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Thursday, 21 April 2011

April 21st Updates!

Photo by Atiaf Alwazir Sanaa April 21 Peaceful Revolution Museum
Youth revolution continue voting to elect leadership committe of the Youth Revolution Council- Sana'a branch. Amal Al-Basha, Yemeni women's activist received threats in Sana'a. Amnesty International sends alert.
Live fire in Turbah village near Taiz, no paved road, half a day by donkey. Unarmed youth were protesting, but attacked. The tribe kicked out the government forces. 
Young men are preventing an armored vehicle from entering the Freedom Square in Taiz.

In Shabwa, they're asking the president to leave!
Al-Azhar preacher is calling Saleh to step down
Yafii: Death toll increased to 4 from the republican guards and many wounded on an attack on a camp in Al-Air mountain in Yafei today.
Al-Baydah had one of largest marches today led by governor agents and condemned the massacres performed by Saleh and his regime that lost its legitimacy, called for his trail and immediate departure.
Al-Baydah: An attempt to burn one of the camps in Revolution Square in Al-Baydah after they came back to the square.
A female march in the streets of Taiz calling for the trail of Ali Saleh is now back to the Freedom Square safely.
Sahwa Mobile: A march of tens of thousands of protesters of Shamlan area to the Change Square in Sana'a now.
The organizing committe of the youth revolution is asking all citizens to perform Friday Prayer tomorrow at 60th street. This Friday is called "The Last Chance".
Mohammed Abulohoom to the youth revolution in Sana'a: There is no crisis in Yemen, it is a revolution that was made of youth, justice and we're building with you until victory.
More than 246 coalition of youth in the Change Square of Sana'a joined the Revolution Command Council elections under the supervision of committees of independent parliamentarians, academics and representatives from organizations of the civil soceity. The Chamber of Leadership includes 16 members as main characters and 3 members as reserved.
The announcment of the names of the winners will happen later on.
Al-Masdar: Reliable sources revealed that there is some existing differences/misunderstandings between the leaders of Yemen National TV and First Channel regarding an amount of 30 million YER that was disbursed to the media sector as a budget to produce different programs that are against the youth revolution. Those programs are based on false information and dissemination of charges against the youth demonstrators in different squares.
Arrived shortly to Freedom Square in Taiz a delegation of participants, academics and politicians from Aden, Lahj and Abyan to participate in the "Last Chance Friday"
N.Q.L reports: reports of 2 C130-Hercules (Miltiray air-transport),arrived in Taiz airport,loaded with bombs and rockets!!
Names of the elected members for the youth revolution council:
Yasser Al-Raeeni- President
Sa'ada Alayah- Vice President
Mohammed Al-Sabri- General-Secretary
Hussien Al-Bayeti- Spokesperson

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