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Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Story of a Protester!

A story from a youth protester in Sana’a:

"I am an anti-government protester that always joins rallies in the Change Square of Sana’a. Yesterday, April 9th when the security forces attacked us in a peaceful demonstration at noon, they threw some gas bombs at us. Some of the gas bombs that they threw were tear gases and some were nerve gases. The gas that I inhaled was CN gas. My symptoms differed from the nerve gas victims. It caused inflammation in my eyes, throat and nose. Tears were unstoppable running down my face, I had a burning sensation on my face, and it was like someone threw hot pepper on it. Water does not work to remove the causes of the tear gas; the only thing that works is Pepsi! You would have to wash your face and drink Pepsi in order for the affects to disappear. That only works for the tear gas, however, and not for the nerve gas.
The peaceful protesters were attacked again at night as well with nerve gases which increased the injury toll to 2000 for the night." Annonymous

These videos are taken Yesterday April 9th before the attacks started.

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