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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 23rd Updates!

MarebPress: Saleh's regime pays $2 million monthly to Qorvis Communications (US company) to polish Saleh and his regime's image in the west. 

Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of the First Armored Division met with the Secretary-General of the United Nations envoy, Jamal Bin Omar, to play a positive role in making the desired change. He promised that the peaceful youth revolution will not back down. He also explained to the youth that a civil state will be next and the army supporting the revolution will continue to protect it until all the demands are achieved.

Sultan Al-Barakani, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs in the GCP revealed that his party crystallized for the past few days a project to start early elections in the coming months that are left for this year because the change in any country is not through political agreemnts but through the will of the voters. He pointed out that this coincides with a national dialogue on serious issues. He explained that the elections will be under international supervision of the United Nations, the European Unnion and all the organizations interested in elections procedures. He stressed that the government will have the Vice President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi in charge of the dialogues and signatures; all the state, executive and legislative institutions will work with him. 

Heavy shelling on Al-Shara, Sumnah and Al-Abuwa villages in Arhab by Brigade 61, 62, 63 Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain and Bait Dahra. Displacement of many families, destruction of homes, damages to vineyards and qat farms, animals dying and destroying wells due to the heavy shelling. Also, targetting any car that is heading towards the villages and targeting any person moving inside the villages because they are located under Al-Sama'a Mountain. 

Suhail: Republican Guards stationed in front of Al-Hayat Hospital in Taiz fires live bullets on a bus transporting passengers and wounds 3 people including a woman moments ago.

Rights Party owner and member of JMP Hassan Zaid's father Mohammed Bin Mohammed Zaid passed away today in Sana'a.

Tanks belonging to Brigade 63 Republican Guards in Bait Dehra are now heading towards Shera'a village and is shelling everything randomly and violently.

MarebPress: Source in Oil Company in Aden: Higher orders to reduce the share of oil deravatives by half in Aden.

SahwaMobile: Orders from the remnants of the family regime to send 200 snipers from counter-terrorism forces and U.S trained special forces to Taiz city to participate in the daily murdering carried out by Saleh's militants and Ahmad Ali, Yahya, Ammar and Qairan's forces against the residents of the city. 

Sahwa Net- A US-trained Yemeni counterterrorism unit has been dispatched to fight tribesmen in Arhab , outskirt of the Yemeni capital , Sana’a, military sources said.

Revolution youth in Sanaa are performing a large-scale cleaning campaign of Change Square neighborhoods to thank civilians for their patience.

People of change square area thanking the youth for cleaning neighborhoods and roads
One of the youth who participated in the cleaning campaign describes the experience saying "If we came here to clean the country from corruption of the regime, we better start from here by cleaning the area where we protest...

ADEN | Four Yemeni suspects have been arrested in connection with a car-bomb attack in the southern port of Aden that killed a British businessman on Wednesday, security officials said on Saturday.The four suspects lived in the Moalla neighbourhood where the attack took place, the security officials said, without ruling out further arrests. Reports in Britain said the man killed, David Mockett, was in his 60s and a marine surveyor. An intelligence officer told AFP that the attack “carries the fingerprints of Al-Qaeda.

SANA'A, July 23 (Saba) - The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) has approved the Yemeni proposal to enter a Rotavirus Vaccine to Yemen in 2013 – 2014 at a cost of $ 14 million.
The rotavirus vaccine protects children from rotaviruses, which are the leading cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children. The GAVI's approval came in a memorandum Minister of Public Health and Population Abdul-Karim Rase'a received on Saturday. Yemen will be the third country in the Eastern Mediterranean Region that use the rotavirus vaccine, Rase'a said.

Female march in Taiz supporting the Transitional Council and condemning attacks on civilians.

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling for marches tomorrow, Monday, rejecting collective punishment and in solidarity with the people of Taiz and Arhab that are subjected to a genocidal war by the remnants of Saleh's regime.

Power outages in all parts of Aden and firing from an unknown destination targeted third and fourth floor of the province building .

Citizens are gathering in Nuqm district in Rayan area in Sana'a; shooting in the air because of the lack of water, oil and diesel, and chanting slogan that says the regime should leave for failing to provide the basic needs for citizens.

Sources | Death of a citizen and injuring another when members of the army fire on their vehicle at the point of Lauder in Abyan today.

Revleaing a criminal scheme to attack Change Square of Sana'a under the supervision of some security leaders from Saleh's regime

Suhail: Some of the regime thugs following some of the district leaders -who were hired to attack Change Square of Sana'a under the pretext of areas surrounding the Square are being affected.

Youth of the Revolution are warning the remnants of Saleh's regime from any thoughts of attacking Change Square of Sana'a and hold them responsible of what might result

Alert state in all entrances of Change Square of Sana'a for a possible attack by regime thugs; youth are warning that anyone trying to attack will regret it and the field hospital is fully ready

Suhail: Youth of the Revolution appeal security forces and army supporting the revolution to defend them and protect the Change Square of Sana'a.

Human Rights Organizations calls upon the residents of the neighborhoods near Change Square of Sana'a to monitor the thugs who have been hired to attack the Square so that they get prosecuted.

A female silent protest was held in front of Ministry of Justice in Sana'a

Taiz march this morning condemning attacks by remnants of regime on Taiz and Arhab and demanding the departure of the corrupted regime. 

Dead and injured in violent clashes in front of Al-Naqeeb Hospital in Mansoura Aden.

Heavy shelling with heavy weapons on Taiz and clashes in 60th Street between tribes supporting the revolution and Republican Guards.

Clashes in Mansoura, Aden so far, two martyrs and 1 injured and the number is likely to rise. 

Medical Source: Arrival of one wounded person to Al-Naqeeb Hospital due to armed clashes between unknown people in Mansoura, Aden.

Clashes between Al-Sabeeha and A-Mansoura people because of Al-Farwi's death weeks ago in Aden.

Aden: Al-Sabeeha people were able to take out Al-Farwi's killer from Al-Naqeeb Hospital where he was receiving treatment

Powerful explosions in Taiz and heavy clashes in 60th Street are still continuous between Republican Guards and tribesmen. 

Gunfire is heard near Masbah area in Taiz and an explosion close to Freedom Square of Taiz moments ago.

SahwaMobile: Khaled Afarah, Issah Al-Sofi and Nabeel Abdullah Hassan were injured during artillery shelling on Al-Rawda district in Taiz by Republican Guards forces.

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