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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 12th- Taiz Under Attack + Updates!

MarebPress: JMP Spokesman is calling the GCP that signed the Gulf Initiative to declare joining the revolution as long as the president and his entourage refuse transfering power. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline | Sanaa | Mass march going from change square in Sanaa and headed to protest outside the residence of VP AbduRabo Mansour Hadi in sixty St. to condemn the official media and official channels and to protest against stopping the salaries of journalists who have joined the revolution.

March in Dhamar

Anti-Saleh are taking off his pictures from around the city in Taiz
Abyan | Brigade 25 Mika stationed in Zanjibar is shelling Je'ar

MasdarOnline | Abyan | tribesmen liberate Directorate of Mudiyah from Al-Qaeda militants and the military is making progress in Zanjibar

Youth singing the national anthem in front of the Ministry of Oil Sanaa July 12 

Security forces and Republican Guards blocked the march of youth that came out without waiting for permission from the Organizing Committee. The march headed to Zubairy Street and protested outside the Ministry of oil and then returned to Kentucky round where they were blocked by the security forces. 

MarebPress | U.S. President Assistant, John Brennan, Tuesday afternoon, met with the leaders of the JMP within the framework of his meetings with a number of Yemeni officials during his current visit to Yemen to discuss the transfer of power.
Well-informed sources confirmed that Brennan discussed a proposal of a new mesh between the GCC initiative and the Security Council statement on the basis that Saleh remains as an honorary president of Yemen until the end of 
his term, with the transfer of powers to Vice President.

AJE : A Yemeni sheikh whose tribe attacked an oil pipeline in the eastern province of Marib, contributing to a major fuel shortage, said on Tuesday he will permit the pipeline to be repaired. "We will permit the oil company to come to the area and repair the pipeline to lessen the oil crisis," Sheikh Ali Jaber al-Shabwani told AFP, adding, however, that he was not responsible for the safety of the repair teams.
Sheikh Ali's son Jaber, who was the deputy governor of Marib, was accidentally killed along with four bodyguards in a government air strike in May 2010 that security sources said targeted a wanted al-Qaeda suspect.
Al-Shabwan tribesmen then attacked the pipeline that passed over their land in Marib in revenge, and tensions have been high in the area since.
The damage to the pipeline, which carries about three million barrels of crude per month, contributed to a major fuel shortage worsened by a months-long standoff between supporters and opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose ouster demonstrators have been demanding since January. - AFP

One shell fell in front of a school in Freedom Square and another in Al-Akhwain Hotel close to Al-Rawda Hospital in Taiz right now

Evening march in Sana'a by Independent Youth tonight against Parties and demanding escalation and resolution.

Organizing Committee of the Revolution is calling the Yemeni people to gather in Freedom and Change Squares (60th Street) on "Friday, For a Civil State" #yemen #yf

NewsYemen: JMP leader, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mutawakil said the meeting between JMP leaders and US President assisstant this afternoon, "had nothing new in it" #yemen #yf

Decision by Aden University President to fire Dr. Yahya Mohammed Al-Rayoyi from his position as Deputy Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences because of his supportive opinion on the youth revolution. #yemen #yf
Artillery shell fell on Hashid Saif Qassim's house in Masbah district in Taiz

MasdarOnline: Yemen Embassy in Berlin stops students entitlements who participated in protesters supporting the revolution

MasdarOnline: Three dead including a soldier and two injured when an armed man fired live bullets on a police station in Dhala. 

Heavy artillery shelling on Freedom Square, Al-Rawda district, Al-Salam Street, 60th Street and a neighborhood in Lower Tahrir in Taiz. 

Two injured by Republican Guards bullets in 60th Street, one of them in critical condition.
- Bilal Qaied Nasser
- Tareq Mosed Saeed, shot in the head, critical condition. 

March in Sa'ada today rejecting foreign intervention. 

In the march that went out this afternoon from Change Square of Sana'a towards Al-Zubairi Street rejecting foreign guardianship and JMP positions on the revolution, the youth declared a statement in front of Oil Ministry that warned the JMP from stealing their revolution.  

Random shelling by Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain on villages and areas of Arhab right now

AJA: Two dead and two injured from the armed supporters of the revolution in clashes in Taiz.

Suhial: Sana'a governorate security kidnapped Sheikh Ali Abdo Omar, one of Haraz Sheikhs in a security checkpoint.  

Violent clashes in Al-Ashraf and artillery shelling by Republican Guards on 60th Street in Taiz now

MasdarOnline: A scheme for the liquidation of Yemenia Airlines and declaring its bankruptcy to cover crimes of looting its funds by the Board of Directors led by Abdulkhaleq Al-Qadi.

Artillery, tanks and missiles randomly shelling from 60th Street on different districts of Taiz and very heavy clashes taking place in 60th Street and Sharab junction. 

Continuous heavy shelling on different areas of Taiz and a powerful explosion in Zaid Al-Mosheki area right now. 

Very heavy clashes in Al-Rawda district right now in Taiz.

Heavy bombardment taking place south of 60th Street -closest area to the city-. Sources confirm a shell targeting Al-Rawda district hit a house there. Heavy gunfire is heard near Freedom Square of Taiz.

Shelling is focused heavily on 60th Street and Al-Rawda district in Taiz by Republican Guards forces.

MasdarOnline: Taiz is witnessing the most violent confrontations between Republican Guards and tribal militants; sounds of powerful explosions rocking the city and information of dead and injured. 

Heavy bombardment from Health Insitute near Al-Thawra Hospital -where Republican Guards are stationed on Freedom Square of Taiz

News say that the heavy shelling today is just a prelude to Republican Guards entering Al-Rawda district in Taiz and stationing in the area

Tanks stationed near Al-Thawra General Hospital are artillery shelling Al-Rawda district in Taiz right now

Analysis: After the post-secondary examiniations ended, Republican Guards are trying to station in Zaid Al-Mosheki School to be closer to Al-Rawda district and control it.

It has been an hour since the explosions started in Taiz and they are still continuous in 60th Street but they calmed down near Al-Rawda district. There are news indicating clashes taking place near Central Security camp. 

Very powerful explosion near Zaid Al-Mosheki school shaking Taiz right now. 

News of dead and injured in Freedom Square of Taiz and the nearby houses due to the indiscriminate bombing by Republican Guards forces. 

Female Activist Eshraq Al-Maktari: Youth are trapped in Freedom Square of Taiz and are being fired on by Republican Guards live bullets that are surrounding the area. 

Neighborhoods that are being aritllery bombed right now are, 60th Street, Al-Rawda district, Al-Salam district and Freedom Square of Taiz.

Aritllery shelling houses near Freedom Square and the arrival of some shells from Al-Thawra Hospital to Al-Noor Mosque in Masbah area and continuous explosions in 60th Street in Taiz.

Journalist Riad Al-Adeeb: A Call to the International Human Rights Committee, The Red Cross and The Civil Society Organizations, Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces are shelling Freedom Square in Taiz using all kinds of weapons making it hard for anyone to reach the dead and wounded from the Square and the nearby houses. We have hope that these organizations will immediately intervene to stop such crimes and allow medical crews to aid the injured and reach the dead.

News of a martyr and a number injured due to the shell that fell on Freedom Square of Taiz.

Sounds of explosions are back again in Taiz after less than 10 minutes of silence

Shelling that is in Masbah area in Taiz is targeting one of the Sheikhs loyal to Ali Muhsen's house, Brigadier Sadeq Ali Sarhan, commander of air defense of the First Armored Division

Al-Rawda district is being heavily shelled again by Republican Guards stationed near Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz

In addition to warplanes flying in the skies of Taiz, reconnaissance aircrafts are now flying as well. 

Very violent clashes in Zaid Al-Mosheki area due to Republican Guards attempt to enter Al-Rawda district after suffering losses in equipment by revolutionaries resistance.

Call of dawn prayer in Taiz is being heard with a mixture of renewed explosions in 60th Street.  


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