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Saturday, 23 April 2011

GCC Draft- Saleh out? 1 dead in Yafa Military moves and other updates. April 23rd

1. GCC Draft News  2. Economy 3. Military Moves

GCC Draft of plan (see previous post) - Saleh and Opposition Accepted.
Yemen's #Saleh Accepts Deal to Step Down - 

Yemen Embassy in United States official statement: 
We applaud the announcements by the Yemeni Government and the opposition that they have accepted the GCC-brokered agreement to resolve the political crisis in a peaceful and orderly manner. We encourage all parties to move swiftly to implement the terms of the agreement so that the Yemeni people can soon realize the security, unity, and prosperity that they have so courageously sought and so richly deserve.
News right before GCC statement: unconfirmed reports of the fully loaded cargo flights out of Sana'a ,laden with antiques and artefacts ,ancient scrolls,cash,and valuable3 swords,jambias and other items belonging to the Yemeni public

2 injured in Aden after protesters decided to erect a baracade on Strike Day. Taiz, Lahj and Abyan also observe strike days which all services are shut down, on Saturdays and Wednesdays. 

One dead in Yafa,  (southern) Yemen today.
(image of Yafa from 2009, Gulf News)
C.Y. Just got a text message, fierce fighting in Yafa between tribes and the Republican Guards in Alur mountain.

200 Adenis from the port of South Yemen came to Taiz to show unity and solidarity. (context in 1994 there was a civil war between north and south  and many southerners wanted to secede, but secession less popular after Saleh attacked protesters. (above is a photo of the flag of secession in Yafa in 1999).

Army defections in Sanaa by


 A'dab Faculty Department of English students Young  stood up to Thugs and Forces Who threw them W/stones&shots in air    students didn't stop protest till neighbor SecurityOffice released colleagues Young  were, particularly,brave

Yesterday -youth protested in Turbah village, mountain near Taiz,  Saleh's men shot. Villagers shot back, kicked Saleh forces out. 

Security Forces besiege  Faculty of Humanities.Shootings. Students were preparing for demo.Neighbors&College are neighbors 

 FM Abdulla bin Zayed arrives  today.  plan altered  
Taiz General Strike from 08:00-12:00 am 


-Ancient artifacts, tablets, ancient jabmiyahs reportedly smuggled out of Yemen 

 - Yemen Times: 
Professor and economic analyst Salah Al-Maqtari asserted that there is an actual economic crisis taking place and that it was entirely foreseeable, considering the large portion of public funds that is being spent on securing the loyalty of pro-government protesters, sheikhs, quarter chiefs and thugs.

“I don’t know exactly how much has been spent thus far,” said Al-Maqtari, “but I estimate it to be around USD 1 billion or more.  Nonetheless, the situation will improve as soon as the president steps down.  This is because all sides will be satisfied and Yemen will begin receiving large amounts of foreign aid, as was the case in post-Mubarak Egypt.”

“However,” continued Al-Maqtari, “should Saleh remain in power, the situation will become even more critical.  Fortunately, I think that things will get better and will return back to normal two weeks after his departure.  The dollar will go down in favor of the Yemeni riyal because all current economic problems in the country stem from the unlimited expenditures being made carelessly by the ruling party and which reflect negatively upon the common people.”

----------------- Military moves
#Mukalah refuses to accept shipment of weapons in its airport and the regime transfers it to Al-Ghaydah #Yemen #yf

The arrival of 150 tanks from the ports of #Hodeidah to a camp for special forces north east of the city #yemen #yf #AliSaleh

#Saleh moves planes (airport not safe from firqahمصادر عسكرية تقول إن طائرات حربية تتجه إلى تعز ولحج وشبوة من مطار صنعاء (could be google translated)

alguneid abdulkader alguneid 
Sokhoy bomber planes & Mig jet fighters moved to #Taiz & #Aden. Only F5 are left in #Sanaa #Yemen ( #AJA &Others)

N.Q.L. reports of 2 C130-Hercules (Miltiray air-transport),arrived in Taiz airport,loaded with bombs and rockets!! April 22)

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