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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 16th- Transitional Council Formed

Four protesters wounded by security forces live bullets in Boreqa, Aden 

The protesters in Boreqa, Aden were applicants for employment in Aden refinery after they were promised jobs. They were then attacked by security forces by live bullets and tear gas. Names of the injured:
- Yahya Ahmad Omar
- Mansour Ali Yahya
- Hussien Ahmad Ali
- Nasr Yasser -critical condition

MarebPress: The formation of a Transitional Council consisting of 17 people. Major General Abdullah Alewa was appionted Commander Cheif of the Armed forces and Judge Fahmi Hamed was appionted Head of Supreme Judicial Council.

MarebPress: Preparatory Committee for the Peaceful Youth Revolution formed the interim presidential council.

MasdarOnline: A youth coalition led by Tawakul Karman announces the formation of a transitional council to the run the country

The 17 members of the Transitional Council are:
Haidar AbuBakr Al-Attas
Horiya Mash-hoor
Jamal Mohammed Al-Mutareb
Sa'ad Al-Deen Bin Talib
Sadeq Ali Sarhan
Shakhr Ahmad Al-Wajeeh
Abdullah Hassan AL-Nakhebi
Abdulallah Salam Al-Hakemi
Ali Nasser MOhammed
Ali Hussien Ashal
Aydaros Al-Naqeeb
Muhsen Mohammed Bin Fareed
Mohammed Salim BaSendwah
Mohammed Saeed Al-Sa'adi
Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutwakel
Mohammed Ali Abu Lohom
Yahya Mansour Abu Osba'a

MasdarOnline: After forming the Transitional Council, Tawakol Karman calls the international community to "respect the youth revolutions' decisions, to recognize the revolution institutions and to end all forms of cooperation with the remnants of Saleh's regime because they do not represent the country."

The United Arab Emirates has pledged 3 million barrels of oil to Yemen, which faces a fuel crisis due to attacks on a pipeline during widespread political unrest, a Yemeni deputy minister said on Saturday

AFP: Yemeni Official: Yemeni President to return home soon.

Dozens of Special Forces and Republican Guards announced joining the peaceful revolution from Change Square of Sana'a.

NasMobile | local source: one dead and 3 wounded due to Republican Guard shelling on Arheb villages and regions

Candle vigil will start from Jamal Street now and it will be roaming some of the streets heading towards Freedom Square, which demands the departure of the remains of the regime, and preparing for the Resolution day on Sunday "Nakba Day".

BBC Reporter: Abdullah Ghurab | I was in a telephone conversation with Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani from GPC and he told me that the president Saleh will not return in the near future and he needs a number of cosmetic surgery and recovery period to regain his health 

Abdu al-Janadi, Yemen's deputy information minister, said forming a transitional council "pours gas on the fire".

Abyan :brigade 25 Mika in Zinjbar is violently bombing the sites of the armed groups

Abyan: military units entered the city to support the brigade Mika 25 in the fiercest battles between insurgents and the brigade forces.

Ibb: youth revolution in Ibb announced their solidarity and their support of the Declaration of the Transitional Council

Abyan: Lauder tribes formed a Committee for dialogue with militants from al Qaeda and gave them two days to reach a solution 

violent clashes between militants and the army forces in Al-Alem check point between Aden and Abyan , no reports about injuries .

Powerful explosions heard in Taiz believed to be in 60th Street.

Brigade 25 Mika launching the heaviest attack with the support of tribesmen on the gunmen in Zanjibar, Abyan.

Gunfire is heard near Change Square of Sana'a

Violent clashes in 60th Street and heavy gunfire is heard in Masbah area in Taiz

Heavy shelling by Republican Guards stationed in Al-Sama'a mountain using different weapons on Arhab villages.

Gunmen stormed into some warhouses and government buildings such as Carpentry Gallery and Warehouse, Workers Newspaper, Miss Arab Building and Yemenia Building in Moala area in Aden and they live there with their families. 

Artillery shelling from Al-Jund Camp towards 60th Street north Taiz and news of secuirty reinforcements arrival to the Republican Guards near Al-Thawra Hospital. 

Powerful explosions in Heshma area in 60th Street towards Sharab in Taiz; unidentified casualties.

Sporadic shelling on area and villages of Arhab by Republican Guards stationed on Al-Sama'a and Beit Dahra Camps. 

Youth are calling everyone around Yemen to participate in mass marches on the Day of Rage, July 17th, being the first day Saleh was in power, 33 years ago. 

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