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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Graphic: July 18th Updates + Sana'a attack!

Lawyer Ghazi Abdo Muharram died in a hospital in Ibb yesterday night due to his severe wounds when he was shot on July 7th -Saleh's appearance celebration- by live bullets. Mr. Muharram is a member of the legal team of Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection

Smoke in Taiz caused when a petrol locomotive went on fire after overturning in Sailah Nahban, behind Mohammed Ali Othman School

Effects of the fire of the oil tanker today that was burnt in Taiz as well as damaged houses from the fire that broke out.

Plate numbers of cars that were trying to storm into Change Square of Hodeidah yesterday:
- Military Police: 3641
- Central Security: 872
- Troop Carrier: 7863
- Rescue Police: 5406
- General Security: 8251
- Central Security: 885
- General Security: 8918
- Traffic Police: 6635

The operation was led by Colonel Hussien Abdullah Al-Fateq.

Abdulrahman Burman: Fire broke out in Allaw Founation for Advocates and Legal Consultations at dawn today, the fire targeted the archive and the library, being the largest legal library in Yemen. More than five thousand files and six thousand books and all the computers and offices were burnt. #yemen #yf

Aman Organization to Promote Peace and Reject Violence demands an immediate and independent investigation in burning Allaw Foundation and Hood Organization that took place this morning because the fire burnt documents and evidence of crimes against humanity. 

Mass march in Ibb today demanding escalation.

Mass march in Taiz

Mass march in Sa'ada today
Sana'a : Large youth groups join the march that reached Kentucky round and passed it now without trouble.

Three people killed and five wounded in a bomb explosion in Yareem today.

AJE : Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Yemeni president, on Monday has called for dialogue, saying he wants to end to the protests and political unrest that have gripped the country for several weeks now. The AFP news agency reports:
" We have never ceased to emphasize the necessity of a peaceful dialogue to find a solution to all these problems," Saleh wrote in an editorial that was published in Al-Thawra and other official newspapers. "I again invite all the political forces to return to reason and respond favourably to the call to dialogue from Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi to end the crisis," Saleh wrote in the editorial, which was published a day after the anniversary of his accession to power in 1978. 

The youth march minutes before it reached the barrier on Kentucky roundabout, gunmen in civilian clothes started firing at the youth that demanded escalation as soon as they left the roundabout. 

Videos of regime thugs and security forces attacking the youth in  their peaceful march.

One of the youth named Hassan Ahmad Al-Houri was killed by security forces live bullets.

Security Forces are surrrounding Al-Mutwakil Hospital trying to take the body of martyr Hassan Al-Hori to an unknown location.

Names of some of the injured in Sana'a:
- Yousef Al-Maqrami, live bullet in left hand
- Murad Al-Maqtarti, live bullet in right hand
- Mohammed Abdulwahab Al-Da'a, live bullet in right leg

Eyewitnesses: Security Forces have detained dozens of the youth in Ministry of Youth and Sports in Sana'a. 

Security forces fire tear gas on the exit of Change Square of Sana'a near Old University (Electricity roundabout)

Youth are still surrounded by regime thugs and launching fireworks on them to injure four youths in Sana'a. 

Videos of Injured

Security forces are heading towards the youth near Old University in Sana'a firing tear gas and fireworks on them, injuring more than ten

Witnesses: Security forces detained more than 50 youth in Ministry of Youth and Sports and they are subjected to torture and humiliation 

Organizing Committee holds "Family" security forces and regime thugs responsible for shooting the peaceful march of Youth Resolution coalition and stresses that they will not escape punishment

Regime thugs are launching fireworks towards the protesters to terrify them and burn their tents in Qa'a Al-Alfi area

Continued attacks by Security Forces on the protesters in Electricity and 20th roundabouts and dozens of injuries.

Large number of youth arrive to support the protesters in Sana'a and powerful chants are heard. 

Clashes between First Armored Division and Security Forces right now in Sana'a

Soldiers from First Armored Division arrive to protect the entrance of the Old University in Sana'a

MasdarOnline: JMP condemns Central Security forces and armed militants attack on the peacefull youth revolution in Sana'a

MasdarOnline: JMP: The continuing crimes of the forces led by Saleh's relatives and his armed militias on the protesters and residents of Taiz and Arhab and the others, stresses again that is has become a moral and human imperative on the Arab brothers (Gulf) and friends in the world (international community) to take a firm and honest stand towards them and to proceed to take practical steps to manage to bring the ones that led these crimes to justice as perpertrators of crimes against humanity.

NasMobile: Martyrs in today's youth march in Sana'a rises to 4 and sources confirm dozens were taken to Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

MediaCenter: More than 50 injured youth when security forces attacked a march in Sana'a today.

Security Forces withdraw after clashes with First Armored Division in Sana'a. 

News that there are 50 abducted youth in Ministry of Youth and Sports in Sana'a after Security forces attacked the youth march in Kentucky roundabout. The youth in Change Square want to march towards the Ministry to free the kidnapped; Central Security are in state of alert

MasdarOnline: Field Hospital: 12 people injured by live ammunition and 60 by tear gas bombs when security forces and regime thugs attacked a march in Sana'a today. 

A photo of the thug that killed Hassan Ahmad Houri today in the march that took place in Sana'a

Outcome: Four dead, over 50 injured and over 50 abducted protesters in Sana'a today. 

Youth Resolution Coalition in an evening march after the attack by Security Forces and regime thugs this afternoon in Sana'a.

Counterterrorism forces equipped with its gear and fully trained by US and western countries are heading towards Arhab north of Sana'a

News of transfering Qairan to Security Director of Ibb and appointing Ali Al-Amri as Security Director of Taiz to calm the situation in Taiz. 

NasMobile: GCP leaders are recruiting youth to fight against their brothers in Arhab in return they pay them 50 thousands riyals and promise to employ them. 

Huge fire in Rawah Station in Hawban in Taiz now

Tribes declare controling Shaqra area in Abyan and they are in continuous progress towards Abyan's capital.

Journalists march in front of VP Hadi's house demanding to stop burning newspapers and blocking news websites
MasdarOnline: Dhamar: Republican Guards are holding oil tankers inside the headquarters of the company and tribal kidnappings between Ans and Yareem. 

The president in his article "Dialogue is the only solution," renewed his call for the opposition coalition to engage in conciliation dialogue in order to "stave off unrest and end political stalemate of the country." 

WFP provides $45 million food support to the affected groups by high commodity in Yemen

MasdarOnline: Evening march in Socotra Island demanding resolution, building a civil state and condemning attacks on Hodeidah Change Square.

Armed groups (Ansar Al-Shariah) in Zanjibar, Abyan warned tribesmen in the city who have declared war on them and warned them of the consequences of this war. A senior commander who asked to remain annonymous handed a statement that was issued by the armed groups which included threats against the tribesmen if they collaborated with anyone in starting war against them.

The statement said, Ansar Al-Shariah, as described by the statement, appeal to the honorable and wise not to get caught behind this criminal scheme which aims to push tribe members in wars that only they will pay for. The statement also added asking the tribesmen to be on the side of the loyal and honest to their religion and nation like Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, and not be in the side of the coward criminals. They said that the tribesmen are dear and loyal and better than being with the criminals. "Who ever wants to turn the joy into sorrow and weddings to funerals, they will collaborate with the regime and will only blame themselves." The statement added.

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