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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

April 19th Updates + Sana'a Attack!

Women at Change Squares:
"We will diminish the regime and build the civil modern state"
"We will continue our protests and our rallies till the regime falls and the immunity to the so-called Ali Saleh is finished. We will get him on prosecution for all his murdering crimes and the defamation/insulting acts he did for Yemenis; men and women." CR
Opening ceremony of the Art Fair of the peaceful revolution in Yemen (Ain News)
Mareb Press: Eighty highly known Yemeni scientists & doctors, academics in international universities declare their support to the youth revolution of Yemen
A convoy containing medical doctors and nurses was transported from Ibb on Monday to Taiz to fill the needs in the field hospital in Freedom Square. A number of young men also travelled to Taiz to donate blood.
Faculty at the University of Hadramout decide to stop teaching from today in all the departments.
Mathbah Station in Sana'a arrests two young men who wrote some revolutionary slogans on the street walls.
Talat Abdullah Ghaleb, was shot by live bullets and died today when security forces attacked a protest in Al-Qadi Round in Taiz.
Witness: Toyota pick-up truck said to belong to Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Abdulrahman Sabr was shot by live bullets - news of injuries
Regime thugs are trying to break in to SabaFon and Sheba Bank after breaking their posters in Dhamar.
‎20 injuries in Taiz due to attacks by security forces on a peaceful protest that demanded the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Black market sells domestic gas double the original price. Two killed in Rada'a in a dispute over a gas cylinder.
Clashes in Taiz and the first martyr, Talat Abdullah Ghaleb Al-Zubairi

Al-Barakani: Accusses Al-Jazeera that it is only looking through one eye in the Yemen situation. The announcer replies: If you did not close down Al-Jazeera office in Yemen we woud've had more than one eye.
Al-Masdr Online: The Jewish community of Yemen is been hit by a series of harassments and threats of liquidation by Saleh's regime, if they did not participate in Ali Saleh's pro-supporting demonstrations.
Hood reveals that Abdullah Ali Dara'an and Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mokredi were arrested in Alaya Police Station in Sana'a because they sold domestic gas.
 Major civil disobedience movement in Abyan today.
Eye witness: Security forces arrested a number of protesters in Taiz including children and is torturing them.
Names of detaines in Taiz today:
1. Ammar Ahmad Abdulrahman Sabr
2. Khaled Saeed Ghanim
3. Salah Mahmoud Ali Mohammed
4. Ameen Ahmad Al-Haj
.5. Mosheer Maweya
6. Ahmad Al-Sabri
7. Abdulnasser Ismail Hassan Sabr
Members of the Conference Delegation to AbuDhabi:
- Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Eryani -Head of Delegation
- Mr. Sadiq Amin AbuRas
- Mr. Sultan Al-Barakani
- Dr. Ahmad Obeid Bn Daghar
.- Mr. Ali Mohammed Al-Anisi
- Dr. Abubakr Al-Qerbi
- Mr. Salah Mosleh Al-Sayadi
- Mr. Arif Al-Zoka
- Mr. Abdulwahid Hawash
 Al-Jazeera: UN says that 26 children have been killed in violent protests over the last two months.
Salah Abdulwahid died due to severe injuries resulting from the attack on Sunday April 17th in Sana'a -The Day or Honor and Dignity. Salah was one of the protesters that got kidnapped by security forces.
A dead body was found in the 60th street: security guards of the Hospital of University of Science and Technology found the dead body in an adjacent street to the hospital. Witnesses say they saw a cab driver taking the dead body and throwing it on the street. The victim received several live bullets from members of the police station... in Mathbah, Sana'a when he tried to escape. According to sources, the department of Mathbah police was unable to transport the victim on time to receive the necessary help, he passed away. They had no other choice but to throw the dead body and escape. Sources pointed out that the body belongs to Khodami, from Rayma City -no identifcation yet.
Reports confirm that security forces in civilian uniforms are by Zubairi street to intercept demonstrations in Sana'a.
 Mass march in the streets of Taiz rejecting any initiative, calling for the release of detainees from prisons who are subjected to daily torture.
The mass rally in Sanaa that started shortly, just arrived at 60th St. and is moving to Asir round.
Regime thugs and security forces are preparing motorcycles at Zubairi St. in Sana'a to kidnap protesters after attacking them.
Police car plate number 8311 kidnaps young protesters from Asir round in Sana'a to an unknown destination.
Witness: Masked armed men with light and medium weapons are on rooftops of neighboring houses in Asir round.
Hood: Khitab Al-Rawhani, broadcaster of Suhial TV is being attacked by thugs in Al-Zubairi St. Sana'a
After banning the march from passing in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 60th St. in Sana'a protesters decided to stand in front of the Ministry and protest there.
Mass march in Taiz in now proceeding to Criminal Investegation Bulding to demand the release of the detainees and abductees from the peaceful protesters of the youth revolution.
BREAKING: Live ammunition and gas bombs on protesters in front of Ministry of Foregin Affairs in 60th St. Sana'a.
Aggressive attack by the Republican guards on the peaceful protesters now in Sana'a
Interference cut telephone communications of SabaFon users in 60th Street in Sana'a
Mass march in Sanaa in 60th street is getting attacked by Republican Guards and Central Security- news of tens injured.
Motorcycles are arriving to the field hospital in Change Square Sana'a with the wounded.
Continious heavy gunfire in 60th Street in Sana'a.
Youth protesters appealing to citizens to their rescue in 60th St. where a massacre is committed against them by the regime.
The use of live ammunition, gas bombs and water cannons against the protesters in 60th St. in Sana'a now.
Youth protesters are steadfast and determined to complete the march despite the violent attack that they're getting.
Field hospital in Sana'a: A child, Anas Ziad, wounded in the head due to the attack of security forces in 60th St.
Field hospital in Sana'a: Five cases of head injuries using sharp equipment.
The youth in the mass march in Sana'a are able to defeat the Republican Guards and access Zubairi St. -News of tens of Injured due to heavy live ammunition
Injured protesters are arriving to the field hospital, and there is much more in the 60th street.
Armored vehicles and central security cars are following the protesters and running them over while throwing many gas bombs on them. Injuries are increasing.
More regime thugs are by Baghdad street waiting for the peaceful march to attack.
Al-Masdar Online: A death of one of the protesters and injury of hundreds in Sana'a due to Repbulican Guards, Central Security & thugs attack in the 60th Street in Sana'a.
Field Hospital: First martyr Nasser Mohammed Hizam Qahtan Al-Najjar from the coalition of Revolution Protectors, from Al-Rajam, Mahweet.
Field Hospital: 20 serious injuries with sharp equipments and live ammunition so far
Public power in Zubairi street is off.
‎35 cases of live ammunition and sharp equipment injuries are transported to Sicence and Tech University Hospital from Sana'a attacks today.
Sana'a mass march is passing Zubairi, Dayri and Hayel Streets and its on its way to the Change Square
Field hospital appeals to ambulances to go to 60th street to transport wounded and appeals for doctors and nurses to go to the field hospital.
The protesters in Zubairi street can see some strange smoke in the region.
Manager of the Field hospital: The arrival of 50 cases of live ammunition attacks.
URGENT: Field hospital is appealing doctors and pharmacists to provide all the requirements to rescue hundreds of injured in Sanaa now!
Mass march in Taiz rejecting all initiatives and asking for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Mass march in Sana'a
Field hospital: Over 60 cases of live ammunition so far arrived to the field hospital.
Thugs are preventing ambulances from rescuing the injured in 60th Street.
Central Security and National Security are kidnapping demonstrators and wounded protesters from 60th Street.
Youth revolution protesters appeal to the UN, GCC and International Organizations to take urgent action to protect peaceful demonstrators.
Shortage in blood- blood donations required badly.
Field hospital: Massacre toll rises to 270 injured and two deaths, appeal to EVERYONE blood donation needed, go to Science and Tech university Hospital for donation.
Witnesses: Deputy of the Local Administration Ministry, Jamal Al-Khawlani is leading a group of thugs in Algeria Street.
Doctor: The kidnap of an ambulance with the medical crew in the 60th street in Sana'a
Abdulrahaman Burman: There are reports of a mass grave yard where the regime has buried a number of the kidnapped martyrs
Over 200 kidnapped protesters so far since Saturday until now -injured, dead, and alive.
Burman: Six types of toxic gases are used against protesters, a couple of them are illegal to use.
Burman: Central security forces arrested hundrends of motorcycles in the area since the afternoon in a yard in Zubarir street so that they prevent them from rescuing the injured.
Burman: We have been informed on Friday from Al-Thawra General Hospital of the arrival of eight martyrs despite the fact that on Friday, there were no clashes in Sana'a. We are fearing that those ones are from the kidnapped protesters in the regime prisons.
President of the Supreme Council of the Federation of Arab Doctors considered the continued attacks by live ammunition and toxic gas on the peaceful protesters in Yemen is a crime against humanity.
Hospital of Sciene and Technology University: 87 injured cases, 2 critical conditions, 2 close to being critical, 4 children and 1 dead.
Appeal to ANYONE that could help out: doctors, nurses, pharmastics, citizens.. blood donations needed as well as medical requirements.
Blood donations needed please go: Azal hospital, Kuwait hospital and Sceince and Tech hospital to donate ASAP
Regime thugs are attacking citizens cars that are passing by Asir round.
Protesters are being beaten and kidnapped by central security and republican gurads.
Witnesses: Republican Guards, National and Central Security kidnapped four female doctors from the medical teams that rushed to rescue the injured in 60th street.
Medical source: Republican Guard and central security are trying to kidnap a number of injured protesters from Azal hospital in 60th St. in the meantime.
Field hospital in Sana'a: 800 gas cases, 5 critial condition due to live bullets in head, 50 live ammunition cases, 2 dead.

 A child was shot in the head and still bleeding is at one of the citizens houses that is surrounded by security in Al-Hamedi Square before Asir round, security forces are preventing rescue.
Youth Revolution: if not now, immediately release all female doctors abducted by Saleh's armed militia and return them safely , the youth pledge to response tonight by a brutal action towards Ali Abdullah Saleh himself
National Security arrested the announcer Ali Salah Ahmed at Sanaa International Airport upon his return from Germany now
The four female doctors have been abducted to a camp behind the Aircraf College, they were transfeered on a car plate number 31936/3 national security.
Four female doctors got realsed after the youth revolution threatened to crawl to the presidential palace.
The protesters arrested 3 of the security forces that were shooting on them after surrounding the house that the shooting came from. They also arrested 4 of the thugs.
This is one of the pictures of the security forces.
Sheikh Sadek Al-Ahmar and Yemeni Sheikhs consider the abduction of the four female doctors as an incompatable with the values, ethics, tribal and Islamic customs.
After the attack
The four female doctors arrived to the Change Square and are on stage now. Heavy welcoming by the protesters.
The Names of the four female doctors:
- Dr. Lamees Mohammed Saeed Dafer
- Dr. Tasneem Al-Wafi
- Dr. Heyam Al-Qadasi
- Dr. Eman Al-Omaysi

Young protesters created a barrier to protect military members. How brave!
Germany submitted a proposal to the Security Council that indicates not to grant any guarantees for Ali Saleh in favor of all the criminal offenses that he committed against the protesters, particularly the killing of protesters in the peaceful marches.
Toxic gas effect on one of the protesters
Arrests in rank of officers and members of military base because of the demand of overthrowing the regime and condemning the regimes' crimes.
Al-Masdar Online: The Yemeni government delegation meeting with the foreign ministers of the Gulf countires in AbuDhabi has ended- Meeting results are unidentified.
Security forces handing out gas bombs to throw on the peaceful protesters.
URGENT: Taiz: Security forces detains a man and a vehicle of one of the volunteers to transport the injured in his personal vehcile. The name of the man is Abdulhafeed Abdulrab, his car is cressida model 95, white car
Witness: Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Mortada, Dean Facutly of Department of Medicine in Taiz University attacked two female students today because they participated in a march and took footage, according to witnesses, they pulled down the face veil of one of the students.

 "A youth taking precautionary measures and writing his emergency contact on his chest; maybe we should all take such measures..and stay safe!"

Results of today's massacre in Sana'a April 19th that was committed by the regime against the peaceful protesters.
The marytrs:
1. Nasser Mohammed Hizam Qahtan, Al-Rajm, AlMahweet- Shot in the head.
2. Anas Ahmad Abdo Saeed Al-Qadasi, Taiz- Shot in the head.
3. Abdullateef Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Omar, Manakha, Sana'a- Shot in the neck....
4. Mohammed Hassan Qassim Al-Amri, Rayma- Toxic gas

Total number of injures: 2161
Live Ammunition: 34, inlcuding two children ages 8-15
Toxic Gas: 1825, including a 10 years old girl named Soad Mohammed Salah Shadad and her mother.
Broken Bones & wounds: 202
Beaten by Batons: 101
BREAKING: Live bullets have been shot on peaceful protesters in Change Square of Hodiedah by security forces which resulted in the death of Mazen Fouad Al-Dobaei
One of the protesters that were kidnapped, telling his story. Full English translation of converstation below:
Interviewer: Continue what you said,

...Protester: They me write a promise and asked me to go home directly

Interviewer: they took you from Aden to Sana’a

Protester: I didn’t know I was in Sana’a until today’s morning and when they took us in the car, I wasn’t alone, there were two other guys with me they look..

Interviewer: blind folded?

Protester: Yes, but one on each side, I can feel..

Interviewer: A military car?

Protester: The car? The one we came in? It was the same the Honda. It was the same Honda car when we came in, but they brought two guys beside me and covered our faces the car came and took us to an unknown destination. We didn’t know we were in Sana’a until today. Even the place they took us in..

Interviewer: And when they investigated with you today, were they wearing civilian clothes?

Protester: Yes, they were all in civilian clothes.

Interviewer: Was it in a governmental place or a house or?

Protester: It’s a building because we went up the stairs, I felt like I was on the second level.

Interviewer: The room, did it have a table office?

Protester: No No no, the room I was in, was like a bathroom or a kitchen because of the ceramic walls in it.

Interviewer: So it wasn’t clear where you guys were?

Protester: Yea, ceramic walls kitchen like.

Interviewer: How many people investigated with you?

PROTESTER: Investigated with me in Aden 2, and first day in Sana’a 2, second day in Sana’a 2 and then the one I told you about.

Interviewer: So the burns on your body were they intending to hurt you? Or did they want to get information?

PROTESTER: No, they wanted to get from me… the first question that they asked me was, who is financing you? I said wat do you mean? They said, who gives you the money? You got.. I had money with me because I work a Qat dealer in Dali City, he sends me Qat and I distribute it and then receive the money and transfer it to him. That day I had around 67,000 YER. They asked, where did you get this money from? Did you receive it today or last Thursday when they handed out money? I said what Thursday? So they started saying, come on talk and I’ll let you go home. I said talk about what? I wasn’t expecting that it will get to this extent. So after they started burning me, I saw that even if I talked and answered any question they will be wanting more answers of other millions of questions.

Interviewer: So these burns were because they want to get any kind of information from you?

PROTESTER: yes yes, any information

Interviewer: Okay, did you try to beg them to stop this torturing?

PROTESTER: What beg?

Interviewer: There were no signs of humanity?

PROTESTER: First, honestly they were drunk. I could smell them from far away.

Interviewer: What accent do they speak? What city? -The ones that tortured you?

PROTESTER: One from Shabwa, the other one from Sana’a. The ones that are here in Sana’a are all from Sana’a except for the one that came and talked to me when my face was covered, his accent is from Taiz. Because he even asked me about someone in Taiz, -my brother works in security in Taiz- He asked what is the relation between us and I said he’s my brother and then he left.
Interviewer: Was there anyone with you?

PROTESTER: During the investigation?

Interviewer: Yes.


Interviewer: by yourself only?

PROTESTER: Yes, even when he was asking me… you mean other civilians that were with me?

Interviewer: Yes


Interviewer: Then they transported you to Sana’a, and investigated with you in a place beside Taiz Street.

PROTESTER: Yes, by Taiz Street.

Interviewer: Then they unexpectedly released you?

PROTESTER: Because the distance that we walked from home to there wasn’t even 5 minutes.

Interviewer: You don’t know Sana’a?

PROTESTER: No I don’t know Sana’a

Interviewer: And you came here directly?

PROTESTER: I left at 4:00pm or 4:30pm… excuse me –I have diabetes

Interviewer: No its okay, we were supposed to give you… The amount of money that you had with you, is it still yours?

PROTESTER: No, money, telephone everything.

Interviewer: So all your personal belongings were taken away.

PROTESTER: I swear I just got the phone on that day and the SIM cards I didn’t even call anyone because I just put them in and I wanted to charge the phone with units.

Interviewer: Are there any other wounds on your body? Any beating with any equipment?

PROTESTER: No there isn’t.

Other guy: What was the talk that was going on between them? Your face was covered, you heard them talking, oh Mr., Oh Brother. Between them?

PROTESTER: Between each other it was Oh Sir. And even when-


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