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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 15th, Friday for a Civil State

Civilian Mustafa Mohammed Al-Anisi seriously injured after a tank shell hit his house in Ammar district near Al-Saeed Hospital in Taiz by Republican Gaurds forces stationed near to Al-Thawra Hospital

A mass march in Dhamar demanding the establishment of a modern civil state and the departure of the remnants of the regime.

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis gather in Freedom and Change Squares (60th St) to participate in "Friday, For a Civil State" demanding quick resolution and calling to build a modern civil state.

Republican Guards are caught on video in Taiz looting Center for Developments and Islah Charity while shooting gunfire. They were caught carrying a number of things belonging to orphans

AJA: Tribal militants liberate Al-Wadea directorate in Abyan from what is called "Al-Qaeda".

Revolutionaries in 60th Street in Sana'a are now performing funeral prayer for martyrs Ali Muhsen and Ali Najee from Al-Haima.

Sanaa | Citizens cut Hael St. downtown Sanaa protesting power outage for two days 

Tareq Al-Shami: President Saleh will stay in Saudi for the time being

MasdarOnline: Leader in Opposition Yahya Abu Osba'a: Hadi is "only a hanger" and the international community was against the revolution since the beginning. The Gulf imitative is a mirage

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar strongly condemns the remnants of the collapsing regime crimes against Arhab, Nahm and Taiz. He confirms that Taiz was and will remain the beating heart of the revolution.

Friday, For a Civil State in Ibb.

Friday, For a Civil State in Qataba, Dhala.

Friday, For a Civil State in Al-Baydah.

Friday, For a Civil State in Dhamar.
Friday, For a Civil State in Rada'a.

Friday, For a Civil State in Sana'a.

Everyone in 60th Street in Sana'a today donated their umbrella's to Abyan displaced families. The number of umbrella's reached thousands. 

Friday, For a Civil State in Aden.

Friday, For a Civil State in Taiz.

Friday, For a Civil State in  Sa'ada.

Friday, For a Civil State in Hodeidah.

Female march went out in the afternoon today in Hodeidah rejecting foreign intervention, demanding formation of a transitional council and revolution resolution

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