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Friday, 29 April 2011

JMP Statement against April 27 Massacre- Sana'a

Sana'a: In a statement condemned the brutal massacre by Saleh's regime yesterday, JMP are rejecting the joint initiative Gulf if it failed to protect peaceful demonstrators and protestors demanded siblings and friends is clear and serious attitude towards the continuing massacres of the regime in Yemen.

Text of the statement:

In The Name of God the Merciful

Statement issued by the JMP

The brutal massacre committed today by Saleh's regime and his family (his sons and his brothers and nephews) against peaceful demonstrators in front of Al-Thawra Stadium in Sana'a and in Al-Aresh area in Aden, which resulted in the outcome of a preliminary death of 12 young men and more than 130 wounded, several of them in serious condition, in addition to dozens of abducted protesters and firing live bullets on some of the ambulance that tried to help the wounded, as well as dozens of them were left on the sidewalk bleeding to death is very much shameful, and is criminal and horrendous shock to the human conscience, which makes them crimes against humanity.

Without a doubt this confirms that the regime is still committing crimes and causing bloodshed, and it is not serious about commiting to the agreement as it has always been. However, his insistence on continuing bloodshed with such brutality puts the efforts of the Gulf countires in accepting and signing the agreement is highly questionable because it is known that this regime manipulates all the time, which proves that it will continue shedding more blood to fail this agreement. These brutal massacres committed using live ammunition are only a prove that it is done to expand the rejection for the initaitive to achieve the real message behind all this, which is getting away from a written consent to the GCC.

Brothers and friends today are demanding a serious clear position- if they want the agreement to proceed successfully- to condemn the massacres committed by security forces. We have long warned that these forces are under the ruling family's leadership that was and still is behind everything that have happened to this country from disasters; as well as what is practiced today from violence and bloodshed. The continuation of this family in leadership and commanding these forces will make every agreement to get the country out of this crisis not possible. And this is confirmed by the facts and events as the political parties are almost reaching an agreement with the efforts of the GCC.

The most immediate tasts for the GCC now is to protect the peaceful protesters and if this does not happen then the JMP will find themselves unable to proceed with the signing the agreement, indications of the regime that they want to hire it to shed more blood of the people, as evidence what happened the past days.

We believe that our brothers -GCC- agree with our opinion because they cannot grant this regime to continue murdereing and commiting these horrific crimes without real guaranteest to stop these crimes.

We have agreed to the initative to spare our people more bloodshed, if that is not possible and the regime continued to kill our poeple and children, what remains as a justification to continue to murder and continue the massacres and it will be the only one responsibly for all the crimes it committed. The revolution is going on and is on the road to victory god willing; we have tried our best to have a safe exit for the country but the tyranny did not agree but to continue to shed more blood of the people after being a president for the last three decades.

The JMP is praying mecry for the martyrs and wishing the wounded a speecy recovery; it is also calling all the Yemeni people, especially those who are still supporting Ali Saleh to join the revolution and unite with the youth in the different squares and escalate it every where around Yemen.

The pure blood that was shed by Saleh and his sons around the streets of Sana'a and Aden today will not extend the statue of the limitations and will not keep him in power for long, the revolution will not break to move towards salvation and redemption.



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