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Monday, 4 April 2011

Hodiedah Under Attack + April 4th Updates con't!

Three bodies removed from morgue. We have names and photos below, before they were removed from the military hospital.

Number of death toll increased to 7 in Hodeidah!

URGENT : 4 marytrs and dozens wounded by firing live bullets from snipers from rooftops by security forces

Picture of the first marytr.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: A video of the first marytr in Hodiedah

Video of another marytr in Hodiedh + injuired

Now #Hodaidah province witnessing an unprecedented massive MARCH ,demanding Quick & immediate departure of #AliSaleh & his regime #yemen #yf

Demonstration by the people of Sharab - and thugs throwing rocks from rooftops on them

Rebounds: University neighborhood residents raise a lawsuit against the defendant: Ali Abdullah Saleh - President of the Republic of Yemen because of the March 18th Massacre; where he blamed them for it.

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