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Thursday, 7 July 2011

July 7th- Saleh Speech + Celebration Injuries

"I would to convey my sincere thanks to all the Yemeni people inside and outside the country, men and women, youth and old for their patience and their endurance on what happened in the first Friday of Rajab [June 3rd] by the terrorist groups.

The Yemeni people are steadfast, and will remain steadfast against all kinds of challenges targeting its security and stability. And which targets freedom, democracy, security and stability.

Many have understood democracy the wrong way. Through wrong practices, like blocking the path of oil tankers, gas and diesel. And disturbing the peace. Those who are demanding the right to share, the right of partnerships.

We believe in partnerships but within the constitution and law. We welcome democracy on democratic bases and on the Yemeni republic constitution which was based on political pluralism and political parties and the opinion and other opinion.

But we see that this is the one opinion while the other opinion calls for bandit practices and blocking roads and scaring people and disturbing the people's peace.

There must be a political revision without sympathizing with one side or nepotism. Because this constitution was created amidst two extreme systems one in the north and the other in the south and the southern system wanted to impose its own constitution thinking it will be the winner. And the north wanted to impose its own constitution and also thinks it will be the winner. Today is like then.

Where are the educated and intellectual men and women? Where are the honest men? Where are the believers who fear God? Why don't they stand with dialogue? Stand dialogue and with reaching satisfactory solutions?
We are not against sharing. We are with sharing with all the political entities whether ruling or opposition but on a program that the people agree on.
People must agree on a common program for all the Yemeni people and not demand their own point of view and twisting arms.

I again send my greetings to all Yemeni people men and women in Yemen and outside. And I want to convey my thanks to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia the custodian of the two mosques who has provided me with the best care and highest medical care and this is yet an indicator of his generosity.

I have had several operations, eight successful ones and other officials have had operations also the prime minister, and the ministers and others.

The incident caused deaths and injuries, and the faithful patient Yemenis will be willing to give their lives and sacrifice for their country. They are the real heroes.
I also extend my thanks and appreciation to the military and security bodies that stand against any threats against Yemen and to the vice president who is trying to bridge the gap between all the rivals for the sake of Yemen.

Thanks again to H. M. King Abdullah and peace be with you all" 
Specialists: the record reveals that it was filmed in several stages and not one-time and make-up " effects painted brown - are obvious to hide Saleh's burns on face. 
Yaman Agency News: Ibb: an Attempt to break into Gulf Freedom Square from the eastern side , youth are trying to defend it, and wounding one youth by live bullets
Name of the martyr in Change Square in Sanaa (Abdullah Saleh Ahmed Qosilla) and more than 36 wounded, including children and women , because of firing live bullets from Saleh supporters
Unknown person threw a bomb in change Sqaure in Sanaa and 30 injuries are recorded so far.
MarebPress: Two dead and a number of injured some in critical condition in Ibb due to the continuous gunfire by Saleh's supporters.
Medical Sources at Field Hospital in Sana'a: One dead and 45 injured from the youth in Change Square because of Saleh's supporters celebrations.
Three serious injuries after Saleh's supporters fired bullets and clashes at the entrances of Ibb
Preliminary report of the injured in field hospital of Freedom Gulf in Ibb:

- Akram Al-Gashani, dead
- Radwan Abdo Al-Haj, dead

- Mohammed Ahmad Qasem
- Hadi Mohammed Nasr
- Zakaria Atawi
- Adel Ameen
- Abdulmajeed Mohammed Saleh
- Maher..
- Amjad Abdo Hazza'a
- Issah Mohammed Saleh
Three injured in Hodeidah after live bullets were fired by Saleh's supporters as a celebration
Change Square of Sana'a right after Saleh's speech to assure that they are holding on
BaFadl to AJA: There is nothing new in Saleh's speech tonight but doubts about his death. I want to send this message, if Saleh wants to come back to Yemen then he has to sign the Gulf Initiative before he comes, if not, civil war will erupt
SahwaNet: 5 dead and 140 injured including a woman and 4 children in Sana'a -Thawra Hospital- due to Saleh's supporters celebrations.
One dead and more than 18 injured in Hodeidah by Saleh's supporters bullets; Saleh's thugs are burning some shops that belong to traders supporting the revolution.
Youth in Taiz opinion on Saleh's speech today
Sana'a youth's opinion from Change Square on Saleh's sppech.
Three injured in Taiz because of Saleh's supporters celebrations:
- Mutahar Abdullah ahmad Al-Sharabi
- Akram Sadeq Al-Absi
- Rafeeq Saleh Yahya Al-Ansi
Heavy shelling on regions and villages of Arhab during Saleh's speech today
Five injured in Aden by live bullets by Saleh's thugs as celebration to his appearance
Suhail: 5 dead and more than 130 injured in Sana'a, 4 injured in Taiz, 2 dead and 20 injured in Ibb, 2 injured in Dhamar, one dead and three injured in Hajjah, and 5 injured in Aden due to Saleh supporters celebrations.
AJA: At least 10 dead in Sana'a and other Yemeni cities due to gunfire by Saleh's supporters.
IbbPress: Youth in Ibb broke into Al-Kebsi Stadium -where thugs opened live bullets on the protesters in Freedom Gulf- and are following the gunmen from Aqeel sons -accused of shooting
Akram Al-Gashani, a victim of Saleh's speech celebrations by his supporters. Akram was shot directly in his head in Ibb
A third martyr in Ibb named Mayas Ali Qasim Al-Muhlel from Ba'adan, another victime of Saleh's celebrations.
A female in Hodiedah in her 30's was shot dead in her head by Saleh's supporters during their celebrations of his speech.
Sporadic gunfire in Taiz followed by an explosion.
Injured in Sana'a field hospital in Change Square

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