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Saturday, 2 July 2011

July 2nd updates!

United Nations Higher Commissioner of Human Rights mission arrives to Aden after visiting Taiz and Sana'a. It has been said that the mission received a file in Aden of all the violations against the people since 1996. 
MasdarOnline: Ahmad Al-Soufi: Doctors fear Saleh will be exposed to dust, thats behind the postponement of his speech
Abdo Al-Janadi: United States of America is the main reason behind the worsening fuel and electricity crisis in Yemen because they "killed Al-Shabwani son"
GCP leader to Okaz: We do not mind transferring power to VP but we fear a coup by the opposition on the VP after transferring power
Displacement of hundreds of people from the Directorate of Nahm escaping the artillery bombing and appeals to relief the displaced
Taiz: Violent clashes in 60th ST and security reinforcements of the Republican Guard reach Taiz from the capital Sana'a.
Aden : one person was killed and 4 were injured when being shot by the Yemeni army this morning
Tens of Yemeni people in Germany participated in a demonstration after Friday noon in front of the Saudi embassy in Berlin demanding Saudi to stop its support of Saleh regime , withdraw the GCC initiative and recognizing the Yemeni revolution .
After the resignation of the Minister of water in the caretaker government Fisheries Minister Mohammed Shamlan charged with the functions of the Minister of Water
Taiz: hearing explosions and live bullets in 60th st
sources: the fuel crisis in Yemen is fabricated and officials monopoly the oil derivatives.
Taiz: Witnesses: wounded and dead in Al-Gundia area from regime forces of the after an attack by gunmen
staff went on strike in Sana'a International Airport protesting on delalying the payment of their monthly salaries
Taiz: In conjunction with the arrival of the United Nations Mission the Republican guards troops stationed in the revolution hospital and its vicinity withdrawn along with its heavy equipment, replaced by security forces instead
Al-Jazeera correspondent | Yemeni opposition begin discussing the formation of a transitional council
MasdarOnline : Governor of Al-Baidaa shoots live bullets in the air air to disperse protesters demanding the topple of the regime.
Taiz: Armed clashes taking place in Sharhab junction between armed tribes and regime forces and armed civilians who belong to the regime an hour ago
Yaman Agency News :Taiz: Murad Alaubli the Republican Guard commander in Taiz was being ambushed in 60th street resulting the death and wound of number of his companions, including his son,they were taken to military hospital in Taiz, which turned into a military barracks after the incident, not to mention that Murad Alaubli is the leader of Freedom Square Holocaust on 29 May that killed dozens and hundreds of wounded
Taiz: Tanks in the Thawra Hospital vicinity went in to Sharhab and Al-Tazia junctions who witness the clashes since Saturday morning.
Taiz: three were killed and 11 injured, in Mekhlaf-Sharaab Junction
Sanaa : attacking the photographer Mohammed Al-Emad by the security committee in change square while he was covering a female march today
VP Hadi meets U.S. and French ambassadors, and discuss the new developments in the Yemeni arena
Mareb Press | JMP Spokesman, Mohammed Qahtan : The Supreme Council for the JMP formed committees to study all the possible options, including the formation of a transitional council and the possibility of the transfer of power according to the GCC initiative
Suhail | International Investigative mission arrives to Aden and thousands protest to condemn the crimes of the regime.
Dhamar | full cut of water from the city of Dhamar for 3 days, and warnings of a humanitarian disaster
Taiz : the Republican Guards are shelling a school and a house randomly in 60th St
Sultan Alatawani from JMP to Al-MasdarOnline| we discussed during the meeting the idea of a transitional counsil, and we need days to announce it
Al-Arabiya : five members of the Republican guards were killed after clashes with militants of Taiz
Al-Arabiya : A major tribal leader is calling on army to make negotiations with extremists in Zinjbar ,Abyan
Escalating artillery, missile and air bombing on the villages of Arhaeb, and the Republican Guard is besieging the directorate preventing the entry of basic commodities and medicines
The outcome of indiscriminate bombing by the Republican Guard from 60th st. on areas in Taiz is 3 wounded including a woman
September Mobile | Minister of Defence: army and security forces imposed a secuirty belt to protect Aden from terrorist acts
MasdarOnline :the acting ambassador in the Yemeni Embassy in Beirut stopped the activist Abdul Rahman Al-Ashwal from work because of his pro-Revolution activities.
General prosecution refers 79 defendants in the Friday of dignity case March 18 in university St, to the western capital court
Taiz: Witnesses :more than twenty tanks entered today to 60th st. reinforcing the presence of the Republican Guard there
Tajded News | postponing the visit of the international investigation mission of UN to Aden until tomorrow because of air traffic
Second part of the Interview with Sheikh Hamud Said Al Maghlafi, here he gives his impressions on whether another massacre can be repeated in Freedom Square, he talks about the future of Yemen and sends a special message to the current regime and the world 
AJA: Taiz: 12 soldiers killed in clashes between gunmen loyal to the revolution and the Republican Guard.
One of the largest youth coalitions in Yemen explains their plans for a transfer of power in the country: a National Transitional Council. For many of the millions of pro democracy protesters in Yemen the NTC should be the way ahead in their revolution. How wold it work? Would it work? Judge for yourselves 
Sanaa | National Democratic Front of the ruling party coalition GPC announced its Joining to the revolution now from change square platform
A video that shows the escape of Al-Baidaa governor during shooting the protesters in the province 
Three military brigades belonging to the Republican Guard is currently engaged in heavy shelling of Arheb villages - North Yemen - and fire ignited in a number of villages and districts. Brigades are - 61-62 Arheb area - and General 63 in Nabi Hareth "Beet Dehra"
Heavy Katyushas shelling in Al-Aboua village in Arheb from the Republican Guard Brigade 63 and seeing the flames rise from the houses
Arhab: Bani Jermoz village was destroyed by two missiles fired by the special guards led by Al-Bukhiti.
MaribPress: Organizing Committee of the youth revolution in Sana'a confirmed that Yahya Saleh and the remains of the family sarcasm of the blood of martyrs will not go unpunished
Taiz: spread of large tanks in 60th street and seeing some tanks heading to Makhlaf
Huge explosions are rocking the city of Taiz now , source of the explosions is still unknown
Mareb Press : Disappearance of 4 of the disabled since the burning of freedom Square in Taiz, and the security forces burned all the files of the dead and wounded
MasdarOnline: Sana'a residents are living terrifying nights due to the spread of firing live ammunition and fireworks
Very powerful explosions shaking Taiz moments ago
MasdarOnline: 79 accused of Friday of Dignity Massacre (March 18th) in Sana'a are referred to court, sources say that the perpetrators are not among the defendants.
MarebPress: Republican Guards are artillery shelling areas near 60th Street in Taiz, and heavy clashes are taking place in the same area. 
Statement by Democratic Front of GCP to the youth revolution in Change Square declaring its rejection to the crisis by the regime and supporting the demands of the revolution. The statement was issued on June 22nd 2011
Witnesses to YamanNewsAgency: Provocations by Republican Guards to Sheikh Al-Ahmar supporters in Hasaba, along with a wide spread of snipers in Saylah area near Rescue Police camp in Sana'a.
Very heavy aritellry shelling on 60th Street and Sharab junction in Taiz right now.
One of the regime thugs attacked one of the youth in Taiz and shot him with live bullets in his abdomen. The young man is in a very critical condition, bleeding could not be stopped. Other youth are trying to find that thug but as usual, they attack and run!
Very heavy gunfire in Kalabah and Al-Shamasi Mount areas in Taiz and in the vicinity of Central Security camp
Another powerful explosion shaking Taiz now and artillery bombardment from Republican Guards camp in Jund on 60th St, Sharab juncition and Hashma.
Very heavy clashes taking place right now in Al-Hawban and Dairi areas in Taiz.
Sources to MediaCenter: Heavy artillery shelling on 60th St in Taiz and news about the arrival of helicopters carrying reinforcements of Republican Guards officers and soldiers there. Appears that the guards were told that they will be transfered to Abyan to fight Al-Qaeda!
Very powerful explosions shaking Taiz city continuiously, seems that the "Republican Family Gaurds" declared war on Taiz.
Female march in Change Square of Sana'a condemning the gas, petrol, electricity cuts and demanding Ahmad Ali's departure 
Massive fire broke out in a gas station in Lahj- reports of injures.
Eyewitnesses confirm seeing a car carrying bodies of victims from clashes in 60th Street in Taiz right now.
MarebPress: Declaring son of former South of Yemen President Salmeen, as acting governor of Aden.
Sources in Aden Refinery reveal orders to provide 10% only from the total needs of oil derivatives to the Yemeni cities
MarebPress: Defense Minister heading a local meeting in Aden: There are armed terrorist elements who were able to enter Aden and we are recruting youth from the city to protect them from maintaing armed marching
MarebPress: 3 civilians killed including a woman due to heavy artillery shelling by Republican Guards forces on areas close to 60th Street in Taiz
Witness to MarebPress: 20 tanks belonging to Republican Gaurds moved towards the bombing area in 60th St, the bombing is coming from Al-Jund camp.
Lahj: The fire was caused by gunfire by militants on an oil tanker near a gas station
Lahj: The oil tanker that exploded belongs to Al-Sayaadi, the one who owns Qa'ataba Gas Station
Power outage in Taiz and continuation of violent clashes in 60th Street
Heavy clashes took place in Zanjibar, Abyan; not much information due to telecommunication outage in the city- reports of dead and injured.
Heavy and constant gunfire towards Freedom Square in Taiz right now.
Clahes are now taking place near the Presidential Palace and the old airport in Taiz; news of dead and wounded from Republican Guards.
Continuous heavy gunfire from 11:00pm until 1:15am in Taiz; sporadic shooting right now.
Gunmen seize a security checkpoint in 60th Street and destroy a number of armored vehicles; bombing is targetting civilian homes in Taiz.
A Toyota Hilux pick-up arrived to military hospital in Taiz moments ago loaded with Republican Guards bodies.

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