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Saturday, 2 July 2011

July 1st- Revolution Until Victory Friday

Gunfire is heard and heavy equipment in Al-Mujaleya and Arwa School district near the governors house in Taiz- unknown reasons
MarebPress: Revolutionaries gathered in 17 Square in Yemen while the remnants of regime's supporters gathered in Al-Saleh mosque.
Hassan Zaid to AJA: JMP is seriously considering declaring a transitional council in response to the pressure from the sit-ins
Tajded News: Yemen arrests a gang specialized in kidnapping and trafficking children.
Abdo Al-Janadi to AJA: Yemen still ows loyalty and obedience to President Ali Abdullah Salleh, commander of the armed forces
Aden: The spread of suspected militants who are believed to be from Abyan armed groups in Mansoura .
MarebPress: Republican Guards renew bombing Arhab tribe and destroy two houses by tank shelling an hour ago.
Al-Mawri "political analyst" to Al-Hurra : banning the Yemeni TV by Saudi from recording an interview with Saleh is an indication of his bad health condition
MasdarOnline| - tribal led by an official in GPC blow up an oil pipeline in Marib,and Yemen loss due to stop exporting.
Yaman Agency News : Low-flying of warplanes on the villages and areas in Arheb now
Lahj: two militants were wounded and a leading member in killed in the Southern Movement was killed in Radfan ,and continuing the siege on the western military sector
Explosions shook Khormaksar, Aden right now, some people in the coast of Abyan and Al-Aresh say the direction points to Al-Aelm checkpoint located in Abyan road.
Warplanes are bombing Solman village in Arhab; Arhab tribes are warning the regime and the Republican Guards Brigades stationed there on the consequences of what will happen.
Hadramout | march began this afternoon from the Sayaoon palace-change square to the main platform
Tajded News: Yemeni Minister: Saleh is dead, and all what is broadcast in the official media placed us in the center of international ridicule.
MasdarOnline: Water Minister, Abdulrahman Al-Eryani resigns from caretaker government refusing the worsening conditions of Yemen
Sanaa | a security alert in Sanaa and a complete closure of Al-Qayada ST, preventing cars from entering it
Female mass march in Crater, Aden condemning the regime massacres, power outage, lack of petrol, diesel and gas
Abyan: warplanes are now bombing Zinjbar with the continuation of the artillery shelling.
Hajja : Tens of thousands demonstrate in "revolution until victory," Friday rejecting the Saudi American interference in Yemeni affairs and demanding resolution.
YamanNewsAgency: Woman and child less than year old killed when warplanes bombed Solman village in Arhab moments ago.
Renewed gunfire in the vicinity of Freedom Square in Taiz.
Abyan: huge reinforcements of militants reached Zinjbar .
Republican Guards in Arhab bombed the house of a citizen named Ali Abdullah which led to burning his house completely and the death of his wife and his daughter- less than a year old.
MarebPress: 3 people injured in Qataba directorate in Dhala after gunmen cut on locomotives that were loaded with gas and diesel
Death of at least 15 soldiers in clashes in Al-Saleh area near Al-Wahda Stadium in Zanjibar, Abyan.
The pro-revolutionary military renewed their full support towards the youth revolution against Saleh's regime, following accusations of going out of this path, on Friday July 1st 2011 in a statement that they issued.

The spokesman of the pro-revolution military, Colonel Zuail said in a brief statement after Friday prayer in 60th St, "our skulls, our positions and our medals are under the feet of the people, if it wasn't for the people, their freedom and independence." 
Local Sources: 15 soldiers held hostages in clashes in Al-Saleh area near Al-Wahda Stadium in Zanjibar, Abyan.
Local Source: Tension in brigade 25 Mika and disagreements among soldiers because of the delay of military reinforcements in Zanjibar, Abyan.
Telecommunication (landlines and mobile phone services) in Zanjibar stopped along with severe tension in the city.
After fierce fighting that took place today in the vicinity of Al-Saleh area, gunmen took full control of it and Al-Wahda Stadium. The Stadium represents the biggest threats to Brigade 25 Mika. If the Stadium is not retaken by government forces then that means the brigade could fall any moment. Keeping in mind that there is delay in the arrival of reinforcements; 30 soldiers have been killed and captured in Al-Saleh clashes today.
Security Source: The 15 soldiers who were captured by militants today in Al-Saleh area clashes in Zanjibar got executed. 
Three huge trucks full with ammunition were transfered from Republican Guards camp in Sana'a to an unknown destination
Evening march in Change Square of Sana'a

Contined missile and artillery shelling of homes and villages in Arhab by Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a camp
Pro-Saleh supporters

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Sana'a

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Taiz

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Dhamar

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Ibb

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Hodeidah

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Rada'a

Revolution Until Victory Friday in Al-Baydah
Revolution Until Victory in Hajjah

Revolution Until Victory in Sa'ada

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