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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 17th- The Day of Rage + Hodeidah attack!

The Day of Rage in Taiz

Ahmad Al-Sufi, Secretary of Media Affairs of President Ali Saleh, said in a call with Al-Jazeera that President Saleh is in Yemen and that the opposition should go to the Presidential Palace to sign the Gulf Initiative in order to transfer power. 

AJE | Yemeni forces backed by armed tribespeople launched an offensive to try to retake the southern provincial capital of Zinjibar on Sunday, after months of fierce fighting with Islamist militants who seized two cities and an army base in the area.
"The head of the defence ministry sent reinforcements including tanks, rocket launchers, and 500 extra soldiers," a local official said. "These forces began attacking (the city) backed by heavy tank shelling and rocket attacks from naval ships in order to liberate the 25th brigade just outside Zinjibar and under siege for over a month." 

Field Hospital of Change Square doctors in Sana'a protested demanding the release of their colleague Dr. Adel Jameel who have been abducted for over a month. 

Reuters reports that crude oil flows resumed on Saturday through Yemen's main oil pipeline after the link which had been shut since an attack by tribespeople in March was fixed on Friday, shipping sources said. "They started pumping crude yesterday evening," one Yemen-based shipping source said on Sunday. "It looks like the repairs have been going on for some time. The pipeline has just started pumping. We need a sufficient level of crude accumulating in the tanks before shipping it elsewhere," he said. The Aden refinery, which has a capacity of 150,000 bpd, resumed production after Saudi crude was delivered in mid-June.

MarebPress: Following the release of 6 of the police in Mukallah accused of supporting the revolution, 4 leaders of the Second Infantry Brigade naval military and police salaries were stopped in Shabwa and called to Sana'a.

Yemeni community in Egypt announces its support for the Transitional Council and submits a request to the Egyptian government to recognize it as a legitimate representative of the Yemeni people.

Brigade 62 Republican Guards in Arhab deliberately and randomly bombing pedestrains in the villages and farms and shells villages and properties by missiles and shells. 

Chants in Change Square rejecting Parties control over the independent youth, demanding unity and escalation

Saleh's supporters are celebrating his 33 year of power anniversary by firing live bullets and fireworks in the skies of Sana'a

Female march in Dhamar
British ambassador in Yemen says: Britain supports the transfer of power urgently to Vice President and Saleh and his family rejection will have negative consequences on Yemen.

MasdarOnline :injury of dozens of protesters when security forces fired tear gas bombs on them in Hodeidah.

Member of the Transitional Council | Horria Mashhour| Haider Abu Bakr al-Attas and Ali Nasser Mohammed were surprised with this decision, but they did not withdraw from the Council. 

Taiz: Citizen Mohammed Salim Abduallah died a while ago after being injured in Al-Masbeh shelling on Friday

Riot police reinforcements are crossing Jamal Street and heading towards the sit-in in Hodeidah

In an attempt to break into Change Square of Hodeidah, security reinforecements arrive along with water cannons. Gunfire is heard towards Hodeidah Square. 

Contaminated water sprayed at youth and houses in Hodeidah in an attempt to break into Change Square.
MarebPress: More than 50 injured by live bullets and tear gas when security forces attacked a peaceful protest in Hodeidah. 

After it was agreed yesterday that the march will be in Sana'a Street, a leader in Islah Party, Sharaf Al-Kahlani made an individual decision to change the agreement to Al-Meena Street. The independent youth and the partisan youth were confused as well as some of the Organizing Committee rejected this decision. The youth went out in Sana'a Street and Sharaf Al-Kahlani along with 17 others stayed at the Square and did not proceed with their march. The 17 members then joined the other youth in Sana'a Street after Sharaf Al-Kahlani disappeared. This is not the first time that he have tried to split the youth, he withdrew some of the demonstrations when they were protesting in front of Ministry of Oil in Hodeidah which reduced their numbers and made it easy for security forces and regime thugs to attack them and injure them. 

Heavy gunfire by Central Security on Change Square of Hodeidah now.

80 protesters wounded with continuous attacks by security forces in Sana'a Street near Change Square of Hodeidah. 

Contaminated water and gunfire in Hodeidah against the protesters. #yemen #yf

One of the injured by tear gas in Hodeidah by Security Forces

Report from the Field Hospital in Hodeidah:
- 61 cases of tear gas suffocation
- 49 cases of assualts by batons, stones, fireworks
- At least 4 cases by live bullets taken directly to the hospital. 

Four protesters in Hodeidah were abducted when regime thugs attacked them; their fate is unknown. 

Almost an entire power outage in Taiz accompanied with the sounds of massive explosions nows.

Internet services stopped in the majority of Taiz districts; very difficult to communicate with the sounds of explosions still heard. 

Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain heavily shelling Arhab villages by heavy weapons and missiles; unknown if there are any losses

Exchange of gunfire in 60th Street in Taiz between Republican Guards and tribal militants amid total darkness for nearly an hour.

Change Square in Sana'a in an evening mass march demanding escalation. 

Evening march in Taiz demanding escalation.

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