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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sanaa ,Tagheer Sq Atiaf A, Pics of Revolutionary Art People's Peaceful Revolutionary Gallery

April 21rst. 2011
Pictures of People's Revolutionary Art Gallery, in the same Tagheer Square in front of Sanaa University, the square made famous to the world due the fact it was were civilians are killed. 

Atiaf A known as @womanfromyemen on twitter curates the exhibition of her photos. You step into the door of the museum.

An artist's rendition of Saleh leaving Change/Tagheer Square

 Write Your Hopes

The sketch above is one of a journalist killed, another is of Gandhi -a symbol of the Yemeni revolution and whose portrait hangs in front of the desk of the leader of the revolution, Tawokkol Karman

Children come hear to draw, draw their hopes, their dreams with their parents and siblings

This drawing says leave and also has x's over a man whose name in the box is "Saleh"

 Photo of a father of a martyr (innocent civilian killed) with a photo of his murdered son behind him

An art installation of photos of the civilians killed in the peaceful revolution and flowers 

 Art work is posted and you can see artists painting

 This final piece is a caricature of canned goods
 It says:  Arab Rule
Date of Manufacture: When Televisions were still in black and white
Expiry Date: 2011 A.D.

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