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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday July 22nd! *Graphic Photos*

Aden: Reports of a large fire that outbreak in Al-Jamhori Hospital in Khormaksar. 

Crater: Aden: clashes between central security forces and unknown

More than one million Yemeni attended the Friday prayers in the revolution squares in more than 17 Yemeni province. 

A funeral was held today in Taiz for three martyrs, one of them who passed away yesterday when Republican Guards attacked a peaceful march near Al-Thawra Hospital

Hodeida: Tens of thousands gathered in rejecting the collective punishment Friday demanding international community to condemn blockade on Yemeni people by the remnants of the regime.

Mass march in Change Square of Sana'a refuses collective punishment, demands departure of remnants of the regime and condemns Saleh's forces crimes against Taiz from killing innocent children and bombing houses. 

Ibb: Hundreds of thousands in the Gulf of Freedom square gathered in Rejecting Collective Punishment Friday condemning the Saudi-US Trusteeship 

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Dhamar

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Sa'ada

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Al-Baydah

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Rada'a

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Sana'a

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Hodeidah

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Hadramout

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Sayoon

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Al-Baydah

Rejecting Collective Punishment, Friday in Taiz

A message by one of the martyrs mothers in Taiz; her son was mourned this afternoon after Friday prayer. Enough she says, enough killing the innocent. Her son was only in the 7th grade of school. 

Violent clashes taking place in 40th Street between tribes supporting the revolution and Republican Guards forces in Taiz

Central Security camp is shelling towards 40th Street in Taiz and explosions are shaking the surrounding areas.

Suhail: A child dead and three injured in artillery shelling by Saleh's forces on Russian Kamb area in Taiz. 

Death of two citizens in Al-Thomah village in Nahm by Brigade 61 rockets from Al-Samaa guards last night.

Death of a female child (10 years old) and mother went into a coma along with three others injured when Central Security forces shelled their house with three shells in Al-Rosi Kamb area in Kalaba, Taiz moments ago

Graphic: Child Najwa Moqbil Qaid, 13 years old was killed in Kalabah area in Taiz when Central Security forces fired artillery shells on her house, killing her and injuring others. 

MasdarOnline: Asma Mohammed Ahmad Saeed, 25 years old was killed when a shell hit their house in Kalaba, Taiz. [Same house as Najwa]

Martyr Asmaa Mohammed Ahmad Saeed 25 years old [Rayan Abdulrahman Saeed Qassim's mother] is the owner of the house that martyr Najwa Moqbil Qaid lives in. She was the one that passed away and not Najwa's mother. Najwa's mother is still seriously injured along with two others.

Press sources | Yemen's Permanent Representative in the Arab League condemns the assassination attempt of Al-Yadomi from Al-Islah party.

MasdarOnline | Abyan tribes stopped five from Saada came to take their sons from the ranks of militants in Shukra. 

Yaman News Agency: Republican Guard brigades in Beit Dehra and Al-Samaa Mountain are now shelling by Katyusha, tanks and artillery, the village of Sheraa and Al-Aboua in Arheb

Oil port of Aden receives next week 400 thousand tons of crude oil from Marib as a first shipment to come from the port of Ras Issa 

Violent clashes in Al-Sama'a camp belonging to Republican Guards and Arhab tribesmen and missiles from Bait Dahra and Al-Fareeja camp on Al-Abwa and Al-Shera'a villages resulting in destruction of houses and properties. 

Violent clashes in the vicinity of Central Security camp in 50th Street in Taiz right now.

Aden AlGhad: Sources confirmed that a number of American and British warships continue to spread extensively on the coast and Gulf of Aden since Thursday.

Yaseen Saeed Noman: I met the Secretary-General of the United Nations envoy on Thursday and discussed the appropriate mechanism of the transfer of power in Yemen.
- Unites Stated of America is convinced of the change process in Yemen but we discovered that the international community doe not have an independenty policy in Yemen regarding what is seen by the Gulf countries.
- The revolution that started when the regime was at the highest of its power is able to continue under all circumstances, Saleh's appearance or return to the country does not pose any meaning.
- The assassination attempt of Al-Yadomi was committed by silencers weapon, it is a condemned and a crime that intends to complete the cycle of violence and plunge the country into total chaos. The forces that committed this crime is going through a situation of despair and only has this heinous act.

Army members join the peaceful revolution

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