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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 25th Updates!

A leading figure in the JMP revealed that the Secretary General of United Nations Jamal Bin Omar called them for dialogue with Saleh's regime in UAE. Abdulhafed Noman, Secretary of Central Command of Baath Party said that "We rejected any dialogue or negotiation prior to a complete transfer of power and resignation of Ali Saleh." He also added, "Saudi fears political parties in Yemen" and "The state of Yemen will be a balanced state with the Gulf countries, Saudi in particular and to take account good neighboring and common interests."

Political source said that the Secretary General of the United Nations envoy, Jamal Bin Omar, came to Yemen with a new Gulf Initiative that will keep President Saleh as the President of Yemen and asked to provide a military or security position for his son, Brigade General Ahmad Ali Saleh in the Presidential Transitional Council and National Council.

Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Council of the Youth Revolution in Change Square of Sana'a, Khaled Al-Anisi said that Jamal Bin Omar abused the UN work and that he became and agent for "oil princes", supporters of Saleh's regime.

He added that Jamal Omar should realize that the Yemenis dropped plots of aborting their revolution and that he should not deviate from the UN principles that gives the people the right to self-determination. He considered what Jamal Omar is currently doing is marketing for an initiatve that violates human rights and establish a dangerous precedent of the UN, that give murderes guarantees from prosecution and punishment for their crimes against humanity criminalized under the international and humanitarian law.

Al-Anisi called the UN envoy to leave Yemen because he made the Yemeni blood lawful through a Gulf Initiative and legimized murder, which is against the international law.

Al-Anisi also called all human rights organizations to file a complaint against Jamal Omar because of these actions and be dismissed from his job which he offended. 


A fire broke out in the Medical Committee tent in Change Square of Sana'a last night along with 4 other tents that were close by. According to witnesses no injuries were recorded but most medical equipments were burnt. The cause of the fire is unknown but sources suggested that it was short circuit hat caused it. 

Saleh is under pressure from his family and supporters to quickly return to Yemen, since he could not come back on July 17th -33 year anniversary of being in power- he now has a another date of return to Yemen which would be the second week of August, only if his health allowed him to return but of course with completing treatment in Sana'a by an accompanied Saudi medical team.

The suicide bomber of yesterdays attack in Aden is wanted by Saudi authorities named, Turki Al-Shahrani, a Saudi citizen.


MasdarOnline: Nasr Taha Mustafa: Yemen has returned to the problems of the beginning of Saleh's governance and the youth fell in a Saudi trap. He said that any future constitutional amendments must include clear provisions to neutralize the army. 

Youth march in Taiz from Sinan roundabout to Wadi Al-Qadi is about to start demanding to end the crisis caused by the remnants of Saleh's regime and to stop shelling civilians in Taiz, Arhab and Abyan.

MarebPress: People and relatives of officers and soldiers of Brigade 25 Mika protesting in front of Republican Guard camp in Al-Sawad to demand breaking the siege on them by Al-Qaeda.

Aden Al-Ghad: One person dead and four injured in a dispute over land in Ber Ahmad in Aden

Change square Media Center: Twenty vehicle belonging to the regime call for its supporters to gather in the Agriculture Street

Military source: The arrival of the first batch of Marib oil to Aden's refinery after the resumption of pumping to Ras Issa

Dhala | Mass march in Dumt called for resolution and condemned the remnants of the regime massacres in Taiz, Arhab and Nahm.

Protest to alert and warn the regime of the humanitarian crisis, rejecting collective punishment in Moala, Aden in front of governorate building
Statement by Aden protesters today demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime, rejecting collective punishment and assuring that they will escalate and continue the revolution until victory

Mass march in Ibb this morning to show everyone that they are still holding still and standing firm despite the collective punishment they're going through.

Mass march in Al-Baydah demanding departure of remnants of regime and revolution resolution.

Mass march in Sa'ada today assuring holding on to the revolution and its demands as well as demanding resolution

March in Sana'a today rejecting collective punishment and condemning regime attacks on Arhab, Taiz and Abyan. 

March in Taiz today supporting the Transitional Council and mourning one of the Martyrs named Mousa AbdulJabar.

The number of the displaced people of Abyan have reached 90,000, mostly women and children.

UNICEF Representative: Yemen is on the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis. 
According to the UNICEF Representative in Yemen, 76 children were killed since the beginning of the unrest in the country, 10 of them are girls. Reports indicate that 18 schools were used as military installations or were bombed, 16 of them in Sana'a and two in Taiz, mostly by government armed forces and groups allied with it. 

MarebPress: Secretary General of the United Nations envoy, Jamal Bin Omar: I am not marketing for any Gulf Initiative and I cannot represent the Gulf countries, there is no alternative initiative.
MarebPress: Jamal Bin Omar, Secretary General of United Nations envoy: I feel sorry for the deteriorating security, economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen. I support the youth in their demands to create a modern civil state
MarebPress: Jamal Bin Omar, Secretary General of United Nations envoy: The situation in Yemen is dangerous and threatens regional and international peace. 

A mass march is scheduled tomorrow in Sheikh Othman after Maghrib prayer, starting from Cario roundabout to renew the revolutionary spirit and reject all attempts to drag Aden into violence, terrorism and to demand the departure of the remnants of the regime. 

Youth in Dhamar carry out a cleaning campaign to the neighborhoods near Change Square today.

MasdarOnline: A mass march went out today in Socotra Island condemning the policy of collective punishment and the lack of water, electricity and fuel in most of the Yemeni cities. They also condemned the continuous shelling on Taiz, Arhab and Nahm and said they are "crimes against humanity".

Confirmed sources in Tareq air base to Al-Sahwa Net: The arrival of more than 200 snipers from Sana'a this morning to Taiz to implement a criminal scheme under the supervision of the remnants of Saleh's regime.

Leader in Hirak movement in Hadramout, Hassan Al-Jelani was kidnapped in Bin Afyan checkpoint in Al-Qutan directorate by armed people. The peaceful Hirak movement holds security forces responsible for his life.

Heavy missile and artillery shelling on Arhab villages by Republican Guards forces stationed in Al-Fareeja, Al-Sama and Bait Dahra camps.

A couple of shots heard near Crater police station in Aden; unknown reasons

SeptemberMobile: Secuirty Committee in Taiz warns of carrying weapons in Taiz starting tomorrow morning

Yemeni Marsad for Human Rights: Authoritarian elements are inciting to break into Change Square of Sana'a.

Al-Ahali Newspaper indicated that the remnants of the regime started spreading thugs from Republican Guards forces in building near Change Square of Sana'a by renting some apartments to prepare to carry out a criminal scheme to storm into the Square. 

Heavy gunfire in Al-Habari roundabout in Hasaba, north of Sana'a. 

Under orders by the remnants of the collapsing regime: A dose of petroleum, according to oil company sales, exceeds 130% and an increase of 100 riyals per liter; one liter of petroleum is for 175 riyals. 

Gunfire in Al-Seyana district in Hasaba, Sana'a; sounds of screams between the area's residents; unknown reasons.

SANA'A, July 25 (Saba) - Donors have provided around 48% of the required amount to meet Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) needs in Yemen, a UN official said on Monday.

UN Secretary General's Envoy Jamal Ben Omar Monday described the situation in Yemen as "very dangerous," and would threaten regional and international peace and security. 

‎44 Locomotive fuel of oil is preparing to enter Sana'a, note that the price of the 20 litre Jerry can rose to 3500 Riyal this morning.

Now an extensive protests in Ibb and burning tires at the entrance of city, protesting the decision to raise the price of oil. 

MasderOnline: tribal control Lauder which make it the third city after Modia and Al-Wadia who expel gunmen believed to belong to Al-Qaeda.

MasderOnline | tribal source | finding 50 weapons, explosives and hand grenades during a raid on houses used by militants supposed to be from al-Qaeda in Lauder. 

Evening march in Taiz

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