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Friday, 22 July 2011

July 19th Updates!

Three injured prisoners in Mansoura prison in Aden when security forces tried to put down rebellion. 

Senior source in Ruling Party of Yemen confirmed to Okaz that Ali Saleh will have an additional surgery in the next two days. The source explained that Saleh's return to Yemen will not be soon as promoted by some, pointing out that it willl take some time. He also pointed out that his health along with the other officials are in continuous improvements. #yemen #yf

March in Taiz against Qairan and Soufi 
Mass march in Dhamar
Taiz | Qayran, security director in Taiz confiscates copies of AlAhali newspaper issued for distribution in the city.

AFP reports that a suspected leader of Al-Qaeda in the Abyan province in south Yemen has been killed by the army, a government official said on Tuesday

Suhail: Pilots, officers and soldiers of the air base in Hodeidah warn the Republican Guards of consequences of storming the air base.

Youth march that went out today without the connsent of the parties is being attacked by thugs in the Presidential Palace roundabout in Hodeidah, dozens of injured and three from the Youth Resolution coalition were kidnapped and now tortured by regime thugs. 

Continued clashes between Resolution Youth and groups of thugs in Hodeidah. 

Indiscriminate bombing by Katusha and artillery on villages and areas of Arhab by Republican Guards in Al-Sama'a Mountain

Chairman of National Security: Ali Al-Anisi: Results of the investigation of the assassination attempt of President Saleh will be announced through public trails for those involved.

One kidnapped and 9 injured by stones and batons when thugs attacked a march in Hodeidah.

Suhail: Air Police Led by Mohammed Saleh Al-Ahmar, Abdulmalik Al-Durrah and Ahmad Guzailan, surround pilots and officers of the air base in Hodeidah and threaten to cut off water and electricity of the base. 

MasdarOnline: Armed thugs attack a march demanding revolution resolution in Hodeidah and injure 8 of them by live bullets and kidnap one.

Female march in Taiz through the streets of Taiz passing by Al-Thawra Hospital where Republican Guards tried to stop them from proceeding but they stood still and continued marching; Republican Guards eventually gave up.
A group of Republican Guards join the peaceful revolution right now in Change Square of Sana'a

An agreement between Al-Qaeda gunmen and Lodr Sheikhs in Abyan to allow the gunmen to pass through the checkpoints that were set by the popular committees in the city only if the militants commit not to fire live bullets on any civilian or soldier and to vacate the gunmen from inside the Political Security building within two days

Al-Markasha Tribe in Shakra, Abyan succeed in driving out militants belonging to Al-Qaeda from the city and cleanse the sites that they seized. 

Continued clashes between youth and groups of thugs backed by Central Security forces by firing live bullets on the youth in Hodeidah.

MasdarOnline: Violent clashes between JMP and Huthis led to the death of 8 Huthi's and one tribesmen in Al-Jawf.

Heavy gunfire in Jamal Street near DeLux Hotel to terrify citizen in Taiz.

Sheikh Mohammed Salim Bin Abood Al-Sharef and a number of Yemeni Sheikhs were subjected to a failed assassination attempt at one of the Change Square entrances in Sana'a; the offender has been arrested.

Explosions in Sana'a Street in Hodeidah accompained with heavy shooting by light and heavy weapons in a distance not less than 900 meters away from Change Square.

MasdarOnline: JMP endorse the formation of a "National Council" for the revolution which will be as a popular national institution and a legislative and reuglatory reference that represents the different Change and Freedom Square of Yemen. 

Heavy gunfire near Change Square of Sana'a; no further details. 

Outcome of regime thugs attacking youth near Change Square of Hodeidah resulted in 105 injured, 3 of them by live bullets.

Mass march in Sana'a

Army is advancing from Dofis side (south side) towards the city of Zanjibar in preparation to storm in and clear it from militants.

Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar discussed with the Transitional Council on ways to manage the transitional phase in Yemen.

Aden-Abyan road has been closed along with Al-Aelm checkpoint because of the intersified battles in Zanjibar, Abyan. 

Hassan Al-Hori passed away yesterday when he was shot by regime thugs during a march by independent youth in Sana'a

Indiscriminate and powerful shelling from 60th Street in Taiz by Republican Guards on different districts of Taiz.

Some of the injured in Hodeidah today when thugs and security forces attacked a peaceful march.

A group of Republican Guards forces joined the revolution yesterday at Change Square of Sana'a. 

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