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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 24th Updates + Aden Attack!

AP: Officials: Car bomb kills 8 army soldiers, wounds scores in Yemen's coastal city of Aden.

Confirmed: 7 killed inlcuding lieutenant colonel and 18 wounded in an ambushed car bomb in Aden in front of Air Defense camp.

Confirmed: Charred bodies, seriously injured and limbs cut off cases were rushed to Al-Berehi Hospital in Aden due to the car bomb.

Confirmed: explosion was caused by a car bomb attack killed the driver instantly and targeted carriers for soldiers and a tank

Aden: Al-Burihi Hospital: the remains of soldiers are torn which indicates the force of the blast, that led the bodies to be torn in this way

Arabiya Eng: Car bomb targeting military facility kills 7m wounds 18 in Aden, the main city in southern Yemen

Aden:Security forces and the army imposed a tight blockade on the site of the explosion and the surrounding areas searching for those who believed to have participated in the attack.

The attacker -suicide bomber- was driving a car and wearing an explosive belt where he targeted a gathering of soldier carries and a tank in front of Air Defense Camp in Aden.

Confirmed: Toyota Hilux loaded with large quantities of explosives was the car that attacked the military convoy in Aden today.

Number of casualties rised to 21 cases, most of which are very serious

Photo of the explosion that took place in Aden today in front of the Air Defense camp by an unknown suicide bomber was driving a Toyota Heliux loaded with explosives and wearing an explosive belt that targeted a number of soldier carries and a tank. Killing so far 8 including a major and lieutenant-colonel and seriously injuring 21 others.

Speeding Ambulances down the main street of Moala loaded with dead and injured towards BaSuhaib Military Hospital in Aden. 

Medical Source | Ambulances that passed by the main street of Moala was carrying some of the charred bodies and scattered limbs at the site of the explosion. 

Death toll of Aden car bomb rised to 10 and more than 21 injured. 

Photo of the tanker that was to transport the tank that was attacked by a car and a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt. 

MarebPress: Unknown fire live bullets on a locomotive loaded with gasoline on Ibb- Qataba road.

March in Taiz this morning supporting the Transitional Council and condemning the remnants of the regime attacks on the civilians of Taiz. 

Yemeni Security Source: Arresting four suspects in killing of a British expert in Aden

Four people injured two of which are seriously injured in a heavy gunfire exchange by tribesmen in Al-Hota, Lahj this afternoon.

Local source: Dozens wounded in the shelling of Beit Dahrah and news about the movement of machinery and armors around the villages adjacent to Brigade 63 Republican Guards

Aden : Six prisoners wounded in Mansoura with a gas bomb by the prison security while prisoners were protesting inside the prison. 

Mass march of youth in the streets of Hodeidah condemning punishment on the people of Yemen and demanding the departure of the rest of the regime.

Hadi : "Political parties in Yemen will form a roadmap this week to solve all the problems we have in Yemen." 

Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar: Any attack on Change or Freedom Squares will lead to a major problem and we won't stand handcuffed against any aggression on the peaceful protesters.

Sahwa Mobile : Martyr in the Alsha'abah village of Arhab, by the shelling of Brigade 63 stationed in Dahrah

AJA | Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar : we won't stand handcuffed against any aggression on the peaceful protesters.

Sana'a | Change Square : Fire broke out in the medical tent No. 2 opposite Marseille hotel. The fire was dealt and blown out. The cause of the fire is said to be short circuit

Taiz : Heavy explosion heard a few minutes ago, believed to be a shell fired by the tank stationed near the building of the political security.

A march is scheduled for tomorrow morning in Taiz to condemn burning Hood Organization and Allaw Foundation office in Sana'a. Gathering will be at 10:00am at Wadi Al-Qadi. 

Sporadic clashes with light, medium and heavy weapons along with two explosions in 60th Street north of Taiz.

Heavy clashes in 60th Street and sounds of powerful explosions shaking Taiz. 

Renewed indiscriminate aritllery shelling on villages and areas of Arhab by Republican Guards forces.


Transitional Council Supporting Statement

Statement no.53
Sunday, July 24, 2011
#Yemen - #CCYRC

المجلس التنسيقي لشباب ثورة التغيير: (تنّوع)
The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change

Due to our national duty and our determination to achieve all the goals of the popular youth revolution, and for the escalation to resolve the revolution including the formation of a "Transitional Council" as one of the demands by all of the revolutionary components in Change and Freedom Squares, we, in the Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change have worked on mechanisms and collected the necessary information to form the Transitional Council in cooperation and coordination with all the revolutionary components in the different Squares of Yemen in order to lift the country from the political vacuum.

In the midst of the ongoing efforts with the national components of declaring a transitional council, a draft of a Presidential Transitional Council was formed on July 16th 2011 by one of the active partners in the Square. Despite the reservation of a number of revolutionary components on the mechanisms of declaring it, we, in the CCYRC made the effort to communicate with the members of the proposed Transitional Council inside and outside of Yemen. We touched their complete willingness to take on this historical responsibility in this stage that requires the unity of the revolution, we declare on behalf of all the members of the CCYRC in the different Squares the following:

1. Our support to the Transitional Council and our trust in its declared members and the other personalities included, as a step forward in the correct revolutionary path.
2. Our call to all the youth revolutionary components in the different Squares to get around and support the Transitional Council.
3. Our full affirmation of the importance of opening the dialogue with all the components to find consensus and unanimity, and repair any shortcomings and bridge the gaps, as long as it entails a period of time that is in accordance with the rapid events and developments.
4. We call the members of the Transitional Council and the rest of the relevant institutions to hold a press conference to announce their willingness to take responsibility and to disclose their program for the next stage along with an accurate time-plan.

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