regime members for its crimes against the people. 

YamanNewsAgency: Fire in the Central Prision of Ataq, Shabwa along with heavy gunfire to prevent the prisoners from escapaing especially since most of them have criminal records.

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