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Thursday, 7 July 2011

July 7th updates!

Al-Arabiya |a leader in the ruling party GPC in Yemen: a recorded speech of the President Saleh will be addressed this evening or tomorrow.
Abyan: seven dead of al-Qaeda in a bombing by warplanes in Bajaddar in Zinjbar city and clashes continue until this moment
Rescue forces and Central and National Security forces broke in into the house of the political activist Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Sufiani next Kuwait school today in Taiz, while he was outside his house they searched the house and terrorized the residents under the pretext that he owns weapons in his house
Abyan : Now warplanes are bombing Bajeddar area in Zinjbar
Shabwa: the army suppressed a march in Ataq of the southern movement in 7 July anniversary of 1994 war.
Russia opposes transferring " the Yemeni file" to the Security Council.
Reuters: Somali pirates are using the Yemeni island Socotra as a base for refueling
September Mobile | Musab Mabkhot al-Sharif, son of Islah's Party leader in Marib is among AlQaeda dead in Abyan
Abyan: Bombing is still continuing to the moment and the fall of a number of new casualties in the raids by warplanes Zinjbar
MasderOnline: Leadership in the GPC and elements in the security forces are distributing large quantities of ammunition and fireworks to be launched in conjunction with Saleh's expected speech
Yemen is in danger of economic collapse because of the rapid disappearance of financial reserves.
Taiz: scenes for shelling effects which happened in the vicinity of Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mekhlafi house in Taiz.
MarebPress: Very heavy shelling on Freedom Square of Taiz.
MasdarOnline: Emirates Gulf: Saleh's appearance revived the political crisis again, his supporters must realize that the man is no longer as he was before.
MasdarOnline: JMP Spokesman: Mohammed Qahtan: Saleh's appearance confirms his health ability to sign the Gulf Initiative. The timing of his appearance abused the South -July 7th- and is evidence to holding on to violent manner and military resolution.
Youth are calling everyone to gather and participate all around Yemen tomorrow, to perform Rejecting Guardianship on the Revolution Friday.
MasdarOnline: General Secretary of Saudi Foreign Affairs Ministry: Saudis urged Saleh to resign from power while in "top honor" instead of "forced to leave".
MasdarOnline: Saudi official expects Saleh to return to Yemen "even if he rolled himself there in a wheelchair."

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