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Sunday, 10 April 2011

April 10th Updates!

- A huge demonstration organized by teachers in Ibb is now on the streets of Ibb marching and chantin the fall of the regime

- URGENT: Marib Press: Hundreds of the republican guards are currently deployed in the 60th street in civilian clothing

- URGENT: Sana'a: Arrival of the mass rally that roamed the 60th street, west from the Change square. They are wavin flags for the Gulf ccooperation council countries and some international organizations.

- URGENT: Ibb: Youth surround the governate building in Ibb and secuirty forces refuse to open fire on them

- New tactics by Saleh Forced disappearance (Kidnapping) of protesters.

- URGENT: Sana'a: Thugs are at Zubairi bridge in Aser. While protesters march across the 60th street.

- URGENT: Huge demonstrations in Sana'a, Taiz, Ibb and Hodiedah condemning the Saleh massacres against protesters in Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hodiedah and Mukalah asking for his trial.

- Yemen revealed a number of ATM's in the capital Sanaa has a high percentage of detection of counterfeit currency of Yemeni Riyals

- More kidnapping attacks in Taiz by thugs

- The water used to spray the protesters is very hot and smells really bad- sweage water-

-‎ 50 young revolutionist of the detainees at the presidential house have been moved to Al-Ahmar house in Sanhan. People are puttin the whole responsiblity of what might happen to them on Ali Saleh.

- Demonstration in the roads of Al-Moala'a in Aden to support revolutionists in Sana'a and Taiz

- URGENT: The meeting of the ministers of Gulf states has been postponed for a couple of hours to discuss Yemen issues.

- A convoy from Aden with 40 doctors on board arrived to Taiz Sunday morning as a respond to their call of aid.

- URGENT: Al-Jazeera: Gulf Cooperation Council concluded its meeting by a call to the Ali Saleh to hand over power to his deputy and form a national united government under the leadership of the opposition.

- Youth in the Change Square are dissapointed, GCC call Saleh to transfer his powers but not to leave. He could stay till 2013. Making the opposition in charge would forget about the Youth's demands.

- URGENT: Abyan: Army bombs sites in Ba'maeen and Akad and wounds 13 civilians. Residents are confused on why is this happening now.

- Youth REJECT any negotiations with the president! All they're asking for is: Ali Saleh has to leave without giving any guarantees to the ruling family.

- Hodiedah: April 11th, Monday, a civil disobedience and a huge demonstration will take place.

- Rebounds: diplomatic sources in the Yemeni embassy in the UAE's told "Sahwa net" that the ruling family in Yemen turned nearly $400 million last Tuesday to different banks in Dubai. Source preferrd to not disclose his name for his safety.

- Hood said in an urgent statement: Witness confirms that he was transferred on a truck that carries central security that belongs to security forces and saw four dead bodies covered in blood beside him, their blood also covered the truck from inside. Three other witnesses saw soldiers and security forces dressed in civilian clothes car...rying a protesters' dead body that have died beside Zubairi bridge into a civilian car without a license number. More witnesses from the residents of that area indicated that armed civilians (security forces in civilian uniforms) forced shopkeepers near the scene to close down their stores. They prevented people to leave their houses and started shooting bullets towards the houses. They even stormed the house of a judge and confiscated his camera that was filimg their attacks on the protesters as well as his personal weapon.See More

In Ibb, after midnight the protesters deicded to pray:

The Silent March_Yemen (A message to the international community)

Female and male march in Sana'a with an addition to an army spokseman at the end.

Publicity of the final version of the coalition document to support the peaceful youth revolution, Yemenis in Britian.

Sana'a today!

A statement by the protesters indicating that they will not leave the Squares in Yemen (Change Square in Sana'a) until Ali Saleh leaves without any guarantees. They say that he has no right to choose who he wants to take over after him and only they do that. No negotiations or mediations, and who ever negotiates only represents himself and not the revolutionists.

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