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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Maher Hassan: They kidnapped his relatives, confiscated his apartment & burnt him

The story of the young man burned in the Change Square in Sanaa
Hood Online:

Yesterday evening, April 1st, when Maher Hassan was leaving the Change Square before a few meters away from there, he found himself suddenly on fire. They poured gas on his back, he felt something cold before he realizes it, his body was on fire.

Young Maher Hassan has a rendted apartment owned by Saleh Al-Esra who is close to Abdullah Al-Bashiri Secretary-General of the presidency of Yemen.  Maher was attacked many times before and the landlord asked im to the leave the Change of Square by threatening to kidnap his wife, son and mother. When he refused to do the landlord did was her threatend him with and kidnapped his relatives. He hid them in a basement for two days and when he brought them out he prevented them from going back to the apartment in which they lived in, confiscated all their property even their clothes, and threatened the women if they told Maher her will burry them underground.

Maher had worn a hat that had "The people want the trail of the assassin" written on it which is why they wanted to burn him.

First sentence he said as he woke up from the coma was; "Hold on until victory!"

Mahers mother visted him in the hospital after hearing of what happened to him when he left the Change Square. His family is living a very hard time, especially that Maher is the one that helps them out. They are currently living with some relatives as they have been kicked out of their apartment.

The attorney-general directed to investigate the crime of burning Maher Hassan.

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  1. This incident is very disturbing. I hope those who are involved in this crime will be jailed and receive a long sentence.