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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 14th Updates!

European Parliament: We will not stand still in front of the situation in Yemen; transfer of power should be done urgently.

One dead and three injured after Brigade 63 Republican Guards stationed in Bait Hadra bombed villages and areas of Arhab

Ahmad Al-Qama'a, leader in the Southern Movement was killed in Mansoura, Aden after killing civilian Basil Badrak after a dispute broke out among them on the amount of diesel. Ahmad was killed by Badrak's brother. Badrak and Al-Qama'a both come from Modeya, Abyan.

Arabia: Sources confirm death of three suspects link to Al-Qaeda in an air raid in Abyan. 

AdenAlGhad: 6 armed people, including commander of armed groups named Mohammed Al-Khodr Sufian, were killed in Wadea' area in Abyan in an air raid at dawn.

Mass march in Taiz today condemning random shelling on civilian houses in Al-Rawda district, Arhab and Nahm and rejecting Saudi and US intervention in Yemen affairs.

MasdarOnline: Tribal meeting held by senior sheikhs in Abyan today to discuss how to fight insurgents militants in the city.

Heavy random shelling on Al-Athari village in Arhab by Republican Guards stationed in Al-Sama'a Mountain.

SahwaNet: Vice President directs Mahdi Maqwala commander of the southern region to quickly unsiege 25 Mika within 12 hours or else he will be fired from his position.

MarebPress: Huthi's spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam, denied the existence of any conflict or amred clashes between Huthi's and JMP/Islah members in Al-Jawf. He added that the confrontations in Jawf for the past week are between Huthis and the remnants of Saleh's regime that is backed by Saudi Arabia.

Mass march in Al-Baydah rejecting foreign intervention in Yemen affairs
Candlelight Vigil is scheduled tonight in Taiz after Maghrib prayer from Freedom Square towards Al-Awadi St and back to Freedom Square.

Suhail: Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh granted GCP leaders in Mareb ten million dollars to cut oil and electricity. 

MarebPress: Journalist Abduellah Haidar has been arrested for more than a year in the Political Security Prison. His health situation has been deteriorating. Journalist union is demanding to allow its members and Haidar's family to visit him to check on his health status

MarebPress: Abdo Al-Janadi: President Saleh praised Tawakol Karman's courage. I will elect her to be Yemen's President if she gave up on Islah.

MarebPress: Interior Ministry warns Haddah and Hasaba residents in Sana'a from receiving papers to evacuate their homes in anticipation of renewed confrontations saying that they come from an unknown source to disturb public tranquility and frighten citizens. They asked that no one believes those rumors and they will pursure the promoters behind them

Private Sources: Presidential Plane departed from Sana'a airport yesterday and strict security arrangements for receiving an important figure

Yemen State TV: Calling Saleh's supporters to participate in Friday "Loyalty to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques" in 70th Square, Sana'a.

Katyusha rockets and ground missiles along with tank shelling from Al-Sama'a and Bait Hadra camps on Bait Al-Athri and Shob village in Arhab.

A group of Saleh's supporters are celebrating and shooting heavily in Al-Kutb area in Taiz under protection of Republican Guard forces.

Central Security forces consisting of 30 soldiers controled Crater Youth sit-in and continuous gunfire was heard half an hour ago in Aden.

One dead and two wounded in Ibb today in a dispute inside a gas station in Haibar in Thee Safal directorate.

Officers and members of security and CID say that they have recieved orders from security leaders and leaders in ruling parties that threaten them to stop their salaries if they do not show up tomorrow to perform Friday prayer in Martyrs Square in Taiz

Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Shawafi is exercising pressue on gas station owners to sell Taiz shares of oil derivatives so that he can later sell it in the black market, which causes a severe crisis in Taiz

Suhail: Rabee Jahan was killed and two other youths were abducted tonight in Arhab by Republican Guards forces.

Heavy shelling is still continuous until now in Arhab, north of Sana'a

Old widowed women is telling how her house was shelled in Hashma, Taiz by Republican Guards.
Suhail: Russia offers thousand tons of wheat as a food ai to Yemen that will reach Hodeidah port next Sunday

Dhamar JMP condemns the lack of security that is going in in the city and sieging citizens by the feul crisis 

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar: The 16 Al-Qaeda members -as they say- who escaped from Hadramout prison are now living in Al-Hay Al-Seyasi (Political Neighborhood) in Sana'a in hospitality premises belonging to Presidential Palace.

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