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Sunday, 31 July 2011

July 31st Updates!

MarebPress: A military source revealed that two fighter jets were launched from Al-Anad Military Air Base, targeting Arhab, north of Sana'a. A secret weapon transaction had taken place in the past few days between Saleh's forces and Russia, which includes missiles, Russian rockets and other types of heavy artillery as the source mentioned.

The air strikers were accompanied by wide movements by Republican Guards forces to secure Sana'a International Airport after Arhab tribes threatened to hit the airport by all means of warfare in response to the constant strikes on their village


MarebPress: A military plane from Sana'a arrived to Taiz airport carrying 150 members of special forces. Republican Guard forces are considering Taiz city the most city that "includes the fiercest resistance against Saleh's forces". Witnesses said that armed regime forces were seen carrying RPG weapons in Al-Hawban area, eastern entrance of Taiz as this weapon is seen at the hands of regime thugs for the first time.
The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms announced on Sunday on forming a special teams to monitor violations in crisis areas in Yemen.

The non-governmental organization said it had established a special team to monitor crimes committed in the Directorate of Arheb ,north Sana'a, and another in Abyan province, noting that its team in Taiz monitors the violations that happens within the province.

The organization, known as «Hood» in a statement received to MasdarOnline: «What is happening is a scandal against Yemeni humanity,it should be stopped and everyone should fulfill his/her duty in order to achieve justice and security».

It added that the formation of new monitoring teams came as a result of the tragic events accelerated in areas of Abyan, Arheb and other hot spots, and the resulting deteriorating humanitarian situation facing the civilian population of the vulnerable groups of society.


MarebPress: A tribal source in a phone call revelead that Arhab tribesmen are in the process of preparting special mechanisms and tanks to hit Sana'a International Airport. The source attributed the cause is the continuous use of Yemeni air force by Saleh's family to shell their villages in Arhab.

Regarding that, several international flights to arrive to Sana'a Interntaional Airport were canceled by Yemenia Airlines. Also, a large number of flights, domestic and external flights, changed route after threats by Arhab tribe to shell Sana'a International Airport and all the airlines connecting to it. 


President Saleh gave out a statement today congratulating people on the month of Ramadan, main points in the speech were:

- The change everyone aspires to can not be reached through violence.

- We have directed the government to increase it's efforts in providing fuel derivatives, and to keep the constant stream of electrical power for all cities, and we bid all citizens not to hinder and obstruct fuel carriers.

- We would like to affirm, on this occasion [Ramadan], on the importance of the different political parties committing to the Gulf Initiative and the Security Council statement as the grounds to solving the crisis that the country is going through.

- Our people can not allow their will, political choices and accomplishments to be wasted.

- Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi, Vice President of the Republic is performing some national efforts in the direction of resolving the crisis and its dialouge with the political parties.

(Reuters) - Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Sunday for dialogue with his opponents during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan to help resolve a crisis over demands for his removal which has paralysed Yemen and confounded efforts at mediation.

- Islahi's are attacking RepGuards in Arhab to take over Al-Sama'a camp mostly, 1stArmoredDiv.
- Dead bodies do not belong to civilians they are militants. Army doesn't attack civilians. It was a coup by 1st Armored Division that's why they were killed.
- 90% of tribes support Saleh. The Tribal Alliance does not represent anything. Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar is ONLY one of the Sheikhs of Hashid.


Brigade 310 Republican Guards that support the revolution announced that eight Battalions joined the revolution in Amran today

Under the slogan, "Your silence is killing us", youth are going out in a march in Sana'a from Al-Qadesya roundabout at 3:30pm. Join them to acheive their demands.

MarebPress: Al-Jamemah and Khasm Bukrah camps are shelling Arhab by Katyusha missiles this moment.

People in Aden are cutting Arwa Street in Crater protesting against the lack of fuel. #

MasdarOnline: Government employes in Al-Jawf protest in front of Finance Ministry in Sana'a to demand their salaries that they didn't receive for the past 5 months. 

Dozens of Republican Guard forces and special forces join the peaceful revolution in Change Square of Sana'a this afternoon.

Sanaa: Today's march for the Revolution Youth started from Al-Qadisiya roundabout,headed to to Rabat Street, then to 16th Street and then to the back side of the Ministry of oil next to Sabha company for cars heading to Zubairy Street, during which a group of central security forces stopped them and prevented them from implementing the vigil in front of the Ministry of Oil , but they carried out the vigil until they finish,chanting slogans then returning through Hael St, then to the square, and now they are close to the platform

Sanaa:a march by the revolution youth arrived a while ago to the back side of the oil ministry but they were prevented from continuing their march and implementing the vigil in front of the ministry by Central Security Forces that were stationed in front of the port leading to Zubairy Street near the Oil Ministry, a group of youth tried to negotiate with them, but they prevented them from continuing so the youth remained for moments, chanting slogans and revolutionary chants""O puzzles government where is oil and Gas "" revolution, revolution until victory, "" revolution, revolution until there is no corrupt stays in the palace, "" Hey America, Hey Saudi no negotiations no Dialogue the youth made their decision" they returned through Hael St. 

Sanaa: Now Revolution youth are close to the oil company located in Zubairy St where there is a car full of Central Security forces that arrived a while ago stationed now in front of the company , protesters are continuing their march chanting their revolutionary chants.

News that Saleh will deliver a speech tonight at 8:00PM Sana'a time; maybe to congratulate people on the month of Ramadan

SABA: Yemeni Vice President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi met on Sunday, the U.S. Ambassador and Acting ambassador in British Embassy in separate meetings in Sana'a.He discussed with those Western diplomats the developments in the national scene between the main players in the crisis in Yemen.

MasderOnline | Civil Alliance holds the Republican Guard responsible for the abduction of its founding council member Al-Samaai

Lahj :| soldiers burning tires and cut the road between Aden and Lahj because cutting off their salaries demanding its payment.

Yaman Agency : Military reinforcements reach the vicinity of Al-Thawra hospital , Taiz

Sanaa : Hearing explosions minutes ago from Arheb's direction 

Media Center | The shelling is still going constantly on different parts of Arheb and the sound of shells is heard clearly in the northern parts of the capital Sanaa , while power cut on most of the provinces of the Republic following the bombing of electricity towers by the Republican guards.

Powerful missile attack from Thawma camp in Bani Hushiash for the past two hours on areas and villages of Arhab. Witnesses confirm seeing the shells and missiles passing over their houses; a state of panic and fear is affecting the people of north Sana'a. 

Candlelight vigil in Dhamar:

March in Taiz this morning assuring continuing the revolution until their demands are met.

First Taraweeh prayer in Taiz for Ramadan 

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