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Saturday, 30 July 2011

July 30th Updates + Names of air raid victims in Abyan

Rada'a, Dhamar and Al-Bayda tribesmen are arriving to Change Square of Sana'a to declare protecting the revolution and youth

MarebPress: Warplanes are bombing a number of Arhab tribes

MarebPress: Al-Jamemah camp is shelling Arhab tribe by surface missiles. 

AFP: 11 people were killed including two officers in south of Yemen in Al-Qaeda attack on the headquarters of the army.

Shaqra Security Cheif, Colonel Mohammed Saeed was killed in raids by warplanes yesterday on tribal militants in Abyan. 

Former Commander of Center of Abyan, Colonel Ahmad Awad in the air raids yesterday on tribal militants in Abyan

Cutting the road leading from and to Al-Boreqa after large protests against continuous water cuts in Aden.

MarebPress: UN enjoy to Yemen, Jamal Bin Omar, departs from Sana'a.

Lauder Medical Hospital in Abyan received eight cases yesterday, two of them injured by air raids and 6 by live bullets in the chest, two were announced dead immediately. Source confirm that all of the injured were tribesmen

Security forces disperse dozens of car owners who demonstrated this morning in Aden against the high prices of gasoline (175 YR/ liter) and the lack of a less expensive type.

MarebPress: Tribes Alliance of Yemen delcare a document of alliance and victory that confirms the tribes obligation to protect the sit-ins. The document also emphasizes that any attack on the revolution supporters is an attack on the Yemeni tribes.

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, Hashid tribe leader pledges that President Saleh will not rule the country as long as hes alive. He also calls to support Arhab tribes considering that their victory is a victory for the revolution

AJE : 14 pro-government tribesmen fighting al -Qaeda in Southern Yemen have been killed by friendly fire. An official says the air strikes on the city of Zinjibar on Friday targeted their own team by accident.

MarebPress : Tribes of Arhab declare a state of alert and warn all airline companies from using Sana'a international airport starting form today. 

Sana'a | News of clashes between pro-regime Sheikh Sagheer Aziz and supporters of Sheikh Al-Ahmar in Mazda Street a few minutes ago.

Masdar Online : Office of Sheikh Abdulmajeed al-Zindani denounced the statements reported by military source of the regime, which accused Alzindani that he led what he called "The military operations against the camps of the Republican Guards forces" in Arhab Directorate to the north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa

MarebPress : Villages of Arhab are now exposed to heavy shelling with tank shells and Katyusha rockets from brigade 61 of the Republican Guards forces in Mount Alsamaa

MarebPress | Military source : The air crafts that bomb on Arhab, launch from Al-Anad base, the air base of Almaharah and Tariq base of Taiz

Yemen announces tomorrow as the last day of Sha'aban and Monday will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan

Al-Hudaidah | Armed group break into Hais post office and rob 16 Million Yemeni Ryals

Sana'a | Youth of revolution call for the march of "Your Silence kills us" today at 3:30 PM, the march will start from CityMart roundabouts; Everybody is called to participate

Abyan | Names of some of those who were killed in yesterday's air raid on Abyan :
1-Colonel Ahmed Awad Mohammed commander of Aden-Abyan axis.
2- Sheikh And Almonem Mohammed Nasser Al-Nakhie, Sheikh of Al-Nakhie tribe.
3- Colonel Haidara Ali Al-Hadal.
4- Colonel Jamal Nemy.
5- Colonel Mohamed Sa'ed Marmy.
6- Mohammed Nasser Al-Shagery.
7- Mohammed Ali Al-Hadal.
8- Ghassan Mohammed Al-Hadal.
9- Mohssen Haidara Al-Hadal.
10- Alawi Aladeel Mulhem.
11- Ali Nasser Saleh Aloob.
12- Badr Haidra Mohammed.
13- Saleh Nasser Hassen.
14- Mansoor Sa'ed Ali.
15- Saleh Ahmed Khalil.
16- Gharieb Mohammed Hussien Al-Marmy.
17- Mohammed Alkhather Mohamed.
18- Alkhather Ahmed Al-Saidi.
19- Mansoor Ali Al-Hais.
20- Awad Mohammed Awad Al-Habish.
21- Ahmed Mohammed Nasser Nakhi.
22- Saleh Tawhal.
23- Alkhather Almakhrby.
24- Salem Ahmed Dahms.
25- Alkhather Ahmed Amzhafy.
26- Nasser Dofan.
27- Saleh Mohammed Shareef.

News from Arhab, hundreds of dead in the bloody war by Republican Guards forces on the village

MediaCenter: Reports of Republican Guards failing to stop the successful progress made by the tribes desperately by very heavy shelling.

Very powerful explosions shaking Arhab, could be heard from most areas of Sana'a.

Warplanes are overflying the skies of Sana'a right now.

Illustration of Al-Sama'a Mount Republican Guard camp and Al-Fareeja camp in Arhab.

March in Taiz, male and females

Female march in Hodeidah 

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