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Monday, 11 July 2011

Al-Rawda Bombing for 4 days- Taiz, July 9th

The Youth Resolution of the Revolution announce hosting a press conference to start to implement the plan of resolving the peaceful revolution on Saturday, July 9th 2011, in the political forum near Iryani Center, martyrs roundabout at 10:30 am in Sana'a. #yemen #yf
March in the morning in Taiz
Aftermath of July 8th shelling in Taiz
Mas march in Aden calling to stop the US and Yemeni bombardement on Abyan. #yemen #Yf
Random heavy shelling from Presidential Palace in Taiz towards Al-Rawda district. #yemen #yf 
Three mortar shells fell on Al-Rawda district for the fourth day in a row in Taiz. 
MarebPress: Very heavy shelling on Al-Rawda District by Republican Guards, flames are rising from houses and one of the shells hits a mosque, reports of Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhalafi's house being under shelling. #yemen #yf
Taiz: Al-Taqwa mosque got damaged and a large number of houses as a result of the artillery shelling on Al-Rawda district until now, bombardment is extending to Oseyfera now. #yemen #yf 
Difficulty of transfering injured in Al-Rawda district in Taiz due to the heavy shelling. #yemen #Yf 
One of the artillery shells fell on Ahmad Talal Najee's house, the third floor in Al-Rawda district. The shell penetrated 4 walls wounding an old female named Lool Sharaf and Kamal Al-Mekhalfi, a 28 years old man. They have been transfered to Al-Rawdah Hospital in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Heavy sporadic gunfire in Jamal St. in front of Al-Hekma college in Taiz now. #yemen #yf
Power outage in Al-Rawda district in Taiz, residents are in fear of not being able to leave their houses. #yemen #yf
Continuous very heavy shelling of houses in Taiz especially in Al-Rawda district where Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhlafi lives. #yemen #Yf
Artillery shell fell on Fawzi Al-Odiani's house right now in Al-Rawda district in Taiz, no reports of injuries yet. #yemen #yf
Artillery shell that fell on Fawzi Al-Odaini's house in Al-Rawdah district in Taiz reuslted in two injuries, one nammed Waddah and the other one is unknonw. #yemen #yf
Very heavy clashes in 60th Street, Sharab junction in Taiz between Saleh's forces and tribal gunmen now. #yemen #yf
Reports indicate that one of the shells fell near Abdulsalam Kurman's house -Tawakul Karman's father- in Taiz and some damage was caused. #yemen #yf 
More than ten artillery shells fell in Al-Rawda district until now in Taiz; many families -women and children- are leaving their houses amid panic and fear controlling them. #yemen #yf
TaizCity: One dead and two injured until the moment due to the heavy indiscriminate shelling on Al-Rawda district in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Artillery shells fell on Al-Resalah Mosque, Al-Taqwa Mosque, Abdulsalam Karman's house, Mohammed Hussien's house, Al-Wazai's house, Fawzi Al-Odaini's house and a house near Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhlafi's house by the indiscriminate heavy shelling on Al-Rawda district by Republican Guards forces in Taiz. #yemen #yf
YamanNewsAgency: Two dead and two injured in critical condition due to Republican Guards random bombardment on Al-Rawda district in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Military expert: The missiles fired towards Al-Rawda district are not artillery or mortar shells, they are Katyusha rockets believed to be fired from Al-Jund camp. #yemen #yf
Two dead and five injured including a woman in the heavy random shelling of Al-Rawda district in Taiz right now. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Two dead and 10 injured by Republican Guards bombardment on Al-Rawda district in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Arabia: Two dead and 10 injured in the indiscriminate shelling by Republican Guards on Al-Rawda district in Taiz. #yemen #Yf
Powerful explosions shaking Al-Rawda district in Taiz; the heaviest bombardment in Taiz is taking place now #yemen #yf
Taiz is witnessing the heaviest artillery and mortar shelling by Republican Guards on Al-Rawda district now. #yemen #yf
Names of the two martyrs who fell today in Al-Rawda District in Taiz are Emad Nasser Marsh and Qaed Al-Yosefi. #yemen #yf
Clashes taking place near Central Security camp in Taiz now. #yemen #yf
Names of some of the injured in Taiz today:
- Waddah Abdulaziz
- Waddah Al-Mikhlafi
- Fawzi Al-Ademi
- Lool Sharaf
- Kamal Al-Mikhalafi

Military armored vehicles and tanks are seen in Kalabah district in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Clashes near CID in Moror Street and heavy gunfire is heard near the building in Taiz now. #yemen #yf
Graphic video documenting dead and injured in Taiz today when Republican Guards randomly shelled civilians houses in Al-Rawda district. #yemen #yf
Very heavy clashes in 60th Street and Sharab junction in Taiz now; random shelling on different areas of Taiz using heavy weapons and complete power outage in the city except for Masbah district. #yemen #yf 
Very heavy clashes near Freedom Square and Al-Thawra Hospital using light and medium weapons in Taiz now. #Yemen #yf
Power is back in Taiz after VERY heavy bombardment by Republican Guards on different districts on the city. #yemen #yf
News that tanks are moving towards Al-Rawda Hospital amid heavy shelling on the Hospital and neighboring areas in Taiz. #yemen #yf
AJA: Ali Saleh's forces are artillery shelling Freedom Square of Taiz. #yemen #yf
Heavy gunfire is heard from near Zaid Al-Moshki School in Taiz. #yemen #Yf
Gunfire using medium weapons in Taiz right now and clashes are still in the vicinity of Freedom Square and Al-Thawrah Hospital. #yemen #yf
Clashes are renewed in Freedom Square, Al-Thawra Hospital and Kalabah areas in Taiz using light and medium weapons after 15 calm minutes; news that there is an attempt to break into Freedom Square by Republican Guards forces. #yemen #yf 
Central Security Camp, Republican Guard Camp, Al-Jund Camp, Muath Ibn Jabal Camp, artillery, missiles and live bullets from Al-Shamasi, Salah, Presidential Palace, Al-Thawra Hospital and Al-Sahee Institute, all of the mention above are bombing Taiz and its residential districts especially Al-Rawda, Kalabah, 40th Street, Freedom Square and whats around it. Taiz is calling on military to stop implementing the orders of the rest of Saleh's family to bomb and kill its citizens. #yemen #yf
Sporadic gunfire is still heard in Taiz in different areas. #yemen #yf
Due to the power outage in Taiz during the bombardment half an hour ago, no one knows the losses it caused. #yemen #yf
At 3:00 am, relative calmness around Freedom Square of Taiz after heavy shelling by Republican Guards an hour ago. #yemen #yf
From the all night shelling on Al-Rawda district, a shell so strong penetrates the ground. The shelling was targeting a residential area by Republican Guards forces in Taiz. #yemen #yf
After all night shelling of Al-Rawda district, Taiz, video shows damage of the shelling.
Footage of Al-Taqwa Mosque that was shelled

As a rejection to what has been committed to the people of Taiz for the past four days, a march is happening right now in Change Square of Sana'a to condemn those attacks and bombing. #yemen #yf
A third martyr is recorded in Taiz on July 10th by Republican Guards bullets after the heavy bombardment on civilians houses all night long. The total number of casualties is 3 martyrs and 7 injured, all of them are citizens. #yemen #yf
Candlelight vigil in Taiz tonight in memory of 40 days since Freedom Square Holocaust. #yemen #yf
MarebPress: Security Source: Five wounded prisoners in an aborted rebellion in Mansoura Central Prison in Aden. #yemen #yf
Aden | special | insurgency in the central prison of Al-Mansoura and reports of injuries. *2 #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Aden: Sabotage acts and gunfire is heard in Mansoura prison and reports on the injury of 6 prisoners. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Soldier wounded when gunmen attacked a military patrol in Al-Mojasim roundabout in Aden. #Yemen #yf
Army checkpoint in Al-Heswa is under attack by unknown gunmen in Aden. #yemen #yf 
Abyan | Zanjibar | Military aircrafts shelling Haji Ali mosque and Sadi's house in Bajedar area.  #yemen #yf
Abyan | Zanjibar | al-Qaeda suffered heavy losses as the number of dead is at least 25 people for the past two days and al-Qaeda members withdraw to Jaar.  #yemen #yf
Abyan | Mudiyah | Tension between Almaisary tribes and al-Qaeda now and six wounded of al-Qaeda members. *2 #yemen #yf
One dead and 7 injured in clashes between Modeya tribes and Al-Qaeda militants in Abyan now. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Yemen Airways pilots have not received their salaries for two months; Pilots union is threatening of going on a strike. #yemen #yf

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