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Sunday, 17 July 2011

GRAPHIC: July 15th, Taiz Attack!

Three powerful explosions at 2:18pm heard in Taiz; unidentified source. 

Another powerful explosion shaking the northern side of Taiz. 

Heavy artillery shelling shaking areas near Freedom Square and Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz.

Shells that were fired shortly before were randomly shot. One of them fell in a densely populated residential area in Wadi Al-Qadi, Al-Wahda School area. 

AFP: Security Director of Sharab, north of Taiz, was killed with two of his companions today, Friday in an ambush by anti-regime armed tribesmen.

Two dead and 7 injured as a result of 4 artillery shells launched by Republican Guards forces from near Al-Thawra Hospital towards Masbah area, downtown Taiz, that targeted Sadeq Ali Sarhan, Air Defense Commander in the First Armored Division's house.

Casualties toll rises to 3 dead and 8 injured in the indiscriminate bombing of Republican Guards forces on Masbah area in Taiz

MarebPress: 3 dead and 8 injured in Republican Guards forces bombardment on Masbah area in Taiz.

Two powerful explosions shaking Taiz again.

Names of the martyrs who died in the Republican Guards bombardment on Al-Salam district:
- AbdulRahman Sadeq Ali Sarhan
- Waleed Al-Jobi

Four children have been injured in the Republican Guards forces bombardment on Masbah area in Taiz.

Taiz:Al-Masbeh St was cut by gunmen loyal to Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhlafi to prevent the Republican Guard from entering the area

Taiz: effects of massive damage in a house after the indiscriminate bombing by Rep Guard in Al-Masbeh area

Graphic: Dead and injured in Taiz today when Republican Guards shelled houses randomly in Masbah area.

Outcome of today's random shelling on civilians houses in Masbah area in Taiz by Republican Guards forces resulted in 7 dead and 30 injured.

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