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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 14th- Interview with Abdullah Qairan- Taiz

Interview with Abdullah Qairan, Security Director in Taiz city on Al-Saeeda Channel:

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- There is a campaign against me. I was in Aden and everyone knows how it was maintained and how security was; carrying weapons ended as well as land problems, they were the main problems in the city.

- Every person has his own approach in dealing with people, we do our duty as a fulfillment to the partition that we made.

- Al-Darwesh died a natural death and he did not die in prison, he died in the hospital.

- Marches that go out have armed people presence, therefore, they have been replied to.

- We are only afraid of Allah; our conscience and religious duties requires us to stand firm. If you calcule the ratio of the number of people that adopt the anti orientation side, it will be a small percentage in Aden and Taiz.

- There are people who pay money and launch a media campaign against me, they have looked at my files in certain institutions in Aden but could not prove anything against me.

- On Gulf 20, we built an integrated security system in Aden, many say it was outstanding and impressed the people in the Gulf.

- My people and the Yemeni people as a whole cannot risk and declare a statement against me.

- In a response to May 29th Massacre: The media was dominated the facts in the Square, what happened in Taiz had earlier mobilization and some government installations were attacked. On May 29th a march went out towards the governors building and they wanted to break into it and they were shooting. The soldiers went on rooftops but were not armed, they only had stones with them; clashes erupted and there were deaths between the demonstrators.

- There is a difference between marches and armed manifestations, this have become a culture in the Square, we have evidence and provided them to public prosecution.

- I care and want security and stability and the situation has to be safe and stable.

- Some soldiers were detained in the Square until 2:00 and during breaking into the Square, there was only a small number of people after the withdrawal of many because they wanted to execute the soldiers who detained them.

- The first tent that was burnt is the lawyers tent because it was containing documents and CDs, they took some and burnt the others. The fire then spread to the other tents; what helped in the spread of fire was the presence of mortar bombs that were significantly present in the tents. 

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