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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July 6th- Mortar shell on bus in Taiz killed 2 injures over 10 + Qaeda commader dead in Abyan

Defense Ministry annouced the death of a military commander that belong to Al-Qaeda named Waleed Mushafi Al-Aseri, he is one of the most-wanted to Saudi authorities; when Brigade 25 Mika artillery shelled them yesterday in Abyan.
Tanks that were stationed near Al-Thawra Hospital withdrew from their positions when the UNHCR visited Taiz, now, they are back in place. 

Two dead and more than 10 injured including 3 children in Taiz today after mortar shells from Central Security Camp fell on a bus carrying civilians near AL-Rawdah Hospital this evening. 
Names of the injured in the mortar shelling of the civilian bus in Taiz in Al-Rawdah district in Taiz:
- Nasser Al-Asal (Bus driver) - dead
- Yahya Mohammed Abdulrahman
- Khaleel Ahmad Mukred
- Suliaman Najeeb Abdullah
- Anwar Saeed Abdullah
- Ameen Ahmad Saeed
- Zuail Taha Mohammed Alwan
- Rashad Ahmad Mohammed
- Abdo Naje Khaled
- Ali Abdo Radman
- Sami Abdo Dabwan
- Abdulrahman Hizam Khaled
- Nayef Saleh Saif
- Muath Hamoud Naje
- Riyadh Ahmad Qayed
- Bilal Mudhish Qasim
-  Abdulraheem (Al-Rawdah Hospital Guard)
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