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Friday, 29 July 2011

Patience and Persistence Friday- July 29th

"Yemen is facing many challenges and difficulties but we hope its not really collapsing, the length of the presidency period caused the president to make a lot of mistakes, but he is not the only person who is responsible for these mistakes, opposition shares responsibility." Al-Qerbi said.

He denied in an interview with BBC, that his talks in London has addressed to discuss the so-called "safe exit" to the President. He called the opposition to work with the government to bring about the desired change.

Al-Qerbi said that it was not the President who had asked for the guarantees that were mentioned in the Gulf initiative, pointing out that they were made by the GCC itself, and it included all those who worked for President Saleh.

He also indicated that President Saleh had no objection of the place where the initiative should be signed, the only problem was when he called the opposition to sign the initiative in the Presidential Palace and they refused as if they did not recognize him as a President, so it was a problem of trust from the two parties.

"We require early Presidential elections in Yemen with high transparency for the peaceful transition of power to take place. We all want change, but, in a way that maintains security and unity for Yemen." Al-Qerbi added.


100 construction companies threatened with bankruptcy and a half million workers became unemployed.

Ibb : With rain falling , a mass mass is gathering for the Friday of Patience and Persistence, and a heavy presence of militants to protect the revolution.

Hodeidah:tens of thousands participate in the Friday of Patience and Persistence, demanding the trial of war criminals of Saleh's regime and the revolutionary escalation until the demands of the people achieved

More than 100 thousand demonstrating today in Dhamar saluting the strength of the citizens in Taiz,Arheb ,Nahm and condemning the crimes of the Republican Guard against their brothers in those areas 

Hundreds of thousands attended the prayer of Patience and Persistence Friday in 60th St Sanaa, condemning Saleh's Family crimes in Arheb and Taiz.

MarebPress: Temporary truce between Republican Guards forces and tribesmen in Arhab in order to collect the dead bodies from both sides.

MarebPress: Yemeni air force bombed some checkpoints for tribal communities that were headed towards Zanjibar, Abyan this afternoon

MarebPress: Warplanes bombed a checkpoint in Hassan valley and another east of Zanjibar, reports of dead and injured.

MarebPress: Military Source: The bombed checkpoints in Abyan had clashes before; tribes did not coordinate with the army on the their headquarters. 

The tribal checkpoints that were bombed by warplanes are about 2km away from Zanjibar, Abyan

MarebPress: Brigade 61 Republican Guards located in Al-Sama'a Mount, north of Sana'a is Katyusha shelling Nahm and Bani Harith tribes.

MarebPress: Republican Guards in Saraf area are missile shelling areas and villages of Nahm and Arhab

(Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed his readiness to transfer power anytime, but via early election, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has said.

Arrived to the oil refinery in Aden today the first shipment, 80 thousdand mertic ton, of crude oil coming from Ras Issa port in Hodeidah since the reform of the oil pipeline in Mareb. Data indicated that the shipments of oil pumped to Ras Issa port are about 300 thousand metric tons since the reforming of the oil pipeline in Mareb that will arrive to the oil port through oil tankers.

(Saba) - UN Secretary General's Envoy Jamal Ben Omar said Friday that the solution for the Yemeni political crisis was still possible.

Renewed powerful explosions in are heard from Arhab, north of Sana'a.

MarebPress: Arhab tribe is threatening to hit Sana'a International Airport by all means of warfare available to them in response to the aircraft attack on them. 

MarebPress: Arhab tribe is threatening all international airline companies that arrived to Sana'a International Airport and all the passengers from dealing with Sana'a International Airport, starting Sunday.

MarebPress: Arhab tribe condemns the brutal killing and terrible representation of the dead bodies assuring that what happened is well over all religions and international laws.

MarebPress: Arhab tribe is demanding the Attorney General to immediately arrest Republican Guard commander, Ahmad Ali Saleh as a war criminal that should be prosecuted.

MasdarOnline: 6 soldiers were killed and 18 injured during confrontation in Dofes Valley in Abyan. Tribes aiding the army say that Yemen air force shelled their headquarters and that three tribesmen were killed. Tribes also claim that forces loyal to the regime are hindering their advancement towards clearing Zinjbar of the supposed "Al-Qaida fighters".

MasdarOnline: Death of Brigade 31 commander and Battalion Brigade 201 commander along with wounding 18 others in clashes with Al-Qaeda militants in Dofes Valley in Abyan

MasdarOnline: Death toll of the Yemeni air raids victims on the tribal communities that are supporting the military in fighting against Al-Qaeda in Abyan rises to 9 and a number of wounded. 

Remnants of Republican Guards forces in Arhab killed the tribal prisoners who were arrested yesterday after the heavy clashes on them.

Starting from Sunday, July 31st, youth in Aden are calling for mass civil disobedience.

Brigade 39 Commander, Colonel Mohammed Al-Salahi was killed along with five soldiers in an attack carried out by gunmen at 7:30pm today in Dofes, Abyan. Bodies were transfered to Basoheib Military Hospital in Tawahi, Aden.

Primary outcome of the clashes today in Abyan rise to more than 14 killed and 40 injured from tribesmen.

Gunmen in Abyan are besieging tribal groups and preventing the exit of the dead and wounded from the tribesmen.

Local Sources: Yemeni aricrafts are used as camouflage while US drones are bombing the gunmen in Abyan.

Arhab tribes are being subjected to the heaviest artillery and missile attack from a number of Republican Guards Brigades.

MarebPress: Al-Jamemah, Bait Dahra, Khashm Al-Bukra, Al-Darafi camps are all shelling the eastern and southern regions of Al-Sama'a Mount in Arhab to prevent the tribesmen from making more progress towards the remnants Brigades in Al-Sama'a Mount.

An attack on Al-Jund checkpoint by tribal militants in Taiz and reports of dead and injured in the ranks of Republican Guards forces. 

Heavy shelling with heavy weapons on Al-Rawda and Kalabah districts by Republican Guards stationed near Al-Tharwa Hospital in Taiz. 

Heavy gunfire by light and medium weapon in Zaid Al-Mosheki district in Taiz. 

Powerful explosion shaking Taiz right now, believed to be random shelling by Republican Guards on residential areas.

Heavy clashes between tribal militants and Republican Guards in Taiz in Zaid Al-Mosheki, Masbah, Al Thawra Hospital, and areas near Freedom Square, sounds of explosions are still shaking the city.

MarebPress: Republican Guards forces renew shelling Freedom Square and Al-Rawda district in Taiz.

Arabiya: A number of injured in Freedom Square of Taiz. 

Activist Majed Abdulqawee Abdullah was injured in Freedom Square of Taiz when Republican Guards forces shelled the area moments ago.

The following is the text of the Statement made by Arhab tribes yesterday regarding the ongoing shelling by Republican Guard forces:

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Statement issued by Arhab people regarding the killing of the prisoners that were declared on Yemen state TV, the aggressor has gone into more aggression exceeding the border in vengeance. The agressions reached its maxiumum when the traitors from the remnants of Republican Guards forces in the Brigades stationed in Arhab killed prisoners in a brutal way, this is what never happened in history of warfare before and is not approved by prescribed nor religion nor any law; therefore, we the poeple of Arhab:

1. We condemn and deplore what has happened to our martyrs from horrific killings and representation of their pure bodies as a result of this criminal act that have exceeded all the heavenly religions, international lawss and tribal customs; stressing at the same time our legal right to prosecute the perpetrators of this horrific crime, we will be on a lookout for them until they get a penalty for their actions, sooner or later, God willing.

2. We hold Acting President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi completely responsibile for this heinous crime.

3. We demand the Attoreny General to arrest Commander of Republican Guards forces Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh considering him a war criminal that should be prosecuted as well as Brigade leaders:
- Major General Nasser Al-Matari, Commander of Third Infantry Mountain
- Mohammed Hussien Al-Bukhaiti, Commander of 62nd Republican Guard Brigade
- Mohammed Al-Radi, Commander of 83rd Artillery Republican Guard Brigade
- Ali Hamoud Al-Mosheki,, Commander of 63rd Republican Guard Brigade
- Ali Al-Roni, Commander of Air Defense Republican Guard Brigade

4. Send our condolenses to the people and families of the pure martyrs who wrote the finest victories with their pure blood riching the beloved Yemen, we also congratulate them for being chosen by God as martyrs.

5. We call on all the jealous citizens from around the beloved country to stand united against these murderes and criminals from Ali Saleh's traitors in order for the people's revolution to be crowned with success and victory in the near future, God willing.

6. In the same context, we want the remnants of the collapsing regime from going too far in its attacks against Arhab tribe. It has become time to fight back, twice as much, and not stand by idly. We will protect ourselves, our sons, our homes and our properties with all our strength. We will be loyal to our martyrs and prisoners until the end, Allah said in the holy Quran book "Allah does not like the public mention of evil except by one who has been wronged. And ever is Allah Hearing and Knowing."

Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs
Issued by Arhab tribe
Dated on July 29th 2011


‎"Together, to a beautiful Yemen" a project that was lauched by youth in Taiz to plant trees in Freedom Square of Taiz for a full week.

Republican Guard forces join the peaceful revolution in Kursh, Lahj today

Friday of Patience and Persistence preacher in Sanaa Abdul Salam Alkhderi: we are waiting in Ramadan the joining of the rest of our brothers in the Republican Guard and the Central Security to the peaceful people's revolution.

Soldiers joining the peaceful revolution in Dhamar city

Patience and Persistence Friday in Rada'a

Patience and Persistence Friday in Ibb

Patience and Persistence Friday in Taiz

Patience and Persistence Friday in Sana'a

Patience and Persistence Friday in Al-Baydah

Patience and Persistence Friday in Sa'ada

Patience and Persistence Friday in Hodeidah

Patience and Persistence Friday in Sayoon

Patience and Persistence Friday in Mukalah

Patience and Persistence Friday in Tarim

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