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Monday, 11 July 2011

July 11th Updates!

Marches in Taiz, Ibb, Saada, Socotra Island, Al-Bayda, and Dhala today rejecting foreign guardianship, demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime, demanding the formation of a transitional council, and condemning bombing Taiz, Abyan and Arhab as well as attempting to break into Hodeidah Change Square.
MasdarOnline: Yemenia Airlines pilots intend to start a partial strike on Thursday that would stop flights departing from Yemen. #yemen #yf 
JapanTimes: The Yemeni opposition actions lengthened the life of Saleh's regime. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan arrived to Sana'a and met with VP Hadi to discuss a number of issues and topics related to the good relations between the two countries. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: White House counterterrorism chief John Brenna met with Major General Ahmed Ali Al-Ashwal and Republican Guards Special Forces Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh on Monday looking relations of cooperation in the areas of training and exchange of military expertise. #yemen #yf 
Saba- Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi discussed in a meeting with John Brennan, US Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, the latest developments on the national scene.

Republican Guard forces have been heavily bombing Arhab villages since last night until today morning. #yemen #yf
Brigade 62 Republican Guard is now re-shelling houses, farms, water wells, valleys and villages in Arhab, north of Sana'a. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: A deteriorating sitaution that stopped commercial banks in Yemen and expectations of bankruptcy and closure of some. #yemen #yf
Huge fire broke out this afternoon in a gas warehouse in Dareen in Aden. Local sources said that this warehouse is owned by Ibn Mahdi. #yemen #yf

Three injured by live bullets in Hodeidah due to fuel crisis. #yemen #yf
MasdarOnline: Shelling between Republican Guards and Nahm Tribes and news of dead and wounded. #yemen #yf
Dozens of citizens protesting in Hafash for days againt looting the Local Council in Mahweet. #yemen #yf 
MasdarOnline: Saleh's supporters in Tahrir Square closed the post office and Yemen Mobile Branch and drove out the staff to demand their entitlements for the past 4 months. #yemen #yf

Mass march in Taiz today called for a quick formation of a transitional council, condemned foreign intervention in Yemen affairs and condemning the regime attacks on Hodeidah and other cities. #yemen #yf

March in Dhala today demanding the departure of the remnants of Saleh's regime. #yemen #yf

Mass march went out in Al-Baydah today condemning foreign intervention to save the remnants of the family regime. #yemen #yf

Mass march went out in Ibb today rejecting foreign guardianship, demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime, demanding the formation of a transitional council, and condemning bombing Taiz, Abyan and Arhab as well as attempting to break into Hodeidah Change Square. #yemen #yf

Five injured in an attack on the mass march in Ibb today that condemning foreign intervention.
Heavy shelling from near Al-Thawra Hospital now towards civilians houses in Al-Rawda district and Freedom Square in Taiz. #yemen #yf
Republican Guards stationed near Al-Thawra Hospital artillery shelled houses neighbouring to Freedom Square, thick smoke was seen rising from rooftops of those houses, no reports of casualties. #yemen #yf 

A speeding motorcycle carrying two people in Hodeidah opened fire on crowds in front of Qairan Station that is in front of Shaima Complex for girls in University Street; reports of deaths.
Two dead and two injured resulted when Saleh's thugs opened fired on Qairan Station in Hodeidah from a motorcycle in Hodeidah. #yemen #yf 
Heavy security deployment in Crater, Aden and security forces are chasing youth in the streets and sounds of gunfire. #yemen #yf
Activist Khaled Dajnah was arrested moments ago after he was chased by security forces in Crater, Aden. #yemen #yf
Aden: Activist Nabeel Al-Abd got arrested and Crater youth are cutting Arwa Street; security forces opened fire in every direction. #yemen #yf
Activists Jamal Hamedi and Abdulfatah Al-Rabee arrested in Moala, Aden after security forces arrested them and shot fire and chased Al-Rabee's friends towards Al-Kaf building. #yemen #yf
Armored vehicles came out of 20th Camp heading towards downtown Crater, Aden. #yemen #yf 
Civilian Sadeq Ali Al-Baraq, from Barman village died after Brigade 62 Republican Guard bombed Fareejaa, Arhab and destroyed a number of homes. Shelling is still ongoing by tanks and artillery at several villages in the region. #yemen #yf
Outcome of Republican Guards bombing Arhab today, 1 dead, two injured in Sulman, burning a house and destroying another along with a drinking water well in Shoob, and abduction of an injured Sheikh with his bodyguards by Brigade 62 Republican Guards. #yemen #yf
A 13 year old sending a message after her father was killed in Taiz yesterday by Republican Guard shelling on the city. #yemen #yf
The city of Taiz in the south of Yemen is being shelled on a daily basis, the citizens live in fear and feel frustrated because nobody seem to care what they have go through. Hamud Akhlan, A neighbor in the Rawdah area explian what civilians have to live day by day. #yemen #yf
A small village outside of Taiz was bombed by tanks and helicopters according to witnesses. The house of Sheikh Mansour Saddam was targeted because he supports the revolution and decided to protect the youth after the May 29th Massacre. The video also shows how a school was bombed in the vicinity of the village. #yemen #yf 
March in Sa'ada today rejecting foreign intervention

Change Square in Sana'a demanding revolution escalation

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