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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 13th Updates!

Female mass march started half an hour ago in Taiz is now returning to Freedom Square after going through different streets.  

MasdarOnline: Yemenis in Britain sent 40 tons of humanitarian aid to the displaced people of Abyan.

March that went out this morning condemning the indiscriminate bombardment on the city; they also called the governor Hamoud Al-Sofi and the remnants parts of the regime to leave. These pictures are of the march before it was attacked by Republican Guards forces during its way towards Al-Thawra General Hospital. 

March in Taiz this morning that was attacked by Republican Guards live bullets when passing by Al-Thawra Hospital.
Female march in Taiz condemning the random shelling of civilians houses every night and condemning foreign intervention

Thousands of people went out in a march in Rada'a after Sheikh Tawfeeq Al-Jahmi joined the peaceful revolution along with his followers. The march chanted slogans against US and Saudi intervention in Yemen affairs

Mass march in Sana'a right now after they protested in front of VP's office asking him to quickly bring Saleh and his sons to justice as well as condemned Saudi and US intervention in Yemen affairs

March that went out in Hodeidah today

Suhail: 30 soldiers of Republican Guards declare joining the peaceful revolution in Lahj.

MarebPress: 800 Factories stopped working due to the crisis. The Economic Media requires the government to allow the private sector to import diesel and reveals the demobilization of 60% of workers in industrial plants.

Ahmad Al-Sufi, Press Secretary of Yemeni President said today that President Ali Saleh, who is undergoing treatment in Saudi Arabia, will return to the country in the coming weeks. Sufi confirmed that "President Saleh will return to practice all his consittutional duties and will not give up on the implemntation of his tasks." 

MarebPress: Tareq Al-Shami, Media Director of the Ruling Party, denied the news of President's Saleh determination of returning to the country next week. In a statement to Sawa Radio yesterday, Tareq said that Saleh's return is the responsibility of the medical team that is supervising his health (the medical team is the one that decides when he should return to Yemen.) He added, dialogue is the only way out of this current crisis. He also stressed that there will be preparation of a comprehensive dialouge involving all parties of Yemen to discuss all issues in order to overcome the crisis.

MasdarOnline: Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights condemned the killing and bombing that is carried out by Republican Guards forces and Central Security in Taiz and Arhab for the past weeks. The Forum believes that "this bombing and the use of nocturnal continuous heavy and medium weapons in populated areas constitutes one of the most prominent and fare worse kinds of human rights violations that had taken place during the peaceful protests demanding the departure of President Saleh."

MasdarOnline: A group in the European Parliament discussed the situation in Yemen in presence of Ali Ashal and Ali Al-Mamari today, Wednesday.

Heavy gunfire is heard using light and medium weapons, believed to be from Wadi Al-Qadi in Taiz.

MasdarOnline: Parliamentary Coalition condemns "harassments" by Saleh's forces on Parliament VP Hamiar Al-Ahmar and surrounding his house in Sana'a.

YamanNewsAgency: Higher instuctions not to lift garbage from the streets of Sana'a, especially streets near Change Square, which threatens of problems and disease spread

In a phone call with Al-Saeeda Channel, Branch Manager of the Oil Company in Aden says that Taiz's shares are 600,000 liters of oil per day, but the local authority in Taiz only withdraws 144,000 liters. He says that they are ready to finance Taiz a million liters per day, but the local authority of the city does not withdraw the full oil share of the city.

Warplanes are bombing a police station in Wadea' directorate in Abyan.

Suhail: Brigade 62 Republican Guards are destroying vineyards in Arhab by burning its trees and shooting and abducting its farmers.

Very heavy shelling by Republican Guards stationed in Al-Sama'a Mountain on villages and areas of Arhab now

MasdarOnline: The company plans to ask VP to pay the country's debt; Yemenia Airways pilots are going back to work after being on a strike, after promises of paying their salaries.

At least 40.000 people are accounted as displaced in the city of Aden. According to most victims and social organizations the government has done nothing or little to help the IDP's. The government claims it has allocated 200 million Rials to help them. At the time of our visit no government presence was seen in 4 schools that house the IDP's nor international organizations

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