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Monday, 11 July 2011

July 10th- Saleh's Second Appearance + Hodeidah Attack

Saleh: The Gulf Initiative and the United Nations Statement represent the ground out of the current crisis. #yemen #yf

Arabia: White House: Obama's adviser called the Yemeni President to sign an agreement for a transitional period. #yemen #Yf
MarebPress: News that Saleh will give out money to all state employees on the occasion of his recovery in preparation for his return to Yemen. #yemen #yf
Saleh supporters are celebrating his second TV appearance by shooting live bullets in Sana'a, again. #yemen #yf
Two explosions in Sana'a and heavy continuous gunfire by Saleh's supporters on the occasioin of his second TV appearance. #yemen #yf
Suhail: In a statement, JMP is calling the people to escalate the peaceful revolution to overthrow the remnants of the regime. #yemen #yf 
MarebPress: One dead, three injured during altercation in fish market in Sheikh Othman, Aden, news of the death of one of the injured. #Yemen #yf 
MarebPress: Huge fire broke out in Badr camp in Khormaksar, Aden. #yemen #yf
Al-Saeeda Airways cancels its flights due to pilots going on strike; passengers are returning from the airport. #yemen #yf 
MasdarOnline: 18 Huthi's and 5 tribal members loyal to JMP were killed in renewed battles between both sides last Friday in Jawf. #yemen #yf 
MarebPress: Farhan Badraldeen Al-Huthi, the younger brother of Abdulmalik Al-Huthi got killed by tribesmen in Jawf. #yemen #yf
Suhail: Local Source: Burning and demolition of a mosque and 9 houses when Brigade 62 Republican Guards tanks penetrated Shoob area in Arhab. #yemen #yf 
Hassan Zaid: Secretary General of Al-Haq Party: The only time that the opposition was pressured "was when they signed the Gulf Initiative in its second format, we were asked to agree and sign it, if not, then the green light will be given to the regime to empty the squares by force and will be protected as it happened in Bahrain." #yemen #yf
Hassan Zaid: Director of US National Democratic Institute, Leslie Campbell said "The international community will not allow the success of the Yemeni Revolution that may lead to Abdulmajeed Al-Zandani to be in power." #yemen #yf
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: US investigators to unravel the mysteries of the Presidential Palace Mosque incident in Yemen: The material used in the mosque incident is a skin burning chemical that does not affect the hair nor clothing. #yemen #yf 
Power outage in most of Sana'a areas and some other cities because Birgade 63 Republican Guards bombed the high-voltage lines in Naqeel Ghailan on Mareb-Sana'a road. #Yemen #yf
Human Rights confirm the death of Murad Al-Awbali's son, Republican Guards leader in Taiz after he was shot by tribal members in 60th Street in Sana'a and was seriously injured a few days ago. It also confirms that Murad Al-Awbali himself got injured as well but still alive. #yemen #yf 
Right now from Change Square platform in Sana'a, members of Rescue Camp are joining the youth peaceful revolution. #yemen #yf
More than 100 officers and soldiers from Rescue police joined the peaceful youth revolution from Change Square in Sana'a platform. #yemen #yf
Battalions of Republican Guards joined Brigade 310 that is pro-revolution in Amran. #yemen #yf
March this morning in Taiz after a night full of shelling by Republican Guards forces. #yemen #yf

Mass march is starting from Change Square of Sana'a towards 16th Street rejecting the remnants of Saleh's regime, rejecting foreign guardianship and condemning Republican Guards crimes against unarmed civilians. #Yemen #Yf 

MasdarOnline: Gunmen in Agriculture Street are firing bullets on a march that started from Change Square of Sana'a rejecting foreign guardianship on the revolution. #yemen #yf 
Two people got injured in Sana'a when thugs attacked a march that rejects Saudi and US interference in Yemen affairs. #yemen #yf 

 Protesting in front of Ministry of Industry and Trade in Aden today #yemen #yf

MarebPress: Youth march demanding to overthrow the remnants of Saleh's regime is being attacked by ruling party thugs in Hodeidah now. #yemen #yf 

‎20 protesters were stabbed in Hodeidah during their peaceful march by unknown gunmen from Al-Sham district that used knives and daggers; one of the protesters recieved 8 stabs. #yemen #yf
Heavy gunfire is heard in Hodeidah and continous arrival of injured protesters to the field hospital. #yemen #yf
Some of the injured in Hodeidah field hospital who were attacked by regime thugs #yemen #yf
More than 150 protesters were subjected to tear gas by Saleh's forces when they attacked a march in Hodeidah that was rejecting US and Saudi interference. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Gunmen and security forces are trying to break into Al-Sha'ab Square in Hodeidah, they are firing sound and gas bombs on the protesters. #yemen #yf
Military units, Central Security, Anti-Riots, armored vehicles, water cannons are all heading towards Change Square (Al-Shaab) in Hodeidah. #yemen #yf
One of the protesters in Hodeidah directly wounded by a gas bomb canister.
 Witness: One of the protesters shot directly in the head by Central Security forces in Hodeidah; very critical condition. #yemen #yf
Another protester in Hodeidah shot in the abdomen and transfered to Al-Aqsa Hospital, news of his death due to his injury. #yemen #yf
Footage of field hospital in Hodeidah full of injured protesters #yemen #yf
Suhail: Security forces and thugs are attempting to break into Change Square of Hodeidah; more than 200 injured and reports of a martyr. #yemen #yf
Field Hospital in Change Square of Hodeidah appeals medical crews to immediately go to the hospital to save lives. #yemen #yf
Al-SahwaMobile: 300 injured, dozens of them injured by live bullets by Saleh's forces attack against the peaceful protesters in Hodeidah, reports of a martyr and attempt to break into the sit-in. #yemen #yf
Akram Al-Absi shot in the abdomen and is in critical condition. Abdulrahman Ahmad Mojoab shot in his ear, 7 others stabbed and more than 80 cases of gas suffocation when Security Forces attempted to break into Change Square of Hodeidah. Akram just came out of surgery and is in the intensive care unit #yemen #yf

Very heavy bombardment by Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain on villages and areas of Arhab and Bani Hareth 
Very heavy bombardment on Bani Jarmoz, Labwa village, Samna village in Arhab and tribes are bombing Al-Sama'a Moutain and Bait Hadra 
Evening march in Taiz in solidarity with Hodeidah protesters that were attacked today by Security Forces and Saleh's thugs. 

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