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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 26th Updates!

MasdarOnline: Justice and Building Coalition calls upon an initiative to form a Presidential Council consisting of 11 members headed by AbdoRabdo Mansour Hadi and starts by transfering power from Saleh to Hadi according to article 116 of the consitituion in return of getting guarantees for him and his family.

MarebPress: Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue accuses Al-Thawra Newspaper of rigging the signature of the Secretary General of the committee and sending a false report under its name which they considered to be evidence of lack of morality of power. They confirmed the retention of its legal rights.

The implementation of the convention between protectors of the revolution and military forces started; some of the forces started going down to security points and roundabouts.

Cutting streets in many parts of Aden today because of the lack of gasoline and diesel and the high fare per passenger reaching 200 riyals between two areas. 

Liberation Front Party joined the revolution today in Change Square of Sana'a. They were one of the prestigious parties that played an important role in the liberation of the South from British occupation. 

Females in Sana'a had a silent protest in front of Foregin Affairs Ministry where they refused to engage in dialogue with Central Security forces and a representative of the Ministry. They protested against the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and against external intervention in Yemen affairs.

Female march that was headed towards the Foreign Affairs Ministry today in Sana'a was attacked by regime thugs. 

Journalist Safwan Al-Faeshi was attacked by regime thugs Monday evening in Habra district in Sana'a. He mentioned that five thugs led by sons of Yahya Nori, Deputy Editor of Al-Methaq Newspaper (GCP), attacked him brutally, physically and verbally. He suffered large bruises in his eye and other body parts.

A battalion of Central Security and Republican Guards forces joined the peaceful revolution in Change Square of Sana'a today.

Female march scheduled at 4:00pm today from De Lux roundabout in Taiz. 

SahwaMobile: Security forces are using live bullets to disperse a protest by fishermen in Mukalah against the worsening living conditions there. 

Two martyrs in Dahra village, Arhab last night due to Republican Gurads in Al-Sama'a Mountain shelling the village randomly by heavy weapons.

Sanaa: Supporters of the regime are passing on citizens in Hael street giving them two thousand riyals to participate tomorrow in a massive march demanding the departure of the protesters in the university district under the pretext of annoying their neighbors in the neighborhood

Revolution Youth Council in Al-Baidaa calls for comprehensive civil disobedience tomorrow because of the crisis ,the collective punishment, and to stop those who conspire on the Yemeni people 

A United Nations (UN) report finds Yemenis going hungry as political unrest and fighting in their country disrupts food supplies and pushes up the price of gas, water, fuel and other basic commodities. 

MaribPress: Leader in the ruling party "GPC": Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh will return before the holy month of Ramadan

MasdarOnline:bases of secret U.S. drone aircraft in the Arab countries to attack alQaeda fighters in Yemen.

Taiz | women's mass rally despite the rain demanding the activation of the Transitional Council condemning Qiran's massacres.

Al Arabiya : President Ali Abdullah Saleh will return to Yemen from Saudi Arabia before the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, expected on August 1st

MasderOnline :Killing one person and injuring another when being shot by Dhamar's checkpoint soldiers

MasdarOnline : tomorrow there will be a vigil for the revolution youth in front of Aden's channel to continue Revolutionary escalation they started this week

Yaman Agency News :Massive march is roaming Sheikh Othman in Aden rejecting the collective punishment and demanding quick Revolutionary resolution.

A march for children in change square in Sanaa stresses on struggling. 

Soldiers of the Republican Guards fired indiscriminately in the city markets killing one citizen and wounding others, following an argument between one of the soldiers and a bus driver he was was trying to get up into it by force,the bus driver tried to persuade the soldier not to get up on the bus because he didn't intended to go to the place he said he wanted to go to but the soldier tried to force the driver to drive; threatened him by his weapon, one of the passengers removed his de-safe weapon,the soldier left the place, and returned to him on a military crew of the Republican Guard, after that, the soldiers attacked the owners of buses, beaten them with batons, as they left the place they opened fire at people in the market, killing two people and injuring others

Local sources reveal the deterioration of the health status of children and women in Arheb due to displacement in caves escaping the shelling of rockets and aircraft by the Republican Guards.

Yemeni political analyst in Cairo Abdalrguib Mansour warning of storming change square in Sanaa and its terrible consequences on the situation in Yemen

Taiz | Republican Guards violate the truce which was concluded yesterday, and is currently bombing on Sixty St. and many explosions heard in the city

Security reinforcement with thugs and snipers reach Kentucky roundabout, south of Change Square of Sana'a and sources confirm the existence of orders to a special Republican Guards battalion to storm in Change Square with the presence of snipers on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

SahwaNet: Security reinforcements along with thugs arrive to Kentucky roundabout in Sana'a. 

Two martyrs and four injured in the artillery bombardment on Arhab villages moments ago by Republican Guards forces in Al-Sama'a Mountain. 

Heavy shelling by Republican Guards forces stationed in Al-Sama'a Mountain, Bait Dahra and Al-Fareeja camps on villages of Arhab.

Violent clashes right now accompained by heavy shelling in Dofes at the entrance of Zanjibar and in Al-Khamela area in Abyan.

Lebnan Hamoud Al-Awami, 8 years old child from Hajjah disappeared from Change Square of Sana'a tonight. She was with her younger brother when her brother went back home and she wasn't with him. If you have any information about her, please call her uncle Ali Ahmad on 734397899.

Eyewitnesses: 10 vehicles belonging to gunmen are heading towards the clashes area in Dofes, Abyan

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