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Friday, 22 July 2011

July 20th Updates + Tahrir Clashes!

One of the reports of Hodeidah City facebook page, MasdarOnline news website and editor of Al-Hodeidah Net, Baseem Al-Janani was attacked by regime thugs in Al-Metraq Street in Hodiedah a while after security forces and thugs attacked a peaceful march. He was warlking near Al-Shaibani resturant when someone grabbed him by his shirt to the back and he had three other thugs, two of them were holding a wire and a baton. They directly started beating him in his back by both weapons. Al-Janani was resisting and managed to escape to one of the side streets.

Mass march in Wadi Al-Qadi in Taiz rejecting the remnants of the regime and condemning US and Saudi intervention in Yemen affairs. 

Gunmen stop a security forces car and liberate a detained person from inside of it in Taiz

Youth in Ibb are protesting in front of governor place gate rejecting being besieged by the remnants of the regime

Three people died after targeting their car in Yahes,Arhab and three others were injured, martyrs:
- Abdulrahman Rajih Al-Yehesi
- Afif Ahmar Amer Al-Yehesi
- Saleh Qaid Jaber Al-Yehesi

- Mohammed Sharyan Al-Yehesi
- Basheer Abdullah Al-Yehesi
- Mutee' Farhan Al-Yehesi 

Youth are marching in Change Square of Sana'a right now as a form of escalation demanding revolution resolution.

MasdarOnline: Chairman of the Supreme Commission of Islah, Mohammed Al-Yadomi was subjected to a failed assassination attempt this afternoon and JMP holds the remnants of the regime responsibile.

David Mockett, British expert that works in a shipping company in Aden was killed today after targeting his car. According to sources an explosive device was planted into his car. 

Mass march this morning in Taiz demanding escalation

March in Rada'a today demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime. 
Funeral of Abdulrahman Sadeq Ali Sarhan and Abdulfatah Al-Mikhlafi who were killed on July 15th in Masbah area in Taiz when Republican Guards shelled civilians houses randomly

Fierce battles in Zanjibar between the army and gunmen and the arrival of a number of injured soldiers to Sabir Hospital in Aden.

MasdarOnline: JMP condemns the assassination attempt of the Islah President (Mohammed Al-Yadomi) and accuses the "remnants of the family" of being behind the incident

Lecture at the University of Sydney, Australia: One of "Saleh's" relatives is involved in the assassination attempt

Yemeni Socialist Party, declared his approval to the transitional council by Chairman of the parliamentary bloc of the party, member of the Supreme Council for the JMP and member of the transitional council, Aidaroos Al-Naqeeb.

Masdar Online : Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations reach Yemen and calls the political parties for dialogue.

Violent clashes in 40th Street north of Taiz and sounds of gunfire in Al-Rawda district moments ago.

Huge numbers of Security Forces are gathering in Kentucky roundabout in Sana'a where the number of water cannons reached 4 and the number of troop carries of Central Security reached 10 moments ago.

Evening march in Taiz demanding escalation and resolution. 
Sporadic gunfire is heard in several places in Taiz, Bab Mosa, Al-Thahreya, Al-Naserya, Sayena, Al-Jomhori, Al-Dairi. 

MasdarOnline: GCP condemns the assassination attempt on Mohammed Al-Yadomi and calls for the formation of a joint investigation committee headed by Major General Ghalib Al-Gamash.

An ambulance passed from Tahrir Square towards Al-Jomhori Hospital after hearing gunfire in the Square in Sana'a.

(Saba) - The Capital Sana'a handed over on Wednesday checks of YR 110 million for relief aid in addition to medicines and medical assistances worth YR 7 million for the displaced people in Aden province.

Armed groups are gathering in Bab Al-Sabah near Tahrir Square in Sana'a and Security Forces are calling for reinforcements.

Sporadic gunfire is heard again in Tahrir Square in Sana'a.

Gunfire is heard in Moala and Khormaksar in Aden at these moments, unknown source or reason.

MarebPress: Armed clashes between regime thugs in Tahrir Square in Sana'a and security crews are unable to stop the clashes 

Heavy gunfire is back in Tahrir in Sana'a, seems to be clashes along with shooting in the air to disperse them.

Clashes between regime thugs in Tahrir after looting shops and stalls there; security forces are clashing with them and a number of casualties.

Commander of the Southern Region Mahdi Maqwalah suffered minor injuries in an ambush by gunmen and 4 soldiers were killed after he participated in the process of attackin Al-Kood area in Abyan.

Three dead in clashes happening now between Security Forces and thugs in Tahrir, Sana'a after regime thugs looted some stalls for a number of vendors. 

Six soldiers killed in the clashes between security forces and thugs in Tahrir now in Sana'a.

Armored vehicle belonging to Security Forces was bombed when a hand grenade was thrown by one of the thugs on it; clashes are still continuous in Tahrir. 

Shooting on First Armored Division from a car in Saba roundabout in Sana'a moments ago and gunfire is heard near Change Square of Sana'a

Military crews are being directly shot by thugs in Tahrir; commander and 4 soldiers escape after their vehicle stops and being targeted by thugs in Sana'a.

Gunfire exchange between Pro-Saleh supporters and Security Forces in Tahrir; two military crews damaged and third escaped.

Anti-riot vehicles (water cannons) are parked away from the clashes area in Tahrir where it seems that they are unable to do their job because of the heavy gunfire

Very heavy explosions shaking Sana'a believed to be heavy bombardment on villages and areas of Arhab

A soldier shot directly in the head in the clashes between Security Forces and thugs in Tahrir, Sana'a.

The clashes that are taking place in Tahrir right now are between two groups of thugs from the same camp and after the intervention of Security Forces to end the clashes, they were attacked by thugs, which caused a loss of lives and equipment, unknown number for now.

Thugs are calling for help and requesting ambulances after many of them were killed and wounded in Tahrir clashes

At least 11 soldiers killed and dozens injured in the clashes between army and gunmen in Zanjibar, Abyan.

Brigade 25 Mika is heavily shelling Martyrs Stadium in Zanjibar, Abyan gunmen are believed to be stationed inside.

Sporadic gunfire by light and medium weapons is heard in Al-Thawra Hospital and Freedom Square of Taiz. 

Warplanes are bombing Martyrs Stadium now in Zanjibar Abyan, situation is very serious.

Brigade 62 Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain is shelling villages and areas in Arhab randomly. 

Confirmed: Initial report: Five security forces were killed in the clashes between thugs and security forces in Tahrir, Sana'a.

More than 23 thugs were injured in the clashes in Tahrir, some of the injures are minor that were treated in the clashes area and not transfered to the hospital. 

The shelling that took place in Abyan moments ago targeted a weapon warehouse near Martyrs Stadium in Zanjibar.

Abyan: More than 107 injured and 11 dead soldiers in Zanjibar today

Shelling houses near Freedom Square of Taiz by Republican Guards forces stationed near Al-Thawra Hospital. 

Military Source: Abyan: Coordination between Major 25 Mika and Naval Forces to direct a heavy attack on the gunmen in an area that is called "Al-Muraba'a" 

Abyan: Armed groups are stationed in Al-Maraqid area east of Zanjibar and are mortar shelling Brigade 25 Mika.

An aircraft crashed in Taiz airport at 11:00am and according to sources, the Iraqi captain and his assistant Abdulnasser Al-Qubati were seriously injured and transfered to military hospital.

Hodeidah March

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