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Friday, 22 July 2011

July 21st Updates!

MasdarOnline: Government media announced yesterday the death of two Al-Qaeda leaders in Abyan, Ayed Al-Shabwani and Awad Mohammed Saleh Al-Shabwani. However, this is not the first time that Yemeni authorities have announced the death of Ayed Al-Shabwani. They announced his death back in January 2010 in an air strike that targeted two cars between Sa'ada and Al-Jawf. 

Mass march in the streets of Taiz condemning foreign interference, demands the departure of the remnants of the regime and supports the Transitional Council. 

Brigade 62 Republican Guards is bombing Al-Hadam and Al-Darb villages in Arhab and reports of dead and injured

A massacre is committed by the regime against the villages of Arhab resulted in the death of five civilians from Al-Darab village and six from Yahees village in addition to dozens of wounded and a number of destroyed drinking wells and houses along with burnt farms.

Republican Guards stationed in Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz are firing live bullets on the march that passed near them; reports of wounded.

Arabiya: One protester shot dead by military forces live bullets in Taiz. 

Shabwa | A march went out this afternoon supporting the southern movement but was attacked by security forces by live bullets and rubber bullets. A number of injures were reported as well as activists who were arrested.

Names of the arrested:
- Leader Salim Lahoul
- Political Activist Mohammed Salim Faraj
- Activist Juma'an Muslim
- Activist Mutee Al-Radfani 

One dead civilian right now due to Republican Guards bombardment on Al-Darab and Yahees villages in Arhab.

Martyr Majed Hussien Al-Hayej and injured Wijdan Jameel Haidara (shot in the head, clinical death) are the victims of the shooting by Security Forces in Moala, Aden while waiting to receive Ramandan subsidies from Hayel Saeed Anam Company.

SahwaMobile: One dead and a number of injured when Republican Guards attacked a youth march in Al-Thawra Hospital Street in Taiz.

Martyr Musa Abduljabar Al-Qadasi, 22 years old, lives in Masabah area in Taiz. He was shot while in a march today that passed in front of Al-Thawra Hospital by Republican Guards forces while they were singing the national anthem 

Inside march in Change Square of Sana'a in loyalty to marytr Hassan Al-Hori

Mass march in Al-Baydah supporting the Transitional Council of Yemen. 
MasdarOnline: German Newspaper: Berlin is trying to persuade President Saleh to step down and his family is opposing. 

More than 70 officers and soldiers of Republican Guards forces announce joining the peaceful revolution in Lahj. 

Hood Organization: The death of a female teacher and a 21 year old man by Pro-Saleh supporters yesterday in Tahrir. The female is Fatima Al-Hamami who directly died after she was shot in her eye when she was watching the clashes last night in Tahrir. Akram Al-Hababi was the 21 year old that was stabbed by a Jambiya by Pro-Saleh supporters yesterday in Tahrir as well. His family said that they were preparing for his wedding.

YamanNewsAgency: Brigade 62 Republican Guards in Arhab bombed an ambulance last night and killed three paramedics along with a fourth one that died after suffering severe injuries. A crime against human rights

Hood Organization condemns the killing of Tahrir residents by Pro-Saleh supporters yesterday night in Sana'a and demands to trail them.

Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain are randomly shelling villages and areas of Arhab by Katyusha and artillery, damaging homes, wells and public property. 

MasdarOnline: While they were on their way to support Ansar Al-Sharia, one militant killed and 15 others arressted in clashes with tribesmen in Abyan.

MarebPress: Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain is shelling villages of Arhab by tanks, missiles and widespread of destruction in the region

A statement from the Civil Society Organizations regarding what happened to Allaw Foundation and Hood Organization from burning their archive

Dozens of officers and soldiers of Republican Guards and Central Security forces announce joining the peaceful revolution from Change Square of Sana'a now. 

Republican Guards forces in Bait Dahra and Sama'a camps are artillery and Katyusha shelling Shara'a, Al-Aboha, and Shoob villages in Arhab now.

MasdarOnline: Reports of the spread of US ships and boats in Zanjibar and Al-Janadi acknowledges US logistical support in fightin Al-Qaeda in Abyan

Brigade 63 Republican Guards in Nahm bombed Ayal Sayad village at 10:00pm by RPG missiles which resulted in the killed of two people as a preliminary report:
- Ahmad Hussien Hussine Hatroom
- Basheer Hussien Hatroom 

Wijdan Jameel Haidara was shot earlier today by unknowns in Moala, Aden and seriously injured. He was transfered to the hospital to later be hospitalized to Jordan for treatment, however, Wijdan passed away moments ago

Suhail: Yasser Al-Malami, Yemen State TV announcer and a member of the media committee of the Supreme Coordination of the Revolution was subjected to gunfire by a blue color car without a plate number in Jerraf Street in Sana'a. 

Wijdan Jameel Haidara was shot earlier today by unknowns in Moala, Aden and seriously injured. He was transfered to the hospital to later be hospitalized to Jordan for treatment, however, Wijdan passed away moments ago

Yasser Al-Malami: The failed assassination attempt that I was subjected to was because of joining the peaceful youth revolution because they want to keep us quiet and kill as much as they can after they cut off our salaries and prevented from entering the TV building. I was shot at by a car without a plate number. 

A ceremony to honor revolution photographers was held today in Sana'a under the name of "A Photo Until Victory" in Change Square. However, Mohammed Al-Emad, the known photographer, withdrew from the recognition because the Supreme Munsaqya did not officially apologize to him after he was attacked by the security committee while covering a female march on July 3rd.

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