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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

April 12th updates

Call to protests on the main street of Mallaa, Aden

President heightened security around television buildings and airport as there were fears general Ali Muhsin would attack the airport by training university students to take up arms-yemen observer-

Cooking gas shortages confirmed. Also reports of such shortages in Sanaa two days ago.

Protests erupt over gas shortage crisis in Yemen

Apr 9, 2011 - 10:30:32 AM
Severe cooking gas shortages have hit a number of provinces, leading to price hikes, lengthy queues at gas outlets and the threat of restaurant closure. Gas prices per cylinder rose from YR1,050 to YR3000 in some instances.

a result, demonstrations have erupted during the past days in Sana’a city. Protesters cut off Forty Street that leads to the Movenpick Hotel and the British embassy.

 Residents also blocked Sayla and raised banners stating, “We want gas please, Saleh. The price has risen to YR3,000”.

The regimes thugs are keeping away the gas tanks from people.

Ibb today in a mass march,

- The closure of Aisha station in Khormaksar by police cars, for the enterance of vehicles to Khormaksar.

- Al-Masdr Online: Gunmen that belong to Ali Saleh regime tried to detonate the electricity pylons in Marib last night but the missle missed the target.

- Mass rally by the thousands through the streets of Hodeidah demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.

- The opposition is meeting with the GCC to discuss the last initiative presented by them.

- Agencies: France renews its support for the mediation of the cooperation council in Yemen.

- Soldier killed in Yafi3, Al-Aer mountain after a clash between citizens and security forces and the situation is subjected to escalate.

- Civil disobedience movement in Aden, Hodeidah and Taiz in response of the Youth Revolution's call. Mass protests continue in most of the cities in Yemen demanding the departure of Ali Saleh and his sons.

- URGENT: 8 injuried by live ammunition in a peaceful protest in Hodiedah by an attack from Ali Saleh's thugs.

- Law professor Dr.Saleh on AlArabiya: Ali Saleh is eluding and he only has to submit his resignation to the parliament constitutionally.

British Ambassador in Sanaa said that Saleh could become Queen Elizabeth.

- The CCYRC calls for mass marches on Wednesday in all the Yemeni cities to condemn the massacres and the regime, and to demand the trail of the murderers.

- A.B, Hood: Al Nasr police station in Haddah aressts 5 youth peaceful protesters in Mujahid street in Sana'a. "I have called the station and the cheif answered me but was not acting normal, he was babbling, "what do you want and who do you want" he said, and hung up."

- URGENT: Security forces detain a British journalist and activist, along with 4 other activists in Aden. Layla Colombal, Diaa Al-Hashmi, Wadah Al-Horaybi, Ghassan Al-Shoaibi & Abdulraheem Al-Awlaqi. It has been said that they were going to investigate what really happened in Abyan.

URGENT: Heavy gunfire between members of the First Armored Division and the Central Security in Amran round in Sana'a, news of injuries.

-Saleh's security forces in First Armored Division uniform is attackin the 1st Armored Divison camp by firing RPG missiles in 60th street in Sana'a.

- Aden British activist n journalist realsed with other Yemeni activists. However, still 3 detained activists in Aden.

-Military source to Al-Masdar Online: A number of wounded during an attack by 10 teams belonging to central security on the 1st Armord Div in Amran round in Sana'a.
- The Yemeni German Association of Osnabrück announced that they are ready to receive all the critical condition cases of injured and wounded youth from the Yemeni revolution. The association said in a statement that it is fully reaady to receive all the cases that are untreatable in Yemeni medication; they will provide translators and escorts until their recovery. The association also announced to deliver any message that the youth of the Yemeni revolution want to all the embassies and the European NGO's.

URGENT: Control over the forces that attacked the 1st Armord Division at the bridge of Amran round; spread of teams in the neighboring streets. The 1st Armord Division backed up to infront of the bridge to control the situation calmly. Sources said that the 1st Armord Division troops took over a number of central security teams and security forces that were dressed as the 1st Armord Div to confuse them during the attack.


Act of giving between the revolutionists:

A dealer donates mineral water to the revolutionists in Ibb, he says these people came out for the future of our children.

Yemeni child dedicates her necklace to the youth of Freedom Square of Taiz.

A message to analysts:

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