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Thursday, 7 April 2011

April 7th Updates+ Extras!

URGENT: Tariq al-Shami: The Gulf Initiative is dishonorable in the right of our brothers and friends.

URGENT: The Yemeni government rejects the Gulf initiative and the opposition welcomes it under certian conditions

#AliSaleh sends tribal mediation to #Arhab tribe asking permission of 30 tanks to enter #Sanaa through the Republican Guard camp, tribes refuse #yemen #yf

Security forces shoot two guys passin by the governate building in taiz. They are both in critical condition now.
1. Abdulsalam Sadiq Al-Maleki
2. Saddam Abdulmajeed Al-Kahali
News that Saddam might have passed away.

CONFIRMED: Saddam Abdulmajeed Al-Kahali is dead. 

VERY GRAPHIC: Father recognizes his dead son's body in one of the hospitals in Hodeidah.

Hodiedah, in solidarity with the marytrs that fell down and the wounded. Chanting, "Today is your day, Ali"

They shoot us with their guns, and we give them flowers. Thats what happened in Hodiedah.

Female March in Hodeidah

Taiz demonstrations today.

Al-Baydah demonstrations today to support Taiz and Hodiedah.

Civil disobedience in Taiz started on April 5th and is still active until today. 95% of the people are following it.

 Hood said that they had received a complaint regarding the arrest of Najib Yahya, the grandson of Judge AbdulRahman Al-Eryani, former Yemeni President after joining the protesters in Sana'a. Information indicated that he is present in the prison inside the republician guard camp, South of Sana'a. He is being tortured and tied by iron chains.

Hood contacted different people asking for the release of Najib Yayha because it is unethical and against the law. They also sent out a letter yesterday to the attorney general. Yahya's family is are giving the republician guards the whole responsibility if anything happened to their son. They have received a call from the republician gurads saying that their son is mentally ill and they are treating him in their camp.

GRAPHIC: Looking back at March 18th Massacre in Change Sqaure of Sana'a.

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